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New Video from Adam's Tik Tok

Filed Under () by Admin on Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Posted at : Wednesday, April 20, 2022


Robert William said...

Have you tried the TikTok app mod in Spanish at APKCima? . Try it, you'll love it. link

Nanbert said...

I do SO wish I could see Adam's Tampa Show on May 3rd! The most frustrating thing is that I WILL be going down for a visit with my Tampa son and family near the END of celebrate my Grandaughter's birthday and High School graduation!

BTW...I notice in Adam's video above that his face seems more slender. I've been the light of the recent news that Adam had COVID.... and have searched out that "systemic steroids (anti-inflammatory drugs) were commonly used on COVID patients with signs of widespread inflammation in the body"... and sometimes continue to be used in cases of "long Covid".

Of course, those systemic steroids are also hard on the body, and are only for use during as short a term as possible. One very noticeable visual effect they have on the patient is to cause water weight gain and bloating....which begins to disappear fairly quickly after the steroids are discontinued.

Just thinking....was Adam medicated with systemic steroids during his bout with COVID? That might be the cause of his evident weight gain. I wish he would go into more detail about his illness and treatment....evidently it was severe enough to frighten him. I certainly hope he doesn't have any lingering "long Covid".

Sorry guys...I think too much....and worry too much! Don't mean to rain on your parade. Things ARE looking up! SMILE!

Dee R Gee said...

lurleene, it is a possibility that he was given steroids when he had COVID. Might have been a factor with his weight. But maybe not. He has struggled with weight before. Like many of us, he was not very active for quite a while and probably ate more than he should have. We've all chimed in about this before.

He looks really good to me, and very "concert-ready." And someday he may give us more details about his bout with COVID.

Too bad you can't go to the Tampa show. I'm sure you would have given us a fantastic review! Looking forward to lots of fan vids!

So happy that Adam won that Idol bracket poll! WE Glamberts worked hard for that win. Those polls don't mean much really. But they do show that an artist has a strong fanbase that supports them, and that's a good thing in itself.

Sunflower said...

I wish Adam was performing at a city close to me! Lol. Me too Nanbert I would of gone to the Tampa show because I have family over there but it’s not going to happen, boohoo. :(

Dee R Gee who is lurleene? Just curious

I love Adam’s new hair colors. :)

Dee R Gee said...

Uh Oh! Sunflower, I made a stupid mistake. I replied to Nanbert and called her lurleene. I know that person and her name was in my mind at that moment. So sorry, Nanbert! I was replying to you! LOL

Nanbert said...

No problem, Dee R Gee. As one prone to "Senior Moments" myself, I am not fazed by glitches by others. I knew you were replying to me. Lurleene is a pretty name...just not mine...heh heh.

Speaking of names, one that I haven't seen here for a long time is Sue Smith....a very dedicated "regular". I miss her! Hope she's O.K. Check in, Sue!

Sorry I missed out on that Idol poll. I saw no mention of it here! Usually somebody will announce an important item like that here.

Mi Re La said...


Nanbert said...

Thanks for that interview, Mi Re La....a good one! I sincerely hope Atlanta welcomes Adam with open arms.

Dee R Gee said...

There are clips of a new interview with Brian May about QAL performing at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Brian keeps hinting and hinting and being very coy but he will not say for sure that QAL will be performing. But it sounds pretty darn likely to me.

Sunflower said...

Hahaha Dee R Gee, I have made mistakes myself! I kind of thought you meant Nanbert ( to which you did) but I never heard of that other name before. Lol. About Brian hinting on QAL performing for the Queen has me laughing because it slipped out of Brian’s mouth, couldn’t keep the secret! Hahaha. I love Brian though. :)

SethPratt said...

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