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New Adam Tweet

Filed Under () by Admin on Sunday, February 20, 2022

Posted at : Sunday, February 20, 2022


Nanbert said...

Sharp! Not your average pin-striped businessman here! But don't care for the zoot-suity tight-around-the-ankles pants! Otherwise, every inch is perfect down to the knees, IMO. Adam always has a great sense of style...with a distinctive "edge" to it. I don't always agree with it all, but I always admire his boldness and his "I don't give a damn" confidence in wearing what he pleases. He's certainly earned that right! And he somehow always "carries it off"!

An seems as though every costume Adam wears always appears pristine and completely wrinkle-free. As much as he travels (in and out of suitcases), how does he manage to always appear so "crisp"? We know HE choses/brings his OWN costumes...even with Queen.

Nanbert said...

Here's the entire second show (2/19/22) of "Starstruck" on Youtube. A lotta fun! Enjoy!