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New Adam Lambert Fan Art From @CreativeSharka: "New illustrated @adamlambert with @bonniemckee puppy " - Profile Collection

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Posted at : Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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Lam-My said...

So Adam intends to get a white pomeranian to accompany Pharaoh, perhaps.

Helloo Pharaoh! Would you mind if Daddy brings home a white pomeranian to be your companion?

Really? I've not heard about it.

I'm not sure either but lately he seems to be holding a white puppy.

I like the idea of having a little brother to play with; then I might be more active and not sleep so much.

The white pomp looks very beautiful...will you be jealous?

No, why should I be...I will always be my Daddy's first dog!

I had a brown pomeranian together with a small white bichon which looked like the white doggie your Daddy is holding. They got on rather well and kept each other company.

So what have you been doing, Pharaoh.

Well, I follow my Daddy wherever he takes me; I'm also learning a few commands like the latest...Shake! And also learning to stand on my hind-legs.

My dogs used to shake exactly like the way you did after a bath to shake off the excess water. One strange thing was when we call out: choong leong! / 沖涼 / bathe ... Judy (mongrel) would rush under the bed and hide lol! the same with Hitam (mongrel). On hindsight, I think they didn't like the soap or the cold water; unlike the dogs now, yourself, properly groomed, with shampoo and warm water...those were during my childhood years. Judy was quite the heroine...she prevented a robbery; a thief was chipping at our door at about 2 am and she started barking incessantly; everyone woke and the thief vamoosed. Those were the early days in Singapore (50's), poverty was rife.
Pompy (pure pomeranian/brown) and Choo-Choo (bichon hybrid/white) had better bath experiences during my adult years; but I didn't spend enough time with them though; work bogged me down.

Pharaoh, are you still with me?

Yes, Lam-My... My younger years were just as fraught with strife/trauma when I was shuttled from home to home; sometimes living in a cage or small confined spaces. But I was generally happy and well cared for. And then a sudden turn of events... Daddy showed up!
Now, I have no complaints at all; Daddy treats me like a prince! Ooooeeeh! And I love going to all those beautiful places like Runyon and Malibu. Also, his friends love me and I play host to them at our parties.

That's such a fantastic turn-around story of your life, Pharaoh...not so many dogs get a second chance like that.

Pharaoh! Where are you? We're going for a spin; need to get some pet food at the store and some groceries.

Bye! Lam-My...see what I mean, never a dull moment with Daddy! Talk to you another time!

Lam-My said...

Bingo! 10:19 ...10 10 !

Anonymous said...

This is delightful. <3 Thanks, CreativeSharka.