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FLASHBACK: Adam Lambert IG LIVE: Getting ready to go onstage in Chicago, August 9, 2019

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Monday, August 24, 2020

Posted at : Monday, August 24, 2020

As things are a tad slow right now in the world of Adam Lambert — no thanks to the continuing pandemic and complete halt of live events around the world — we thought we'd please you with a flashback to a very exciting post we did one year ago this month when the Queen + Adam Lambert tour was going in full gear!

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Adam singing the first verses to "Now I'm Here" offstage just prior to his "reveal" onstage at the
Queen + Adam Lambert concert at the United Center in Chicago, August 9, 2019. (YouTube screencap)
Adam Lambert / Q+AL YouTube regular contributor Gelly414 posted on YouTube an IG Livecast she was able to capture directly from Adam's account, taken from backstage at the United Center in Chicago. (August 9, 2019)

This is the first time we can remember in Adam's career there ever being a video shot entirely from backstage continuously documenting what happens from the last bits of his pre-show prep through to his opening 'reveal.'

Needless to say, folks, this is one of the most thrilling videos of Adam you will ever see!  ENJOY!!

BONUS! Here's what Adam's entrance looked like from the audience that night!


Dee R Gee said...

I was there at this show!!!! It was amazing. Went with my DH and a friend of mine who had never seen Queen or Adam live. She was overwhelmed and loved every moment.

Angeladam said...

Loved seeing this video

Nanbert said...

I saw that entry in Pittsburgh with my was fabulous! Watching Adam in this video gives me chills! He looks so relaxed and cool in the midst of all that intensity. Flinging oneself in front of those screaming crowds at each performance has to be intimidating....I would have a heart attack at the very thought! QAL has such a formidable build-up to their entry! Can't express how much I love it all!

Thanks for this flashback, broddybounce. I remember it from earlier, and am still just as thrilled!

broddybounce said...

Dee: I forgot, yes, you were THERE! Amazing!! So this is particularly special for you. Wonderful.

Angeladam: Yes, indeed!!!

Nanbert: Right...?!?! I know it would be intimidating to the MAX if I were to do it and I'm sure it was to Adam in the first year. Now, I'll bet it just fills him up to no end! Like a lighting bolt into his body. Adam mentioned a few months ago that he is just bored to the hilt at home and wants to be out and about — and I'll bet you that these entrances are something he misses dearly — I have a feeling it is addictive!

So, then, Adam, please be sure to schedule yourself, and to encourage Queen to schedule you, and maybe even to have Xtina schedule you for LOTS & LOTS of stage time next year!! You'll love it and we'll love it! (And continued GOOD HEALTH to Brian & Roger — and esp Brian given his recent health challenges!)

broddybounce said...

Just thought of something, especially given that you were there, Dee — what did Adam's entrance look like that night to those in the audience? So I just posted video of that exact moment as a BONUS!

Dee R Gee said...

He was magnificent. Lots of tension and anticipation in the audience. Of course, we didn't see him below the stage just before he came up, but the atmosphere was ELECTRIC!

Dee R Gee said...

And thanks for that extra link to his entrance! Our seats were pretty high up but at least we viewed the stage head-on and not from the side. We really had a good view over-all. We have gone to all three QAL shows in Chicago. Each was its own unique fabulous experience.

Nanbert said...

Speaking of entrances! Since I am unable to wait, excessively "nosey", and have little to do during this pandemic....I have started hunting out on Youtube the various videos that will appear on the upcoming ***ALBUM***!
The opening song was (surprisingly!) one I've never heard/seen before....listed as "Tear It Up",at the O2 on 2/07/18... and what a BLAST it is! Watch:

GREAT video! Was that an entrance...or what?!....although on the coming Album "7 Seas of Rhye" and "Tie Your Mother Down (also seen on the above video) aren't included. But that only makes me realize how many wonderful performances AREN'T included in QAL's FIRST album!

So-o-o-....I'm already looking forward to QAL's SECOND album! Right? I am SURE there WILL be one. There's still a lot of fantastic performances to "clean up"! Maybe even enough for Album 3! Right?

Oh my! Now there's more somethings to look forward to! Right?

Oh yes, almost all the performances that were on the earlier 24-hr. "Tour Watch Party" are on the current "Live Around The World" several more that are added.

broddybounce said...

Great observations, Nanbert!! Love it. And thanks for answering me about whether or not the Watch Party actually was an advanced preview of the album/video or if they're two completely different things. And you're saying — the same, but MORE!!

Great to see "Tear It Up" — thanks for finding it! It's a powerhouse song and Adam definitely tears it up! I do have to say, though, for me personally, I much prefer "Now I'm Here" as the opener — I was SO happy they brought that back from 2014 as the 2019 opener instead of "One Vision" which, to me, wasn't as thrilling of an opener — and, of course, Adam's reveal on "Now I'm Here" throughout last year was just spine-tingling!! Although I guess they're not having that on the video, huh?

Oh, yes, hopefully there will be more Live albums/videos to come — SO much material! So, hm, could this be the entré to actual new, original studio recordings for Q+AL based on how the sales for the live stuff does? One can only hope!

Nanbert said...

Yes, Broddy....I'm hoping!....that this first Album "sells like hotcakes", and proves so successful that QAL will have to contemplate a second. Although, truthfully, under these circumstances, I really feel that they are already doing that...and it's perfectly logical.

So, fingers crossed that Album 1 will be as successful as we feel it will.
And Broddy, "Now I'm Here" IS listed on the upcoming "Live Around the World" Album, so you won't be deprived.

If anyone's interested, "Tear It Up", "Now I'm Here", "Another One Bites The Dust", "The Show Must Go On", and "Ay-Ohs"(w/Mercury?) are added to the original Watch Party list...and "Drum Battle" and Radio Ga Ga are removed.

So-o-o, imagine how many of our favorites remain for a second Album! Has to happen!

Dee R Gee said...

Wow! I love Tear It Up! Thanks for the link. Quite honestly, I had forgotten about it. It really shows off Adam's voice and is a big show-blaster. Love being reminded about these things. Just when I think I've seen and heard everything Adam, something new pops up.

Nanbert said...

Broddy.....The one thing we don't know about the coming Album is whether there will be any background, personal info, observations, anecdotes, and atmosphere interspersed between the musical performances. Wouldn't it be fabulous if that "Adam getting Ready" tidbit (above) was added before "I Am Here"....just like you presented it above?

I love that whole tension-building humming and excited crowd sounds and "band is walking" drama....before the music actually starts (like the trailer). That really sets the scene, don't you think? I still get chills when I play it! Queen and Adam Lambert concerts seem so head-long and over-the-top...but they are really extraordinarily disciplined, intricate and polished...down to the last spotlight! Just a marvel! So much unheralded behind-the-scenes talent working to make such perfection.