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New Adam Interview

Filed Under () by Admin on Sunday, March 27, 2022

Posted at : Sunday, March 27, 2022


Dee R Gee said...

So excited to hear Adam sing SP on Rise Up With the Arts! Great song choice!

BTW, Adam did attend Elton John's Oscar party. I was hoping he would. He looked great with a gorgeous blue form-fitting suit. And pretty short hair.

Mi Re La said...

NEW PHOTOS/Adam attended Elton John's Oscar Party 2022!!

Sunflower said...

Hey Glamily been a minute, but until recently my wi-fi, internet saga continued. I called 3 times my cable company to have a tech come over but to no avail, I went to the cable store and bought new equipment and it’s not perfect yet but has been helpful, still having Wi-Fi issues but will ask my brother to help with that.
Have been catching up on all things Adam and boy has he been busy. I read that Adam’s “Superpower” Rise…Stars performance was taped in October during his time in Las Vegas and the dancers were from London, so we’ll see if it’s true. Nevertheless he looked gorgeous and sounded amazing! Love this interview of course.
Anyone seeing Adam at any of his Florida/Atlanta shows? My BFF lives an hour from Orlando and my brother and his family live in Tampa so if it was possible I’d would of gone to Orlando or Tampa to see Adam but it’s not! So hoping that a kind Glambert can stream any of his concerts or provide videos/photos.
One thing been watching StarStruck on video and Adam is so good as a judge and has/is wearing the most beautiful outfits on that show, handsome all the way! Heard this show has been successful ( UK fans say only watching because of Adam! Lol).

Dee R Gee said...

Welcome back, Sunflower! It's been a while. Hope all your computer issues get resolved and we can hear from you more often.

Adam did look great at the Oscar party! VERY short hair. But the suit was well-tailored and very good. Once again, I wish he'd do something with his arms other than hang them down to his sides, but oh well. Glad he went to the party and mingled with other stars.

Nanbert said...

Here's Adam's super performance of Superpower on the Rise Up With The Arts program...take a look quick before it's snatched off because of some copyright problem.

I notice that he "cleaned up" a couple of words during the performance...heh heh.

Nanbert said...

Glad you're back Sunflower. I can sympathize with your technical problems....I am completely confused and terrified of everything "technical" since the invention of the lightbulb!

And while we're commiserating with/about absent Glamberts....haven't heard from Sue Smith for a while. Sue, I know you and your husband haven't been well...but give us a call-in when you can.

Dee R Gee said...

Very nice interview. It would be so great if Adam and Brian did a collab at the next Rise Up With the Arts event.

Sunflower said...

Aww thanks Dee R Gee and Nanbert for the welcome back! I miss coming here and blab away my problems, lol. One of my brothers suggested I switch to another cable service, I use Xfinity now and for a long time when it was called Comcast (same service but now use the name Xfinity. I can’t understand why I’m having these issues now? Grrrrr. Thanks Nanbert for the YouTube link, I too noticed he cleaned up the song a bit. Lol. I heard on the news that it’s the first time Elton wasn’t at his Oscar party because he’s on tour. I forgot about that honestly and didn’t occur to me Adam would be there. :)

Nanbert said...

How strange, Sunflower....having a party that you aren't even attending! Wonder why Elton did that...conflict of dates? Usually one doesn't make mistakes of that magnitude!