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GLOBAL CITIZEN BONUS VIDEOS: Adam Lambert, "Closer To You" and "Roses"

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Posted at : Tuesday, May 12, 2020

On Saturday, April 18th, international humanitarian organization Global Citizen presented an all-day online entertainment event called One World: Together At Home.  The 6-hour webcast and 2-hour television special raised funds for frontline healthcare workers around the globe as well as for the World Health Organization.  As of the last report, the event raised approximately $128 million.

Well, Global Citizen just posted bonus videos from many of the artists that appeared on the special.  We therefore may now presume that they asked each artist scheduled to perform to submit several songs for consideration to appear on the webcast or telecast after which the producers chose one or two — and, in Adam's case, it was two: "Mad World" and "Superpower."

Within the past 24 hours, Global Citizen posted on its site two additional songs recorded by Adam for the event:  "Closer To You" and "Roses."  We will also repost the aforementioned performances that aired.  ENJOY!

Adam Lambert "Closer To You" at Global Citizen:
Video from Global Citizen YouTube

Adam Lambert "Roses" at Global Citizen:
Video from Global Citizen YouTube 

Adam Lambert "Mad World" at Global Citizen:
Global Citizen did not provide this song on their YouTube, so this is a fan video (it also contains "Superpower" but that portion of the video is out-of-sync).

Adam Lambert "Superpower" at Global Citizen:
Video from Global Citizen YouTube 


Dee R Gee said...

Unexpected bonuses! I'll bet most of the artists who sang for Global Citizen did a few extras. Maybe they all planned to use them a while later to get some more donations? Sounds like a good idea. Not to mention the added exposure for them. That version of Closer To You is beyond belief. And Roses, too. One of my favorites.

Sue Smith said...

I promised I would let you all know about my operation. They have to get ortharized from my insurance first and I have to get more operative tests.
However I am as of now sheduled for May 26 at 7.30 in the morning to operate on my back.
What is so scary is because of Covid he can not be there or my any of my kids. However he will stay in Victoria that day until I come out some place my husband.
He can take me up to the hospital place. The dr will call him when I come out. I will be in the hospital at least couple days.
So scary do to covid. Let you know more later. So much pre op to do.

Mi Re La said...

Vote Adam! The Most Handsome Men in the World 2020

Nanbert said...

Agreed Dee R Gee....both songs are magnificent! Honestly, each time Adam sings a song, it gets better....and he never sings them exactly the same way. I love his "embellishments" in that soaring, clarion, ever-so-agile voice!

Of course, it helps when he looks so handsome while doing it! I've always said that the only thing better than hearing Adam watching him while he does it!

And that gorgeous shirt!...Yumm! I described it somewhere as velvet: someone else remarked that it looked more like satin. I still can't be sure, but it reminds me of a type of velvet rarely seen these days....a very lightweight, silky, drapy fabric, with a high gloss....lovely, but rather fragile. I had a cocktail dress in a fabric like that many years ago...beautiful, but shortlived...not satisfactorily dry cleanable or washable! However, with the new synthetics these days....maybe Adam's shirt is some new polyester blend? Whatever!'s delicious, and I COVET IT!

Mi Re La said...

Sue, we'll think about you on May 26th.
I think in hospitals at this moment they know how to proceed to avoid a Covid infection.
Be strong, go to the operation with a lot of confidence and think about how good you will be when you will no longer have the pain you have now.

Dee R Gee said...

Our thoughts are with you, Sue. I'm sure you are in good hands with your doctor. Sounds like your surgery is a necessity, so the sooner you get it done, the better. And you'll feel so much better when it's over.

Hope Adam's voice can give you some pleasure your surgery day.

Nanbert said...

Whoa, Sue...I just came back to see your comment above had come in while I was writing mine.

I know you have to be scared...especially when none of your family can be there for moral support...and also because of the COVID-19 problem. But, by this time hospitals have certainly perfected their techniques to avoid cross contamination.

You said you'd be in the hospital "at least for a couple of days"....but surely you wouldn't be ready to go directly home so soon? Is a rehab center the next step?

So sorry you are going through this...but so hopeful this will resolve your problem! Know that I spirit...holding your hand throughout this...I know we all are!

Please keep us informed.

Sue Smith said...

Thanks to all for your thoughts. I think it will get me through the Covid fog of terror. It has been scary to say the least. Not my choice to get an operation now but it oviously much warranted.
Yes Houston had a large out break but around here not really had but one case
Have no idea who. Victoria is actually a city and has only had mild cases the dr. Said.
I had to get a hip scan yesterday do to not knowing if that pain is coming from the hip are the back problem. I've got the CD for hip dr.
I have to go pain dr thursday. Then go by some dr to get orders to get pre op tests done. Like EKG and lab work. So tired of it all and next week hip dr.
I hope that pain is coming from the back that the back operation will help it as well but I dont know yet.
Yes Nanbert they said couple days but I'm thinking it may be longer to do to all that's going on with me. I am sure there will be rehab afterwards. I'll let you all know before I go in. I have not listened to Adam's stuff above I'll try to tonight. Talking with drs alot
Today. Thanks to all above for your support believe me it helps.

Sue Smith said...

Above that was go by spine doctor not some dr.

Rosemary White said...

That's good news about the operation Sue, even though no one wants to have an operation but hopefully, when it's all over, there'll be no more pain in both your back and your hip.

Jason90405 said...

Please post the stereo enhanced 2-song set instead of the mono one

Sue Smith said...

Thanks Rosemary the pain has really gotten me down this evening. I hope it all gets better.

Rosemary White said...

Sue, I'm sure May 26 seems as though it'll never arrive when you're in so much pain. Surely the pain doctor can prescribe something to help to ease the pain in the lead-up to your surgery. I certainly hope so. Let us know what happens.

Sunflower said...

So I watched all these videos, the bad and the better ones and never got tired of seeing them again and again. Like "Mad World" Adams version (not the original) I could hear it like forever, so beautifully sung. Sigh Been catching up here at 24/7 and I too wish SUE a successful surgery! As they say, "SUE You Got This"! We all are here for you.

Sue Smith said...

Rosemary I am sorry I haven't answered you. Yesterday for several hours I was in the emergency room at citizen hospital. Making sure there was no infection in my legs that would have held up the surgery.
It's such a mess going to drs. With this covid. Some things may be sort of opening and Grocery stores are opening with better supplies. But doctors offices are messed up.
I was suppose to go to the pain dr. In office yesterday it's been over the phone last few weeks and they call me after I was already there to do it over the phone again. I was not feeling well at all and my husband took me 70 miles up there They said they called she was sitting in the hall of the office.
I saw no call until after I was there.
Anyway sitting in the lobby I talked to the dr I normally go to and told her what was going on with my legs the swelling and redness ect. She made me go to the emergency room.
Before I went there I had to go by the back dr who is seeing people in office the spine dr. To sign a release pick up a brace I will need wear for 6 weeks after and I got an appointment to go hospital next week set it all up.
Anyway the normal physicians assistant I normally see for medicine visits and what going on left by 1.00. That made it difficult because she was the person who sent me.
She had told me to be sure and call let her know what happened I could leave message or call back monday. I did not want to go to an emergency room after all this covid. However if there was an infection she said It would throw off the surgery and I could end up in hospital for that. So I went was there forever. Had ate nothing all day and not slept all night do to pain.
They finally got blood tests and it came back no infection. I have to go back on wednesday hospital sign up ect for operation.
The lady in the emergency room said the back operation may help the legs. Have black compression hose on now they seem better some.
Anyway I finally got to eat something late yesterday.
I slept some today I was so tired. It was a hell of a day yesterday.
I cannot explain all I went through but at least ruled out infection.
I do take pain medicine it's very weak in comparison to what I used to take. I got myself off of the others because they were so addictive.
The one I'm taking now helps some along with a couple other pills for the back nerve. Nothing really helping much now. Pain.medicine hard now but I do take some there doing every 2 weeks now instead of months right now.
Anyway why I didn't answer. Thank Ypu Sunflower I hope I have it I've always been able to handle this kind of thing I guess I'll get through it.
Sorry if did not explain well my hands going numb. Another continuing page in my soap opera.
Yes it makes me sick Adam had so much going on this year. Let's hope he can do alot of it soon as possible. Even if next year. I do hope he can do some later in the year he planned.
I also hope he gets to do as much as possible next year as well. This virus has ruled our life and unfortunately it has ended many
Most of the drs are still doing phone visits. Thank goodness the spine dr. Is in office now. However my spine problem went on before the coniverous outbreak the pain dr is the one who sent me to back dr. (The spine dr.)Thanks always for your support Rosemary and Sunflower and all of my Adam family here.

Rosemary White said...

Oh dear Sue, it sounds as though you got the run around when you arrived. I'm not keen in being in hospital but you need to do what you have to do to get better. I hope things are less chaotic next time you're there and they can help you!! I'm sure May 26 can't come fast enough.

Sue Smith said...

Thanks Rosemary I have go may 20 and register. Not looking forward to going to that hospital. But I've had alot worse in.last 20 years.
But still this covid. But I'll do it.