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Harper's Bazaar: Adam Lambert Breaks Down His "Velvet" Music Video

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Posted at : Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Adam Lambert was interviewed by Harper's Bazaar for their "Playback" video series.


Dee R Gee said...

I've watched this five or six times and it's very fun. Adam has really good instincts about translating his ideas into great visuals. And he worked with a really good director. Velvet is one of my favorite videos. And his eyes in the interview are just mesmerizing.

Patria said...

When the Velvet things started coming out one of my first thoughts was 'Adam is really feeling gay and letting it out here'. He loves loves loves dressing up, doesn't always engage it , but when he does I get a big grin on my face and enjoy seeing what he enjoys doing. This is our Adam Lambert.

Yes Dee! His eyes are mesmerizing. I like the more-towards-brown hair better than the dark almost black hair.

Nanbert said...

I love Adam's playfulness, forthrightness and motives. Playing dress-up and setting a scene/mood from the bottom-up has always been his forte. Luckily, he has a perfect canvas for his voice...himself! A rare diamond deserves a unique setting.

Yes, his voice is extraordinary enough in itself...but it is the TOTAL ARTIST that completely draws us in and keeps us there, isn't it?

Adam is a such fun! We Glamberts are SO lucky!

Patria, I like that lighter hair color, too. Somehow, it makes Adam seem "approachable"?

Patria said...

When I was admiring his hair I was looking for a word and could only come up with 'younger' Didn't post it because it wasn't quite right. I like 'approachable'.

For me the vocals are the basis for my admiration for Adam. I would still be devoted if anything else was taken out of the equation, but take away the vocals and it's a deal breaker. Being gorgeous is not enough.

Okay, he has to have the personality as is, also.

Nanbert said...

Unquestionably, Adam's vocals are the PRIMARY and INESCAPABLE draw for me, too.....But Adam is also an ENTERTAINER....and it's impossible to separate him into "parts". He's a TOTAL PACKAGE, and all of his "parts" are used to "sell" a create a entertain....and, yes, even to please the eyes as well as the ears while doing it.