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GRAMMY Museum's Public Programs Digital Series Features ADAM LAMBERT on June 15, 2020

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Sunday, May 31, 2020

Posted at : Sunday, May 31, 2020

Adam Lambert will be interviewed by Scott Goldman, Artistic Director of the GRAMMY Museum, for the museum's Public Program Digital Series on Monday, June 15, 2020.  The interview will be available on their website that day and we'll post more details when they become available.

Adam's participation was revealed in a story posted on the GRAMMY Museum website news page which announced a slate of new interviews with a number of recording artists.  Some of the interviews are being newly recorded from the artists' homes via Zoom and some are never-before-publicly-posted archived videos of in-person interviews that took place, pre-pandemic, at the museum's Clive Davis Theatre in Los Angeles.  

Adam's interview is brand new and will be done digitally from his home.  

The series, which kicked off April 18th with Soul Asylum, was created in response to the museum's continued closure due to COVID-19 "shelter-in-place" regulations.  In place of actually visiting the museum, its management designed the series to provide fresh content to the public both musically and by way of interviews with people who make the music for people to enjoy at home. 

Other notable artists coming in June for the interview series include Haim and Andy Grammer.

Thank you to our reader Sunflower for the find!


Dee R Gee said...

Sounds like a really fun series! Can't wait to bee Adam on June 15. Now, if he'd just get a Grammy nom for Velvet I would be REALLY happy!

Nanbert said...

Agreed, Dee R Gee. Something to look forward to!

Dee R Gee said...

I am so saddened by all the violence we have witnessed all over the country in the past few days. Adam is not alone in the celebrity world when it comes to speaking out against the madness. I admire him for speaking his mind and taking some heat for it.

I long for the day when we can go back to sharing our love for Adam here and just talking about his new music and his concerts and his interviews and his photos and his fashion and his hair and his humor and his personality and his voice and his talent and his sheer beauty.

I hope it happens soon.

Sunflower said...

You know what my Glamily? I grabbed my Calendar to remind me of Adam for this Grammy Museum event and on the same day the 15th of June I have on my Calendar marked the "Show Must Go On" Queen and Adam Lambert story on NETFLIX!? Oh boy I hope we can watch both. I don't subscribe to Netflix but my brother does, so I don't know how this will work.

broddybounce said...

Sunflower! On another post you wrote "...the last time I posted NOBODY responded..."

So, apologies for being flip, but I just can't resist to mention...

Did you miss the note at the bottom of this post..?!? :))))))))

Sunflower said...

Broddy hahaha at first I didn't see your note but have now. Thank you. No worries about not responding, I realize NOW that everyone was commenting but on another post of Adams and I posted on Brians story. :) Just a weird feeling though. Lol

Sunflower said...

Nanbert I don't know in what way we'll be able to see Adam. Like you asked if by Computer or television.

Sue Smith said...

To all I am getting my operation on June 10th. Have to go twice once on the 9th to register and then the 10th at 7.30 for operation couple hours later.
My doctor signed the ok finally. So I presume my heart passed for now.
Going two days in a roll all the way up there will make me exsausted for the surgery. From what my pain Doctor just told me getting this surgery will not make the pain automatically go away. I will be in alot of pain after the surgery. He told me to call if I need stronger pain meds afterward.
It will be a few months of rehabilitation because of the severity of my spine problems. I'm just telling you because after this I will be silent for a couple weeks or so.
It is unbelievable some of the ignorance I have read do to the response to Adam's strong comments that I 100% back to the hilt. There are many backing Adam but some that disagree sound like 3 years old brats. I have read quite a few on Adam instagram and some on some article that was wrote. If some of those people are any indication of what is out there today we are in real trouble. They sound like a little kid that a grown up dared to disagree with. Adam may loose a few fans due to his statements. Fortunately Adam has made it clear he does not want those kind of people on his feed. On the other hand I have heard a pronouncement of I am now a fan of yours as well to back him.
The people that say why don't you just sing or just sing are Idiots. Adam is not a mechanical man who just sings and that is his function in life. He has many talents and one of them is the way he stands up for what is right to try and make a difference because he is a celebrity with a voice. Adam in the recent past I believe has tried to tone down his opinions but these latest events just tipped the scales. He said how he believes and he has every right to. He also said he would be blocking some people.
There are right now in Houston 20,000 people on Discovery Green protesting. So far peacefully. Some masks some not. Seeing quite a few masks.
Hope it stays safe and peaceful that is the only way to try and I mean try in the atmosphere we live in today to make a difference.
I to will be happy when we can go back to Adam the multi talented man and his music. Unfortunately life in America and the world is very disruptive right now. But he is coming soon with his music I believe.

Sue Smith said...

Also love what he was doing with the blackout Many,many people backing him for standing up for what is right.

Sue Smith said...

The march in Houston started at Discovery Green and so far very peaceful, is marching to city hall. I think more than 20,000 way more This is not the first March but a very important one I hope.
Keep backing Adam please he needs that now as much as we need his support for the fight for Civil justice.
I'll come back in a couple of weeks are so.

Dee R Gee said...

Sue, I hope all goes well with your surgery and that your pain eases. We all want to get back to a sense of normalcy again. This is a VERY historic time we are witnessing.

Nanbert said... happy you passed the cardiac tests...wish you could go directly into your surgery. All that running back and forth to Victoria (70 miles, you said?) is ridiculous. Since you live in Houston (don't you?)wasn't there a good spine surgeon who could take care of you there? I hope the one you have is the best! make it all worth your efforts!

Best of luck, my dear. Keep us informed.

Nanbert said...

I despair that we'll ever get our country back to normal. This protest, on top of the pandemic, has brought everything to a boiling point... and I keep expecting a great tragedy!
I am proud of Adam's stand, but at the same time fear for his welfare. All we can do is support the peaceful and righteous march...and pray that the Election comes quickly ...and decisively!...and all of that will not have precipated a new cresting of the pandemic...and/or an ongoing great civil unrest.

No place to find a surcease! Obama could have quieted this terrible boiling cauldron! I could "DO" with a lot less "History".

Voting was today. I have voted by mail for the first time ever. It was certainly convenient, and safer, but not as satisfying as the real thing. Somehow, going through the physical voting process makes it seem more real and more emphatic! All day I kept feeling I was missing something!

Patria said...

I voted by mail also for the first time. I prefer the ceremony of going to my polling place, entering the booth and filling in the blanks. Then putting it into the voting machine (what is it called?) on my way out . And I want my sticker that says "'I Voted" so I can go shopping and show it off.
Maybe if they included an "I voted" sticker in my mail in ballot it would have been fine. So what if someone else gets one, wears it and did not actually mail it in.

3 years ago my voting location was changed. It was a convenient 10 minute walk each way. Now I drive by my old voting location, and the one at my fire station to get to my assigned one. Why did they do that???

Do they really count mail in votes? It seems they always announce the winner late in the evening on voting day when only 2 to 5% of the vote is in. At least I feel counted if I do it early on voting day.

I'm getting more suspicious of everything every day. lol

Sue Smith said...

Thank you Dee R Gee and Nanbert. No I do not live in Houston 2 of my girls do. I live close to 100 miles from Houston. The traffic is horrible there my husband just can not hardly drive there now. We live in The Houston area.
Victoria is the closest decent doctors for something like my back and decent hospital. We have hospitals within 18 miles but no there not any good for something like this.
I had my hip done at one of them and it's still bad. I had hip replacement surgery. The doctor and hospital excuse my language sucked.
My regular doctor just for regular things is close by. They finally opened the lab again but still calling on phone. My pain dr and back dr is in Victoria tx.
I do worry for Adam but it does not do any good to worry I guess. Adam is the kind of man that is going to stand up for what he believes in no matter what. I think he held back like we did for a long time. Just look how we were treated on here if a small mention was made of politics that disagreed with a person.
No one wants to make this site into a political site but right now we do need to back Adam even if it is quite unpopular.
He stated how he feels and he will back it up. However I do believe he will get back to music very soon. I sure hope I get to hear his Grammy museum stuff. That march I was talking about in Houston over 60,000 turned out. It was peaceful to the end of it. Some young ones tried every single thing they could to start something but they got it under control finally in peace I believe. George F was born and raised in Houston I believe. I know he grew up in Houston.

Sunflower said...

Prayers for you Sue! I stand also with Adam and the protestors. I voted also by mail for my first time due to the Coronavirus quarantine. Patria my mail in ballot envelope "did" come with a "I Voted" sticker. I did'nt use yet because in my hometown many bussinesses were closed due to George Floyd protesting and I'm still practicing "social distancing" plus I have an Allergy right now.

Patria said...

Lucky you getting an ' I Voted' sticker. Good to know if I ever come across an opportunity to suggest it to the powers that be that it can be done. The little things in life are important, too. Anyway I think so.

I'm not only still social distancing, I'm still wearing a mask. I don't think we're past this Covid thing yet. I've set my own standard for when I will be safe. Early on I decided I didn't like buying food I don't normally buy just to hurry home. Now when I go shopping, about once a week, I go to as many grocery stores as I want.
I thought it was interesting, last time out I went to the Verizon store and none of the 6 employees working were wearing a mask. I was the only customer. Next I went to Whole Foods. Not only was every person in the store wearing a mask, they made them available at the door because they insist on masks. It was very comforting and relaxing shopping for the first time since this started.

Has anyone heard Adam say anything about his personal protective gear lately? He had the best at the beginning, but he also said he couldn't get food delivered to his door. Someone should ask him the next time he has an instagram chat.