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Adam Lambert would step up to judge 'American Idol' "in a heartbeat".
The 35-year-old singer - who was the runner up during the show's eighth season in 2009 - is thrilled that the popular talent competition is making a comeback on ABC after being cancelled by Fox last year, and has said if a spot on the judging panel became available, he'd love to take it up.
He said: "I would judge in a heartbeat. If it fit with my schedule."
And the musician - who has been collaborating with rock band Queen to form Queen + Adam Lambert since 2011 - has said he's "excited" to see what happens with the show now that it has moved networks.
He added to E! News: "I am excited to see the show. I obviously owe the show a huge debt of gratitude. It's put me where I am today. I think it's exciting."
Last week, Katy Perry was announced as the first person to be taking up a spot on the judging panel, and as of the time of writing no other announcements have been made.
The 'Bon Appetite' hitmaker said she was "honoured and thrilled" to be offered the job.


Adam Lambert would love to judge American Idol 

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Nanbert said...

Whoa....just read.... way down below that article ... Katy Perry is being paid $25 M for being a judge on American Idol! Whew!

Hey, I'd do it for half that! hehe.

Lam-My said...

Toggle SG is a Singapore MediaCorp tv, entertainemnt, celebrity, news, interactive tv channel; Adam is a rather frequent guest at MediaCorp; they know him and he knows them. They have interviewed, photographed and videoed him numerous times whenever he comes for a gig.
So Toggle MediaCorp...are you getting him back to your brand new sprawling Media campus; he'll wave his magic wand, ta-da and the whole world knows. Frankly, not just the world, I too would be clearer exactly what you do. Give him a ring, he'll come running; that's his business, you know, and he's one helluva hardworking fellow like our typical Singaporeans. lol!
MediaCorp did a really good job televising Asia's Got Talent, with chief judge David Foster. Get Adam to be a chief judge; he not only judges, he can demonstrate on the spot in front of the camera without intimidating the contestants, because he knows how nerve-racking it can be for the aspiring singers. I must say Asia's Got Talent, very very high standard.

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