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New Adam Lambert Fan Art From @CreativeSharka: Chibi Adam Lambert with Pharaoh

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Friday, April 7, 2017

Posted at : Friday, April 07, 2017

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Dee R Gee said...

"The Amazing Adventures of Adam and Pharaoh." Sounds like a TV series to me!

Lam-My said...

Oooh-la-la! Chibi Adam and Chibi Pharaoh are superduper cute! Aha, Pharaoh's doughnut tail is conspicuously depicted; Chibi Adam, finding it a bit of an uphill, Pharaoh on the other hand finds it a breeze, can go another mile or two. Perhaps 4 legs are better than 2 after all. lol!

Helloo Pharaoh! You look top form and your ears and eyes are beaming with excitement! So you have conquered Runyon mountain; haven't you...

Good morning Lam-My! Runyon mountain has now come under my domain; I have detected all its mysterious nooks and corners. Oh, I haven't met Moses yet, the one you talked about nor have I seen any burning bush.

You are really cute...Moses is in heaven and the burning bush was where he received The Ten Commandments. Ask your Daddy about it, he starred in that musical, The Ten Commandments, as brave Joshua.

So Pharaoh, did you see anything unusual?

Lam-My, as a matter of fact, yes. A shadow seems to be following me; like a ghost! I tried to flick it off but it just won't leave me alone. The shadow is also following my Daddy, a bit scary, darker and bigger.

It's okay Pharaoh, the shadows beneath you and your Daddy are caused by the sun shining overhead.

Oh, one more thing, I heard some strange sounds and a light flashing from behind a tree.

Is that so? Now, that reminds me of the Alien that teleported Grandma June into a space kitchen because those Aliens from another galaxy wanted Grandma June to make her aphrodisiac soup for them.

Wah...Runyon mountain is so exciting; got Ghosts and Aliens! Ooooeeeeh!
Daddy! Lam-my told me to ask you about Moses and the burning bush.

Chibi Adam:
Oh, that was many moons the way, Moses was almost killed by a Pharaoh when he was a baby but was saved by Pharaoh's daughter who hid him in a basket and set it afloat on the River Nile.

Daddy, tell me more, why did Pharaoh want to kill innocent babies?

That's a really perceptive question Pharaoh! But it's a helluva long story. Come on, lets run some more.

No problem Daddy; I still have a ton of energy to be disposed of; you seem to be panting a bit...

And so Chibi Adam and Pharaoh ran and ran till their shadows disappeared...

Anonymous said...

This is adorable! CreativeSharka is very talented. :-)))

Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...

It was Moses' mother who hid her son in a basket floating on the banks of the River escape persecution from Pharaoh. Later Pharaoh's daughter found Moses in the basket and adopted him as her son, into the Egyptian kingdom.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I went to @creativesharka's Twitter page & the counterpart to this chibi is really darlin' ... hope she posts it here!! I LOVE @creativesharka's chibis ... I look for them every time I see fan art posted here!! Great work, hon ... keep'em comin'!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Rosemary White said...

I love the Adam chibis, and this one with Pharaoh is very special.