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FLASHBACK: Adam Lambert: Powerful, Emotional Performances (UPDATED)

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Thursday, June 4, 2020

Posted at : Thursday, June 04, 2020

In this dangerous and turbulent period in our country's history, we want to bring to you some tender, emotional and powerful performances Adam Lambert has gifted us throughout his career to match these difficult times.

UPDATE (6/4/2020): On the suggestion of our reader, Nanbert, we are also including an additional version of Queen + Adam Lambert's "Who Wants To Live Forever," recorded at the Isle Of Wight Festival in England in 2016.  Not only an incredible performance, but it also includes a moving introduction by Adam, who dedicates it to the victims of the Orlando Pulse nightclub massacre which occurred the previous night — but easily applies, as well, to the tragic events of the past two weeks.

Save Me, Prague 2015

Who Wants To Live Forever, New York 2014

Who Wants To Live Forever, Isle Of Wight Festival, UK 2016

Believe, Kennedy Center Honors 2018

A Change Is Gonna Come, American Idol Finale 2009 (Isolated Vocal)

BONUS!  Photo Tribute to the Friendship of Adam Lambert, Brian May and Roger Taylor set to the original Queen track "You're My Best Friend" (ironically, a song never part of the regular setlist of a Queen + Adam Lambert tour).   Thank you, YouTube user Lauren Hutton — well done!


Doing All Right, Auckland, NZ 2020


Dee R Gee said...

Thank you so much, broddy! These song choices are perfect for what we are going through right now. These days are tragic and pivotal and historic.

Each of these songs is a window into how we are all feeling.

God, I miss Adam and the joy he brings us. I miss having a regular, normal day.

Jason90405 said...

Fitting for our time right now

Nanbert said...

Thanks, broddy. Those songs fill my heart, but are so thought provoking at this time. Just wish that music was all we needed to think about now.

Jason...You're right. Adam could be making that same speech's so pertinant.

What will come out of all this distress? There is always the HOPE that in the end, things will be better, there will be a "happy ending". But I've heard that for many years, and still little changes!

Maybe this time?

broddybounce said...

You're so welcome, Dee and Nanbert! It definitely felt like the right time to do a post like this, and so happy you appreciated those selections. With "Save Me" and WWTLF, I do have to say those took more than a minute to find JUST the right ones — both video & audio quality in combination with the best performances Adam gave. It was a true labor of love to search through the dozens and dozens of videos of each from all over the world. Your feedback means a lot!

Angeladam said...

Broddybounce that you for posting these songs certainly very apt for what we're all feeling right now xx

Nanbert said...

broddy....I know what you mean by trying "to find just the right one". You do GOOD work! Yes, I often wondered how one could compile the best rendition of each Queen and Adam Lambert song that they've performed together......that is, IF QAL ever decided to do a DVD for us to buy. Probably Brian, Roger and Adam would have different preferences.

The only unquestionable ones for me is the Isle of Wright rendition of "Who Wants To Live Forever" and the "I Was Born To Love You" from the Summer Sonic in Tokyo (2014?). After that, each song has MANY MORE than one or two that are special, and then even that is due to some little "tweek" that Adam puts on them....or just a better camera shot, etc.

That "Save Me" is superb! I remember that Adam often sang it back-to-back with WWTLF...a vocal tour-de-force that always left the audience with their jaws on the floor! Oh my!

But you have picked some winners for sure! I've already run through them about 4 times already!.... a brief respite from the World! Whew! Thanks again!

Sunflower said...

These videos are a welcome sight, thanks broddy. I've been a bad Glambert all week from the tragedy that occured immersed with my local news, CNN and Adams responses, have not been listening to Adams/Queens music until now, with Velvet from the other post. Today I watched the George Floyd Memorial and theres 2 more yet.

broddybounce said...

Thanks, Angeladam and Sunflower — and, Nanbert, WWTLF from Isle Of Wright Festival definitely is incredible AND includes Adam talking about the need to not discriminate against people, post-Orlando-massacre, which is appropriate for today. As a matter of fact, I just added it to the post for that very reason.

And, yes, IWBTLY at Summer Sonic was terrific.

"Save Me" is one of my favorite songs that Adam sings from the Queen catalogue. I mean, that's a song that seems as if it were WRITTEN for Adam's voice. His delivery, the arrangement, and the instrumentation by guys makes for a perfect performance.

Nanbert said...

Wonder why "Save Me" is not always included on their tour? Broddy, I agree it seems that it was written for Adam's voice. Maybe because it's one of the most "voice shredding" pieces...and they try to alternate those to preserve Adam's voice on a heavy tour. Or that's what I understood way back there.

But Adam doesn't seem to take it easy on his voice to "pace" himself....he just seems to go full-out all the time...and he wouldn't do that if he was feeling his voice was being too stressed. The only thing he does leave out is that final stratospheric killer note he sang in WWTLF in Kiev and the six-concert tour that followed...and, lastly, in the Vegas festival that finally made them realize they needed to make theselves into a permanent arrangement (or at least a tour). That was one helluva note! But undoubtedly a voice-killer! Remember it?

Mi Re La said...

Adam Lambert "Happy Pride Month" , June 4

Nanbert said...

Broddy... oops! Meant to thank you for adding the Isle of Wright rendition of WWTLF, too. Adam's music is a solace while I mourn for our beloved country.

This era in our history...of pandemic and protests....should be entitled PANDEMONIUM!

Dee R Gee said...

Exactly right, Nanbert. This is a pivotal year in our history and we are witnessing it first-hand. Pandemonium is right!

So glad that Adam is expressing his opinion about it all. He has as much right as anyone to do so.

broddybounce said...

Funny, I came back to look at this post and it appears that, at some point in the past couple of weeks, Queen's record company removed the WWTLF Isle Of Wight vid from YouTube. I was like "OH NO!" and almost going to have to, regrettably, remove the "UPDATE" that I had posted about you, Nanbert, requesting that performance since, at first, I thought they might've removed ALL of the vids of that performance.

BUT.... a simple little search not only yielded a few more results, but was another YouTube user having posted the pro-multi-camera version — and it's from back in 2016! Somehow TPTB missed it, thankfully. Shhh! 🤫 (If they end up taking that one down, too, there is at least one more, although amateur fan version.)