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Entertainment Focus: "5 Adam Lambert songs that should have been singles"

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Thursday, April 29, 2021

Posted at : Thursday, April 29, 2021

We. Couldn't. Agree. More. 
And they could have made this a list of ten songs rather than five.
We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section about how you feel about this list that Entertainment Focus published.  Do you agree with their picks?  Also, what other tracks do you feel that Adam's record labels dropped the ball on as far as becoming singles?
Some of our readers (as well as my Co-Admin glitzylady) know me well on this subject: I've always felt quite strongly about the fourth song they list, "The Original High," which I thought could have been one of the huge summer songs of 2015 — it was made for the summer.  I'll elucidate further in comments.

If you've never, or rarely, left a comment on AL 24 News, this is a golden opportunity to do so newly or again.


broddybounce said...

While there are quite a number of songs I wish Adam's labels had released, and another one is "Music Again," which could have been a wonderful start to his career as it said EVERYTHING about who Adam was to so many people through American Idol...

As I said in the main post, my primary pick is "The Original High." So perfect for summer of 2015. That summer was, in particular a huge festival of big summer songs including: three debut singles by the then-brand-new The Weeknd, Taylor Swift & Kendrick Lamar's "Bad Blood," Major Lazer's "Lean On," Jason DeRulo's "Want To Want Me," Justin Bieber's "Where R U Now," Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth's "See You Again," and Walk The Moon's "Shut Up & Dance," among many, many others. TOH would have fit in perfectly and, I feel, been a hit. "Ghost Town" is an amazing song and unquestionably deserved to be a single. But it's a tad dark and, just in my humble opinion, was much more appropriate for the fall — actually, perfect for a Halloween release. Unfortunately, although it did have some success the summer of 2015, it couldn't break through to its highest potential given the competition from some of the other songs that summer that were more upbeat. For me, TOH could have done that.

Looking forward to what you think should have been singles!

Dee R Gee said...

Well, I love every song on that list of five. I remember when we all kept assuming that TOH was going to be a single and we kept asking Shosh about it and she kept brushing us off, not saying much. TOH is one of Adam's BEST songs. It just MOVES with so much momentum, great lyrics and an amazing hook and uses his full range of vocals including an amazing glory note. I can't imagine why it wasn't chosen as a single. It woulda been a hit for sure.

"Underneath" is Adam's own "Who Wants To Live Forever," IMO. It's operatic and emotionally huge, both in lyrics and in vocal power. It should have been one of Adam's perennial anthems that could have become one of those "special moments" in his live shows for years.(just like WWTLF is for Queen)

"Evil in the Night" in just plain sexy and fun, with those "bombs over Broadway" lyrics and "fire in the sky." It's dark and sensual. The imagery is great. And Adam nails it, of course.

"Shady" IS one of Adam's standards. It's so playful! The song an invitation to a party "where freaks like us can meet." It's a song just perfect for Adam, who has lived that party life himself with all that joyous abandon.

All fabulous singles that never happened. Sometimes I wonder what the powers that be are thinking. Adam's music has always been as good or better than anyone else's out there. So many of his songs are still hidden gems known only to his fan base. A real shame. There is no reason why he can't keep singing all these songs live and given them exposure. He should. Shady is almost always on his set list but those others deserve a place, too.

broddybounce said...

I love every single word you wrote, Dee — well done! :)

Rosemary White said...

I can think of a lot of Adam's songs that had potential to big hits, one that immediately springs to mind is "Fever". I know there was controversy over that "pronoun"; however, I think the song was worthy of being promoted to single status.

Dee R Gee said...

I agree. "Fever" is one of his standards and it's a fabulous song. I'd include it on the list, too. And he can sing it with either a "he" or a "she." It's a non-issue, at least to me.

Rosemary White said...

Oops! .... Adam's songs that had potential to be big hits.

Nanbert said...

OMG....I've wracked my brain to answer this.....Sophie's Choice! How can I choose among all Adam's songs...among all my favorites?

Broddybounce, I have to agree with you about "Music Again". Not because it was the most outstanding or my favorite of his songs, but because of HOW TRUE it was for me... the story of how Adam came into my life, and enriched it profoundly. I sort of think of it as his "Theme Song"..... actually, Glamberts' Theme Song.

One of his most thrilling songs, IMO, was the spine chillingly poignant song "Soaked", where Adam unleashed those brilliant soaring glory only he can. And the intensity of "Sleepwalker" was riveting. I really loved"The Light"as he sang it at "The Vineyard". "After Hours" in Morongo, and later on tour, was more mesmerizingly sensual than most of his music.

Of course, "Fever" is always fun and sexy. And the "Time for Miracles" video showcased that fabulous voice and gorgeous man superbly. Although, maybe that doesn't count, because I don't think he wrote it himself, did he?

To tell the truth, I could name every song Adam has ever sung as a favorite....but surprisingly, one of my least favorite is his big hit "Whataya Want From Me"...can't even explain why.

Last, but not least, I love WATCHING Adam sing.... it's TWICE as good as simply hearing him, IMO! And I love all the covers he sings....better than the original.

broddybounce said...

Nanbert — I LOVE what you wrote!! Can't disagree with any of it — well, except, I am one in the camp that does love WWFM ... what can I say? But I respect your feeling.

But I'm gonna put a challenge to you — not live performances but studio album tracks only: what one song was not chosen as a single but should have been? This is a bit easier than saying what your favorite is because it's a little more "imagine yourself as a record executive" — and with way better decision-making than Adam's actual record execs had: which one album track did they MISS putting out as a single? Think strategically, Nanbert! :)

I did completely forget to add in my first comment above that a second choice single is one that was a bonus track, Can't Let You Go. Had they made that the first single, his performance of it at the AMAs woulda knocked the roof off the place!! But since that was a bonus track (another mistake — no thanks to you, RCA!!), I'll stick with TOH as my first choice as a single.

Dee R Gee said...

You're so right about Can't Let You Go, broddy. That song sung at the AMAs could have changed the course of history. And I know I've related this anecdote before, but I remember that after the AMAs and all the hubbub that followed, Barry Manilow said that Adam should have just stood on a dark stage with a single spotlight on him, and sung a beautiful song. Barry was a very wise man, IMO.

Pick U Up! Pick U Up! Pick U Up! I wonder if Adam will ever sing this song live. Eber said it was his favorite. It's such a fun, hopeful song. Peppy melody, great message, soaring vocals. A sure hit, IMO.

broddybounce said...

Oh, Dee, me, too, in full agreement on Pick U Up, which may have been my favorite on that album, of the main tracks! Yes, yes, that could have been a great single too. Well said!

Nanbert said...

Whoa! Broddybounce, you're absolutely right! I actually meant to add the spine tingling "Can't Let You Go"... a real showstopper! Who can hear that without becoming an immediate fan? Don't understand why it was not originally released in the U.S.! Fortunately, it was finally included in Adam's album "Playlist: The Very Best of Adam Lambert".

The truth is....I am struck by the fact that Adam's VOICE has not dominated the air waves, and won every award available since he came on the scene. Almost every song of his is far superior to the drek being constantly played on the airwaves today! It seems that people don't know how to hear/listen to/appreciate an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, un-autotuned, brilliant, LIVE voice.

I've often wondered why so many of Adam's fans are (ahem) of a certain age and even older (like me). But I think it's because we older listeners were USED to hearing the natural, LIVE voices of great singers...instead of today's technically enhanced, autotuned, artificially "messed with"....and technically reproduced instrumentation products being offered these days. Somehow, it seems to me that if a singer hits notes off-key, one shouldn't be able to artifically correct it during recording...or otherwise enhance it as wished....or to make a weak voice seem strong, etc.

When Adam sings....EVERY NOTE is dead center! He can convey the emotions he wishes to project WITHOUT technical assistance. He can sing so easily and authentically ANY genre he 'click tracks", no sync "fudging" on range or volume!

Certainly Adam is recognized by most of the professional music world as one of today's greatest living singers. Now it's time for the world's uninitiated ears to learn what a real voice SHOULD sound like.....and catch up with US!

Simply put....most of Adam's songs deserved to be singles!

Dee R Gee said...

I think Adam's fan base is more diverse than we realize. Especially his international fans. He really has a world-wide group of supporters. His voice is respected world-wide by anybody in the business, but he is the whole deal. Looks, personality, intelligence. Along with the voice.

I think he's wise to diversity a bit, doing the animated films other the judging gigs as well as his involvement with the LGBTQ community. He's a well-wounded person with many talents. I'll bet anything that as he gets older he will get involved in more writing and producing. He's a great networker and he loves to collaborate. He is well-liked, and that means a lot. I think we'll see more sides of him as time goes on.

BettyC said...

This man is pure talent with a unique voice. It is an injustice that he is not more successful. Just see these concerts with Queen. It is a God in concert. Maybe one day, I hope soon, he will have the success he deserves.

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee...Of course, you're quite right about Adam's fan base being more diverse. He is perhaps more internationally recognized and respected than in the U.S. I did not mean to make it seem that his fans were mainly elderly. It's just that they are the ones more accustomed to hearing and recognizing great, natural, unadulterated voices during their lifetimes....before technology invaded music.

I have no doubt that Adam will eventually be considered an icon....everywhere. It just seems to be taking longer than I expected. He is the "complete package"....voice, looks, brains, personality, multi-talented, artistic and flexible....and eminently likeable/loveable!

Dee R Gee said...

Don't worry, Nanbert, I knew what you were getting at. And it's true that Adam's fan base tends to be older. The teen market never really was his core fan base. Adam was on Idol at the older end of the age limit for that show. He was in his late twenties. Most contestants are much younger. He had a pretty active career behind him already, in theater and other things. He didn't just pop up from being a subway singer like some of the contestants do. So he was older form the get-go on that show. And even though lots of young viewers loved him, it turned out he was a lot more than they bargained for. His sexuality became THE topic that surrounded him for a really long time. It kind of over-shadowed his music. Then the AMAs hit the fan, and Adam turned out to be far more complex than the typical teen Idol. If Adam had auditioned for Idol as a 21 year old straight guy, I think he would have had no problem filling huge venues right right off the bat. But Adam was not that 21 year old straight boy. Anyone who went to any of his GNT shows soon knew that he was not your stereotypical, non-controversial teen heartthrob. Far from it. He turned out to be overtly sexual and risky and fearless. Some of his fans from Idol didn't really want to go that direction with him. So there you go. We loyal Glamberts have rode the roller coaster through all its ups and downs. We have bought and streamed and downloaded and voted and messaged and attended multiple shows. We've rejoiced at the miracle that is QAL. Adam isn't for everyone. He knows it. He's a special breed with obvious talents. I follow him because I am as fascinated by his life's journey as I am in awe of his incredible voice. So I intend to keep buying and streaming, etc. because he gives me joy and world is a better place with him in it. I think he will be considered an icon. I hope he have lots of years ahead of him to keep on earning it.

Dee R Gee said...

I regret my typos. OOps.

Excited to see Adam's stint on Starstruck. Apparently he is very entertaining as a judge. Obe of his many talents!

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee....Exactly what I was thinking, but didn't say. Adam's talent was irrefutable on Idol. He was SO above and beyond the rest of Idol's contestants, that it seemed impossible that he could lose. But, as you aptly put it..."he was a lot more than they (the public) bargained for" stridently "out and proud" that it overwhelmed his talent and persona in the public eye. People just weren't ready for it yet! And yes, that AMA performance was the straw that broke the camel's back...the faint taint of which is still lingering in the background to this day. Sadly, many "minds were made up" that day!

Astonishing changes in public opinion about alternate sexuality have changed drastically since then....much of which can be credited to Adam....but many people had already decided about him that "That's not for me"...and have determined to never revisit their decisions....even though they happily support other LBGTQ artists that Adam cleared the way for.

But even as the great glaciers shed their outer edges piece by piece, so have/will those who decried and criticized Adam drop off bit by bit. His talent is impossible to ignore. His right to be himself is impossible to deny. Even most of the die-hard Freddie fans have been forced back by the overwhelming talent he displays with Queen.

I've quoted this before here, I think. If so, excuse the repetition, but it still fits Adam so well...."The strongest sun throws the deepest shadow".

Rosemary White said...

Dee R Gee & Broddybounce, "Pick U Up" - YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! LOVE it. :-))

Sue Smith said...

I have not had any time to post. My husband just got out of the hospital late yesterday. He had several things wrong. The main thing is he had to have a pace maker put in. My daughter and myself brought him home yesterday.
We had gone to the emergency room think it was friday. They found out is heart rhythm was slowing. It was raining like crazy here did for 2 days. Finally the ambulance was able to pick him up from that hospital and take him to a bigger one more equipped for that.
Anyway I have a lot to take care with him so my posts will be not many if any for awhile.
Adam once said he never though he lost much on the AMA performance he never thought those people would be long time followers of him that left the ones that got him stayed.
Adam could never be any other person but authentic Adam. You get him or you dont. He has matured beautifully and has become an all around wonderful entertainer. He doing just fine in my opinion.
I think all ages abroad has always appreiated him more.
I know he attracted aime of the teenagers from the movie BR. However covid happened to interupt everything.
Well I've got to go I think there is alot coming for Adam for all his fans world wide. Just have to be patient. I just want to say one thing even really big name artist dont do concerts alone any more. They do it with another artist. Example Carrie U and Keith U have done their concerts together. 0

Nanbert said... apologies for straying away from the question of singles. I find I have trouble with that, because I don't think about singles since I don't ever listen to popular music on the radio...only classical. I only listen to/watch Adam's or QAL's music from my albums or on Youtube.

But I was charmed by Adam's "Map"... which I don't think was released in the U.S. It might have made a nice single.

Nanbert said...

Sue...bless you, my dear. You have had more than your share of troubles! I hope your husband will feel much better now...most people are greatly relieved after being put on a pacemaker to resolve their heart irregularities. Hope that's true of your husband, too. Just be sure to take of yourself, too!

Sue Smith said...

Above that was many teenagers. My daughter came in I just sent post without checking. That O at the end of the sentence was a mistake.

Dee R Gee said...

Sue, it is great to hear from you! I hope you and your DH continue to get better. It's a long haul sometimes.

I have always said that I want longevity for Adam. He career will have its ups and downs, but I most want him to be an active part of the music business for his whole life. And that could mean many things: performing, writing, producing, acting, whatever. He has so many talents. I want him to keep getting the respect he has from those in the music industry. He has so much to offer. I am loving this ride with him and I will always support him as much as I can.

And Nanbert, I agree with you about MAP~ It's another one of those hidden gems that we never hear. I'd love for him to dig in and perform it sometime, along with Underneath and Pick U UP and so many more.

Sue Smith said...

Thanks Nanbert and Dee R Gee I appreiate it.

broddybounce said...

Nanbert, no worries, I appreciate everything you said. And, oh, yes, I agree, "Map" is an amazing song and definitely single-worthy, radio-friendly. Very catchy and full of hooks and an amazing vocal by Adam.

And, Sue, I want to also add my healing thoughts to your husband. I hope the pacemaker corrects the situation and keeps him well.

Dee R Gee said...

Check Facebook and saw a short promo vid of Adam strutting the runway on the "Legendary" show.
I did not watch it last night. I don't think Adam is a judge on it yet, but will be on a later episode. Anyway, his outfit is REALLY fantastic and he looks very fit and in good shape. There are some high-level names on the judges list.

Also saw him in am amazing gray suit with color tinges and a vest that I think he wore on Starstruck. Nto sure. Lots of "attitude" in the photo. Very sexy!

Dee R Gee said...

Oops. Just read that Adam in that gray suit and vest is NOT from Starstruck. Sorry about that! Apparently there are NO phots being released from the show before its airing. I'll be Adam has worn some great stuff on those episodes A few more left.

Sue Smith said...

Thanks broddy!

broddybounce said...

Just added new post, kids! 😁