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QUEEN OFFICIAL: Queen + Adam Lambert 'Lockumentary': Roadies In Lockdown, Episode 2: “Jez is in control, it's like a sixth sense"

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Friday, July 3, 2020

Posted at : Friday, July 03, 2020

From Queen Official YouTube Channel:

'Lockumentary' Series Description:
Tour Video Director, Steve Price has worked with Queen + Adam Lambert since 2014  and at this time should be manning the controls behind the stage as he directs all the video elements of the show for the band on their sold out European summer tour. However, as we all know, the band and crew are currently off the road, so to keep him in the groove we set him the task of creating a ‘lockumentary' focusing on what it is like being part of the ‘Rhapsody Road Crew’...

This exclusive series, only available on Queen’s Official channel, explores the roles of various crew members on the road and behind the scenes with one of the world’s most successful touring acts. Enjoy a VIP AAA pass and get to see at close quarters the backstage and front of house complexities, magic and hard work that goes in to putting on these huge productions that are a Queen + Adam Lambert live show.  They explain what they do to make the shows happen. Look out also for a few well known faces and cameo appearances along the way.

The backstage footage has been shot at different venues across the globe, however due to the recent pandemic the interviews with the crew have taken place at home during lockdown and further demonstrates the effect the shutdown has had on the live music business, not just for musicians and fans, but the often unseen and unsung heroes that make up the touring crew.

Setting out to highlight their individual and collaborative skills, it soon becomes obvious one thing clearly binds them together – a sense of humour.

Episode Description (Episode 2):
Jez Webb, Bass Tech,  who’s relatively new to the Queen Family, appears to share a ‘bromance’ with his charge, Queen + Adam Lambert’s long-standing bass player, Neil Fairclough from Manchester, England.  We see their interaction on stage during a Q + AL show and watch them catch up with each other on Zoom during lockdown and learn and laugh with them as to why at times it is all about the bass and that solo. As well as looking after Neil, Jez is also responsible for Brian’s set up for his acoustic performance on the B-Stage.


Mi Re La said...

I just love you by Adam Lambert - drawings of Krisztina Bartal

I Just Love You -by Adam Lambert - skating performance by Nick LaRoche

Rosemary White said...

Thanks, broddybounce. I just saw Lockumentary Episode 2 on Twitter and was going to post it here but it's arrived already! Good to catch a glimpse of Adam even if it's a "blink & you'll miss it" moment!

Thanks for posting the link to that YouTube clip, Mi Re La.

Dee R Gee said...

Love learning about these behind-the-scenes guys! Very interesting how it all works. Just like a well-oiled machine.

Nanbert said...

Obviously QAL is a delightful working environment...with top notch talents at all levels...hard work, but extremely fulfilling. But the "finished product" already tells us that!

Patria said...

Mi Re La, I'm glad this video, " I Just Love You" is out there again. When I first saw it I played is over and over so many times for a very long time and sent it to everyone who knows I'm and Adam fan. I have yet to listen to only Adam because the song and skating are a whole thing. It's a beautiful flow. I don't think I will ever get tired of it. I was aware of the background about how it came about also.

So much to know about Adam. He has an enormous amount of his work 'out there'. Adam is a deep gold mine.

Linda said...

I just tried watching the video and it says: video unavailable! Did anyone else have this problem? :(

broddybounce said...

Hi Linda (and everybody else who recently found the video unplayable)...

I'm glad you mentioned this because I had no idea this had happened. It worked initially but, for some reason, they did away with the original upload of the video and re-uploaded another one, presumably sometime on Friday. I just went back to Queen Official and grabbed the new URL, and it is all set and ready to go now. So ... watch away!

Thanks again for the heads up, Linda!