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UPDATE: Adam Lambert on THE VIEW on Friday, March 20, 2020 — CANCELLED!

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Thursday, March 12, 2020

Posted at : Thursday, March 12, 2020

UPDATE (3/15/20)Headline Planet is now reporting that ABC has re-released the guest line-up for this upcoming week and it no longer contains Adam on Friday's show.  Fingers crossed he'll be rescheduled for a later date.

Headline Planet reports that Adam Lambert will be appearing on ABC's The View on Friday, March 20th to promote his new album, VELVET.  According to reports, The View is one of many television shows that, although will continue taping as scheduled, will do so temporarily without a live studio audience in response to safety precautions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.  So, Adam will have some fun performing just for the hosts and the ABC crew!

FLASHBACK!  Adam appears on The View a couple of weeks after his infamous appearance on the 2009 American Music Awards.  The first video is of Whoopi Goldberg explaining that they actually taped the interview with Adam, not live, the night before because ABC execs were "still concerned" about Adam's AMA performance and didn't to take a chance him again on a live show(!).  After she finishes that introduction it then goes to black for a few moments — at which point we recommend you stop that video and go on to the next one, a much higher quality version of the interview (and which does not include the Whoopi intro).  The third video is of him performing his then-new single, "Whataya Want From Me."


Dee R Gee said...

This story will stay with Adam forever and ever. It was a pivotal moment. It did change things for him. The next day, Barry Manilow, also a gay singer, said that Adam should have just stood alone in a single spotlight and sung a beautiful song. Maybe he was right. Adam has taken quite an exciting path since all this happened. But quite honestly, I think he lost some fans early on due to the AMAs, and those fans never came back.

I love where he is now in his career. He recently said that you have to define for yourself just what success is.

broddybounce said...

Dee, did Manilow actually say that? I did not know that!

Wow. That is EXACTLY what I thought! (and I'm a gay man, too! lol)

I thought Adam should have been on a pedestal, with a pinspot, darkness all around him ... and sang "Can't Let You Go."


That was a missed opportunity.

He would have won the heart of every American.

(And, parenthetically, for that song to have been a BONUS track? WTF? I'm sorry, but there have been WAY too many bonus tracks on Adam's albums that should have been main tracks, and some that should have been singles. It's a head scratcher, to be sure.)

Nanbert said...

Agreed broddybounce....with the pedestal, pinspot, darkness, etc......but was "Can't Let You Go" in his catalog then? You certainly would know better than I, but I wasn't aware of it until much later....probably because it was a bonus track outside of the U.S. But there were so many "blockbusters" he could have used. Unfortunately, "For Your Entertainment" was probably the worse choice Adam could have made, because of its inherent suggestiveness.

Coupled with his recognition that he probably lost American Idol because he was gay, and rebelling against that homophobia (I think there is NO DOUBT that he was the BEST, and most popular)....fueled by the adrenaline rush of being on the AMAs... and encouraged by the many fans that had cheered him on to sexier and sexier moves while performing...and, finally, supercharged by the over-the-top performances that preceeded him on the AMAs....Yes! IMO Adam slipped over the line in that performance.

I have to admit that I was one of those fans he lost then...temporarily. But I could not stay away from THAT VOICE! And little by little I came to understand "the perfect storm" (I've listed above) that brought about Adam's distressing and spur-of-the-moment performance, and to understand and sympathize with him for the reactions it elicited... even while I still hated it and wished it had never happened.

YES...that WAS a missed opportunity. And YES, he would have won the heart of every American then, broddybounce. But...he still IS winning hearts...and WILL continue to! It's just taking a lot longer. There's simply NO DENYING that talent!

Sunflower said...

Ahh that memorable performance, I watched it with my dad and I was a bit perspiring, while my dad who liked Adam sat in silence. Adam really gets into the song and he was the closer to which was the last one to perform. The next day hearing people on tv saying "it was a hot mess". Back on NBC Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda?, were NOT nice as the ladies on the view. Kathie Lee said some unkind words about Adam, about what happened to the guy who was on American Idol? She was a fan of his but after the AMA performance she was not going to follow him. She was mean and I thought "dumb broad" Adam won't do such a thing on tv anymore. Btw, it's true about the Barry Manilow comment, I heard it too.

Sunflower said...

Also BRAVO to Joy Behar on her comment about Homophobia, I truly believed it played a big part of this. If I'm correct there was only 1,000 plus from some Parents ? Organization, not too many complaints in my opinion.

Dee R Gee said...

Although I think he did not use good judgment at the AMAs, he did not lose me, not for one second. It was a bad choice, for sure, but he was right to point out that there is a double standard when it comes to sexualized performances. Women get away with a lot more. The TV viewing public was not ready for what he did. But most of his Idol fans were not surprised. I sure wasn't. His Idol Tour performances were pretty sexual and he got howls of approval and appreciation form the audiences. He responded in kind. But the AMA audience was broad and general and many thought of him as just the handsome young guy from Idol with a great voice. He should have waited a bit.

Shoulda woulda coulda.

Sue Smith said...

That was 11 years ago. Adam done nothing remotely like it in going on 11 years on TV. He never loss me either.
I believe it was not the right choice. I think we can all go back in time and say that was a really a bad choice about mistakes of our own.
Adam's just happen to be on tv. As he said he didn't even know he was going to go that far.
Look what Miley C did and it was plenty
Creepy actually. She got totally rewarded for it what she did on the VMAs. A cover on vogue, all sorts of tv shows and she was on the AMA the same year, hosting jobs ect. Yes she did it a bit later in her career but there are plenty who have done it very early in their career like Madonna and many more females. So yes there is a huge double standard. In my opinion very unfair.
In reality Adam did lose a few shows at the beginning but actually gained many more in the long run.
It looks like ABC has forgiven him. Adam been on a ton of ABC shows in the last few years especially last 2 or 3 years.
Kathy Lee Gifford has made mistakes in her career and even scandals so who is she to throw the first stone. In reality Adam's career has done very well so I guess the past is the past.
However I wouldn't doubt they bring it up on the view for old time sake geez.

Dee R Gee said...

I heard that Adam's Kimmel show has been cancelled. A make-up date doesn't seem likely but we'll see. I feel so bad for everyone whose livelihoods are affected by this virus. People with little money and support are really suffering.

Nanbert said...

I agree with Adam that there WAS a "double-standard". But I was put off by the women kissing, and their performances too.. calculated to be titillating....with NO musical value at all...

And, I blame many of the Adam fans "who gave howls of approval and appreciation" Dee R Gee pointed out above..... to Adam's sexy performances on the Idol if Adam was a male stripper, rather than the most amazing vocal talent anyone had seen in eons! Small wonder that Adam was confused about what his audience wanted/expected.

The song "What Do You Want From Me" was certainly very appropriate after that.

Well, maybe it was for the best to have gotten all that out of the way back then. Adam is sexy just BEING HIMSELF! That was probably the BEST time for him to realize that.

Sue Smith said...

Yea not doing well in Texas either. I explained on another post. Saw guide on Jimmy Kimmel tonight there is a performance maybe its not the concert series or already taped. He is live? I dont know. There is a performance tomorrow night to but none for next week yet. Probably after this week concert series canceled. They should shedule him for a performance inside.
Heard just now Tom Hanks and his wife have it in Austrailia first case there but it look like they had it before they went but they did not know. They are isolated. Ok just seeing Jimmy Kimmel a politician doing the show in place of Kimmel. Jimmy is ok. No studio audience. But some of the workers ect are in the audience just a few or so screaming as much as possible.
The host said all this no studio audience ect. Just came down today. I see Adam's on the view on the guide that should be ok due to inside performance. They should reschedule him as a inside performance. That is still being done. The few workers are making all the noice they can and showing pictures of audiences.
Look like they will continue to have inside performances so they should reshedule Adam for that when possible hopefully. The concert series are probably suspended for awhile. His music out next week so need performances around that time. Of course it will always help sale at other times. That concert last night Adam and family went to may got past because all this came down today. I dont know just saying. Hope all Adam's other appearances are done in studio so they will go on. The fact Tom Hanks and his wife have it and seem to have developed it before they got to Australia may have caused it. They just started showing real systems.
I did hear that california and Texas are being hit some of the hardest.
Yes dont want to see any person suffer.
They are putting some things in place where people will get paid if have to isolate or contact this. Older people with not great health are in the most danger. However anyone can get it.

broddybounce said...

Nanbert: responding to your comment at 11:12am this morning...

Good point about CLYG release date. Wikipedia says ... "The album was released in the United Kingdom, on November 20, 2009 and November 23 in the United States, to generally positive reception. The album was later released internationally with "Master Plan", "Down the Rabbit Hole", "Voodoo" and "Can't Let You Go" as bonus tracks."

So, yes, it's possible it was not out publicly yet -- however, the song was likely recorded and mastered by the time the AMAs were on. I guess I just wish that when Adam & RCA & 19 Mgmt (assuming they were all in on the decision-making) met to discuss album tracks and singles that they looked at CLYG and said, "oh, YES, that definitely needs to be on the album (NOT bonus track) AND even a consideration for a single." I think at that time they gave Adam great leverage in the decision-making -- I mean, he was more or less "the king of the world" at that time, also evidenced by getting the cherished final spot on the AMAs -- and I might be wrong but I'm not so sure that FYE was everyone else's choice for the lead single. But that's what Adam really wanted. He wanted to make a statement from the get-go. WWFM would have been fine as the first single but, imho, CLYG is just a STELLAR track, hits all the right places emotionally when you listen to it, HE hits some stupendous glory notes that would have knocked the socks off of people, and it would have fulfilled the expectation of the entire Idol audience, of America, post-Idol.

Yes, FYE was problematic because of its suggestiveness -- it was way too quick to 'spring' that onto the Idol fans who loved him -- but, even beyond that, the song itself, the beat, musically, it was a little ahead of its time. It's an amazing song, don't get me wrong, but he shoulda done two "nice" singles first, and then bring on whatever he wanted -- which would have been thrilling! But I think Adam himself admitted to this on a recent interview (was it the "Show Must Go On" documentary on ABC last year?).

My love of Adam never waivered, even through the AMAs debacle -- but I knew instantly when I was watching it what a mistake -- actually, there was a preview of it on ET, I think, or Access Hollywood, maybe, and when I saw some of what was on the stage I thought NO! This was not hindsight after the fact, it was then, before the performance, I knew immediately that this was the wrong way to go. Manilow was absolutely spot on. Adam had the world at his feet, they would have happily taken whatever he was to give -- but that was just a little too much off the base.

I had a SINKING feeling in my stomach when I watched that performance.

That being said...

Yes, Adam, although with some setbacks, is now doing GREAT and he is still very much revered as a star, he hasn't been off television all that long in these past 11 years. And, of course, with Queen, thanks to Brian & Roger and their EXCELLENCE in knowing what good performance is and who can interpret their music, Adam has reached the highest heights. Always exciting!

And now, fingers crossed on the new album.

I was also thinking while watching that IG clip of him enjoying Tame Impala with his dad and brother, it was so surreal -- here is this huge star, on stages all over the world with Queen -- and he's just a regular person in the audience enjoying another artist. It was so touching to see that.

Thanks for a wonderful discussion on this, Nanbert, I always enjoy reading your point of view -- and thank you to everyone else for your wonderful comments, I loved them all!

Nanbert said...

Thank you, broddybounce. It's always a pleasure to share memories and points of view with you...and the other Glamberts here. We all have taken the same journey, just by different routes. Where else can I declare my love for Adam without being looked askance? My family tolerates my "idiosyncrasy", and no doubt thinks I've turned into an eccentric old lady.

So, "Can't Let You Go" DID turn up later. It IS magnificent! I was very disturbed when I stumbled upon it for the first time in Youtube! How could I have missed that gem! Now I know that it was never on any of the albums I bought..and did not realize that it was offered on a foreign sold album. For a long time, I thought it must have came from that album that was in much dispute because Adam did not want it to be released.

I agree with you about the bonus songs. They are all wonderful...not extras, or culls. Why didn't Adam just gather them all and issue another album....and let HIS fans decide their favorites? We still haven't even heard/seen him sing them all live!...and they deserve to be!

We Glamberts do not know each other, but we share a zillion to bring out and polish from time to be shared with like minds. And basically, we understand each other! That is a very special gift/friendship that being an Adam fan has afforded us....a warm corner to curl up in and share with friends a very unique and special person/talent.

I appreciate all the work you and glitzy put in here for all of us....thank you for that! And I love your input and point of view, too.

Mi Re La said...

Adam’s IG story

Dee R Gee said...

Adam will do his album promo as best he can with all the cancellations and limitations, etc. Just remember that we can stream all the new songs when they come out. We can buy and view and do all can. He says one of the new songs has a video. So we an support all these things regardless of the damn virus.

His true fans are not going anywhere. We're here to stay.

Nanbert said...

Mi Re La .....Oh my! haha! That "IG story" look of Adam's is just weird! How much of that is a hat, and how much is his hair? I can't tell if Adam's serious about that "look" or joking. With his sense of style...and's a toss-up. He's such a fun Glameleon to follow!

Sue Smith said...

I saw Glaad Awatds were canceled because of the virus and guide lines, JK, is. He is still on the view guide list and GMA list no guests. There will be no audiences but the view should be ok only people that work there. If the GMA is an inside performance should be ok. If any person knows please list it here. Thank you

Sue Smith said...

Most important is for him to be safe. He not in a real high risk grope thank goodness. My husband and myself we are. Do to heart stuff. But any person can get it. They are just more likely to survive it.

Sue Smith said...

All these appearances have been cancelled. Some productions like KC have been halted. I think Adam should postpone the album coming out for awhile. Movies, ect premiers have been postponed. It is Adam's call. I'm off for a few days exsausted not feeling well. Hope all here will be safe. I imagine lots of reruns.
Hopefully some will be rescheduled after all this. I hope he puts it off a few weeks the album until he can do promos. We can wait.
In the mean time if feel like it stream. Will see what Adam does.

Dee R Gee said...

Sue, I've been thinking the same thing. Maybe she should hold off on the Velvet debut until he can do some actual promo. This is really sad for so many people on all sides. So many people bought tickets for shows that may not happen at all. The Vegas residencies for Katy Perry and the Jonas Bros. have been cancelled. Adam's will likely be cancelled, too. Hopefully, they'll be rescheduled.

Sue Smith said...

I think Kelley Clarkson vegas residency
And some more have been postponed some cancelled. I hope QAL and Adam have insurance for these tours. Who knows what will happen I hope QAL goes on.
Dee R Gee I sure hope he does. With all these shows It would have done well dont know now.
I'm trying to not post not feeling good but it's hard I'm worried about Adam. I want album do well just think he should put it off.
I know it's hard he has alot planned but hopefully will be able see some of it.

Sue Smith said...

Kelley Clarson rescheduled her Vegas residency for June. So I do imagine if Adam's can not go on at the sheduled date he will postpone it not cancel.
I imagine he is working right now on doing as much rescheduling as he can.
He has alot planned. Probably just has to work on reshefuling as he knows cancellations. Some festivals may be cancelled.
Adam has QAL so it is hard when he does not know how that tour is going to play out in May ect. The vegas concerts just like KC is not long at this time so I'm sure he can reschedule that one if it cannot go on as sheduled. There are quite a few postponed Vegas shows and yes some cancellations.

Sue Smith said...

Please be safe my husband having problems I'm coughing. Please be safe. I really am off now for a while.

Nanbert said...

You be safe, too, Sue. Try to get as much rest as possible.

Sue Smith said...

Thanks Nanbert, you to.

Linda said...

Getting back to the AMA performance, after seeing it, I told my daughter to not let my granddaughters watch it the next day. I have to admit, I was disappointed in Adam ... but, as many have said, I reserved judgement and believe he was truly just caught up in the moment. I - and my granddaughters - have remained fans. I have taken them to see some of his solo performances as well as QAL and they love him. It was poor judgement at the time, but he has risen above to great heights and I'm sooo glad! I am a forever fan!

blu said...

WOW . . seems like yesterday . . . love this band . . . I know time goes on . .