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BILLBOARD: Adam Lambert Among Celebrities Speaking Out Against US Government Response to Protests

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Posted at : Tuesday, June 02, 2020

A Billboard story covering celebrities speaking out against the President and US Government's response, as well as that by police, to the protests over the murder of George Floyd included Adam Lambert and his recent Instagram and Twitter posts about the issue.


Patria said...

I stand with Adam and his every response. I cannot watch the entire video of that public execution and the smugness of the executioner as it happens. Not even 2 seconds. I want media to stop showing it.

Nanbert said...

I think Adam's emotional "A Change Is Gonna Come" should be the anthem for this protest.

Patria, I understand your repugnance about that video. But that is irrefutable PROOF of that inexcusable crime by the police. Because of it, this time the police cannot say they were being attacked, or the person was killed while resisting arrest. In most cases, the police are believed when an atrocity is investigated, and are never made to pay a price.

But HERE is PROOF....what most Blacks know....but most Whites NEED TO SEE to believe.

As I tell you that...just NOW on the news...the other three officers involved have just been charged, and the one who killed George Floyd has had his charge upped to 3rd degree murder!

NO WAY that would have happened without that horrifying video... irrefutable PROOF!

Patria said...

The problem is some police forces have made it a policy to make them immune from prosecution for such behavior because they've become so encumbered by regulations they can't defend themselves or get the job done. I hope this isn't one of those situations. Even so hopefully they won't get by with something this flagrant.

We're going to be talking politics for a long time yet.
I'm also on board with what Adam just tweeted about the Feel Something Foundation. I like this kind of project because most of the bail money will be refunded eventually and can be used to help others.

has made a sizeable donation to the Freedom Fund
in order to assist and protect members of the community who have been arrested during these peaceful protests. #blacklivesmatter #pride

Angeladam said...

This whole episode has made me so sad, that poor guy and the police just ignoring his plea, I felt sick to the bone when I saw the footage, we've had lots of mostly peaceful demonstrations over here in the Uk, I really don't know what's happening in the world right now so very sad, however I won't be saying anymore on the matter or any politics on here stay safe everyone.