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Adam Lambert Instagram Stories, May 29 & 30, 2020 — incl. statements regarding George Floyd protests and Black Lives Matter

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Sunday, May 31, 2020

Posted at : Sunday, May 31, 2020


Dee R Gee said...

It's been said that the "Black Lives Matter" phrase includes an implicit "too." That word gives the phrase the meaning it was intended to have. To say "All lives matter" in response to BLM sorely diminishes the impact that 400 years of history have had on African Americans. Black American aren't just angry and frustrated about one recent incident. They are reacting to 400 years of marginalization and abuse. BLM and ALM are not co-equal statements.

And of course, I don't condone violence in any way. It's looking like much of the violence has been done by outsiders who are not there to support the George Floyd issue at all. They are just greedy, destructive opportunists.

Nanbert said...

Frustrating! Kept trying to read Adam's remarks, but the statement moved too fast to read it all. Scrolled back and stopped it several times, but don't think I got it all.

I think Adam has coined a new description..."accelerationists". I can understand and sympathize with the protesters...and, in fact was pleased to see the large mixed race crowds marching in protests all over the U.S. But the looting, burning and trashing of their neighborhoods are absolutely turns away sympathizers, IMO. Martin Luther King would have been appalled.

So sad...even during this set our/their cities on fire! matter the apparent righteous motive! excuse for vandalism and looting for many?! How much more effective would these marches be if there was no damage, looting and burning! A peaceful citizenry marching for justice would carry so much more weight.

It reminds me of the apt quote..."Man is the only animal who soils his own nest".

I wish the truly well-intentioned protesters would restrain the "accelerationists" rather than just turn up to clean up the mess the following A.M.

What's really upsetting is that there are always "bad guys"to be dealt occasional one will turn up in our police. Sometimes they are white, sometimes black. But the next time one goes "ROGUE"....and there will ALWAYS be a next time.....does the marching, looting, burning and vandalism automatically start up again? What if it is a black policeman who kills a white man? Is it possible that has never happened?

We are living in a tinderbox! And the most surreal thing about it is that while watching it unfold on is still cheerfully punctuated by periodic commercials!

I hope the law throws the book at ALL the policemen who were guilty of George Lloyd's appalling death! I hope the current laws and practices are changed/altered to make it possible... and expected... to prosecute policemen who are guilty of such inhuman atrocities!

Also, I would venture to guess that the policeman who knelt on George Lloyd's neck could probably be just as likely to do that to a white man, too. A bad apple is a bad apple!

Patria said...

I just got a call from my daughter that there will be a protest tonight here in Ankeny Iowa. It will be about 5 miles from where I live. It's in our main shopping area. I hope we don't make the news. The big worry is my grandson is working in Home Depot tonight which is next door to the Target where it is supposed to start.

I support Adam's stand 100%.

Patria said...

Adam has put the instagram info into tweets on his Twitter account. Much easier to access, at least for me.

Nanbert said...

I can't access either instagram or tweets...just what's brought here. Sorry your city is marked for protest...or whatever, Patria. Pittsburgh had its share last night, and I have little hope that tonight will be any different.

So sad that the rioters are overwhelming the purpose of the peaceful protests! What is their final goal?....certainly un-American!

Patria said...

I think the final goal is to make us all afraid to ever hold a protest of any kind ever again.

Patria said...

My grandson just got home from work. It's 6:30. Our entire county is on curfew from 9pm to 5:30 am. Don't know if the protest will be held or not. (big sigh of relief)

broddybounce said...

Nanbert, I just took a screenshot of Adam's primary statement that he put on IG and Twitter and put it at the bottom of the post for you.

Patria said...

This tweet from Adam is just perfect.
I try to express this to other people and it always comes out wrong. Their are 2 factions at these protests and Adam has identified them perfectly.

There’s a distinct difference between an organized protest and chaotic looting/vandalism. We shouldn’t let anarchy discredit the movement. Police: how about you identify those few individuals (many of whom are white) and not punish the protestors? You’re just proving the point.

The anarchy that Adam is talking about is those who are trying to scare people into being afraid of protesting as their goal.
The organized protesters are good and necessary.

Nanbert said...

Thanks Adam explains so lucidly..."We shouldn't let anarchy discredit the movement"....he's SO right!

The big problem is how to separate the rioters from the peaceful protesters. What a shame that the absolutely righteous message by the protesters is besmirched by a bunch of criminals exploiting the situation.

Sunflower said...

So very sad.:(

Angeladam said...

Very sad situation

Patria said...

It's getting worse everyday. The police are pepper spraying legitimate protesters, the press and by standers with no provocation at all. The violence is escalating. 9 o'clock curfew is becoming normal. Republicans are trying to block voters by demonizing vote by mail and precincts in minority areas are being closed making access to polls near impossible. We are on our way to no voice at all. Dictatorship is nearly complete. There may not even be another election day.

Patria said...

I'm old enough to remember when our biggest fear of Trump is that he would get us into a war with a foreign country.

Dee R Gee said...

This is an American tragedy of huge proportions. I cannot wait until the most important things we talk about on this site are Adam and his music and his voice and his talent and personality and humor and beauty. It's impossible now. I admire Adam's honesty and courage in speaking out even when he gets some backlash.

There is so much change that has to be happen. So much healing that has to be done. Who would think that we would be witnessing a White House church stunt. You just can't make this stuff up.