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ROLLING STONE: Top 200 Albums Chart: Adam Lambert "Velvet" Debuts at #35

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Posted at : Wednesday, April 01, 2020

When it comes to music charts you generally think of Billboard (and, in years past, its competitors the now-defunct Cashbox and Record World) or, popularly in current times, iTunes.  Last July, Rolling Stone introduced its first-ever charts in its 52-year history.  It features five charts: Top 100 Songs, Top 200 Albums, Artists 500 (measures streaming), Trending 25 (fastest rising songs) and Breakthrough 25 (fastest rising artists).

We are pleased to announce that Adam Lambert's new album, VELVET, debuted in Rolling Stone's most recent Top 200 Albums chart at #35.  We are hopeful that it continues on the rise.


Sue Smith said...

Queen and Adam Lambert postpone their European tour to 2021. All ticket will be honored for that tour. They will announce dates soon for 2021. Oviously it is because of Covid19. Just announced.

Sue Smith said...

This was in the Express online. The dates are going to be set for matching dates for 2021. I guess they could not reset them for the end of the year do to Adam's solo dates abroad and making up his Vegas dates. Hopefully he will be able to do those dates and perhaps add some solo dates the end of this year. But who knows do to this terrible virus. This was breaking news. Oviously they hated to do it but had to for all safety.
Oviously this virus will probably continue into May the way it's going. Looks like no end in sight. Hopefully by end of May it will start getting better. But who knows I just hope all stay safe. My husband and myself oviously have those conditions that are very dangerous to the virus. So we are trying to stay safe. This news may already be on this site. I did not see it so I posted it.

broddybounce said...

Thanks so much, Sue! But you may have missed that we already posted this yesterday, in addition to another post about Adam's mini-residency being rescheduled. Take another look! But we appreciate your helping to keep us all informed. <3

Sue Smith said...

I did not see it. However I did say it may have been here already. If I missed it perhaps others may have. However thank you for letting me know Broddy.

Sunflower said...

35 Ok! Come on VELVET you can reach #1!