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Adam Lambert At Tame Impala Concert, Los Angeles, March 11, 2020

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Thursday, March 12, 2020

Posted at : Thursday, March 12, 2020

Adam Lambert attended the Tame Impala concert at The Forum in Los Angeles (Inglewood) on Wednesday, March 11th with his father Eber and brother Neil and posted an Instagram story about it, captured by fan and YouTuber heathermarie_87.


Dee R Gee said...

Lucky to see this! We rarely see the three of them together. Nice that they were able to meet and see the show!

Sunflower said...

Awww I love seeing these 3 together! Love those Glambert men! :)

Sue Smith said...

So glad to see this. Texas had a positive for the Covid-19 virus. Cancelled the rodeo half way through in Houston. Sports events, baseball starting 2 weeks later or more along with many other events that were cancelled. Schools closed a week or so longer than spring break. Another one a policeman tested positive today. One had not been out of Texas one in new Orleans. Both had been at the barbecue Cook off at the rodeo.
Just heard 18 in Houston area. I went to dr yesterday not spine dr. Then went to Wal Mart all kind of personal and cleaning items and lot of other stuff very low and had sold out day before. Hope my kids are safe. Two of my daughters I saw Sunday and Monday.
It got nuts when the first person that had not been out of the US got sick he is already out hospital probably has to stay home. He had not been out of Texas but oviously had been around someone who may have. It is really nuts. Heard New York state has some sanctions for now to.
Hope all gets normal soon and people in my age groupe with pre existing conditions escape it all hope every person does. There just starting to do tests now.
I hope Adam stays safe because it was said California hit pretty hard to.
Hope all goes back to normal soon. There is a Europe band 30 days but not the United Kingdom.
Hope Adam's Vegas show goes on, on shedule and things ger back to normal when solo tour gets planned. If The Vegas tour gets canceled I'm sure it would be reschedule. But hopefully it will not be. It's going to be great.
Hope all stays safe on this site.

Angeladam said...

Great he can spend time with his dad and brother.
Covid-19 virus is also causing panic buying over here in the UK ridiculous how much stockpiling people are doing,if people were just sensible there would be plenty of cleaning items etc, my local supermarket had no toilet rolls, no hand wash, no rice or pasta, absolutely mad! hope it blows over after supposedly 'peaking' in April/May fingers crossed for all QAL concerts and Adams solo tour

Nanbert said... would be nice to have a "peak" to look forward to, but all the scientific experts say there is NO way to predict anything about the virus, since there is not enough information to make a judgement. Since the coronavirus is in the same "family" as the flu, some people have jumped to the assumption that COVID-19 will follow the same path...which, of course, is deemed highly unlikely, since the COVID-19 virus is an entirely NEW, and much more deadly, strain. It might not be "seasonal" at all! I really HATE to think of that!

Whatever!...I guess we'll find out eventually. In the meantime stay safe...and be careful!

There's no longer any hand sanitizer available for purchase in any of the stores around me, so I made my own....using a combination of Alcohol and Glycerin (Aloe Vera gel is O.K., too) in a formula that I found online (approved by the CDC), which I pour into little spray bottles to carry with me if/when I go out. I made some for my son and his family, too.