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QUEEN OFFICIAL: Queen + Adam Lambert 'Lockumentary': Roadies In Lockdown, Episode 3: “About Roger and that scuba mask"

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Friday, July 10, 2020

Posted at : Friday, July 10, 2020

From Queen Official YouTube Channel:

'Lockumentary' Series Description:
Tour Video Director, Steve Price has worked with Queen + Adam Lambert since 2014  and at this time should be manning the controls behind the stage as he directs all the video elements of the show for the band on their sold out European summer tour. However, as we all know, the band and crew are currently off the road, so to keep him in the groove we set him the task of creating a ‘lockumentary' focusing on what it is like being part of the ‘Rhapsody Road Crew’...

This exclusive series, only available on Queen’s Official channel, explores the roles of various crew members on the road and behind the scenes with one of the world’s most successful touring acts. Enjoy a VIP AAA pass and get to see at close quarters the backstage and front of house complexities, magic and hard work that goes in to putting on these huge productions that are a Queen + Adam Lambert live show.  They explain what they do to make the shows happen. Look out also for a few well known faces and cameo appearances along the way.

The backstage footage has been shot at different venues across the globe, however due to the recent pandemic the interviews with the crew have taken place at home during lockdown and further demonstrates the effect the shutdown has had on the live music business, not just for musicians and fans, but the often unseen and unsung heroes that make up the touring crew.

Setting out to highlight their individual and collaborative skills, it soon becomes obvious one thing clearly binds them together – a sense of humour.

Episode Description — Episode 3: “About Roger and that scuba mask":

Boy, it never rains but it pours. Some stunning live footage from the Rhapsody tour in Japan and Australia as Sam walks us through his role as Blacktrax Engineer which involves making sure the lighting system properly tracks the positions of the band around the stage during the live show. This sees him spending a large part of the day waving a variety of different sticks in the air. He reminisces about a particularly chaotic and ‘quite farcical’ show day in Brisbane, Australia, and reveals the story behind Roger Taylor and some novel stage wear.


Nanbert said...

Love these lockumetaries!....that Brisbane one was a real doozey! Wouldn't it be interesting to be a "roadie" with QAL? Hard work...but a lot of fun, and a sense of job well done...and seeing the tour from the inside out. Loved that look at Adam close up, soaked, and performing with his usual aplomb, brilliance and professionalism.

Dee R Gee said...

I'm loving these, too. These huge shows require more work than most fans realize.
As for watching Adam perform soaking wet? Bring it on!

Nanbert said...

Also, that high-tech manner of maintaining contact with all band members on the spotlights can light each member when they are doing a "solo"... so impressive!. I was always struck by that effect, but envisioned many people manning spotlights at all times, and marveled that they could locate each performer exactly on time...and in their exact location...and at the exact time they started their "part". The spotlighting is such an important effect, and adds so much to the drama of a performance. With QAL, it seemed almost superhuman....and now it turns out that it IS!

Angeladam said...

Loving watching these !!

Patria said...

Don't miss the delicious picture Adam posted today. Click on twitter, instagram or facebook at the top of Adam Lambert 24/7 News home page. One or all should work.