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Just Jared: Here's How Adam Lambert & Ashley Tisdale Got to Coachella in 30 Minutes!

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Monday, April 17, 2017

Posted at : Monday, April 17, 2017

Anyone who has driven from Los Angeles to the Coachella Music Festival knows that it can be a pain to sit in traffic for hours… but this year, Adam Lambert and Ashley Tisdale found a way to beat the “Carchella” madness.
The stars both took JetSuiteX charter flights from Burbank to Thermal and arrived in just 30 minutes!
JetSuiteX provides a one-of-kind private jet experience at the price of a commercial flight. No lines, no crowds, stress free. You can literally show up 30 minutes or even less to the flight!

Adam is pictured flying to the festival on Friday (April 14). He flew alongside on-again, off-again boyfriend Sauli Koskinen and pals Markus Molinari and Johnny Wujek.


Here's How Adam Lambert & Ashley Tisdale Got to Coachella in 30 Minutes!

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Nanbert said...

FYI - This appears to be a "sponsered" such, this is probably a paid endorsement by Ashley and Adam.

Nanbert said...

Spelling correction for above - "sponsored".

Mi Re La said...

Adam returns to work. Queen & Adam Lambert announce massive 2017 UK and Ireland tour in November and December besides those in North America and Canada.Probably will try to finish the recordings for his own album since soon will be doing rehearsals for the 47 shows Q + AL. especially as they announced that the show will be much changed from the previous. I am very excited and happy.

Dee R Gee said...

Ahh, the good life... Private jets and all. But it sounds like the cost wasn't crazy high. Glad Adam made it and got some media coverage. Love how Sauli is referred to as Adam's "on-again, off-again boyfriend." Hmmm. There's probably some truth to that, even though they both say they're just friends.

MIrela, I think you're exactly right that the next few month will be very busy for Adam. Finishing the album (hopefully) and then getting together with Brian and Roger for rehearsals. He's got a very busy, as lucrative, year ahead of him!

Nanbert said...

Wonder how Adam is paid for performing with Queen.....does he get a percentage of each venue's "take"(gross or net)?... a set share of earnings?.... a set amount per performance?... a set amount per tour?... or what?

Yes, Dee R Gee, this should be a lucretive year for Adam....I'm thinking he should "up" the amount of insurance he has on his voice....48 million is a paltry sum relative to his earning power going forward!