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Q+AL CONCERT REVIEW: Newark, NJ, 7/26/17 (

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Thursday, July 27, 2017

Posted at : Thursday, July 27, 2017

Credit: Bernadette Marciniak | NJ Advance Media for
"...fabulously gifted vocalist..."
"... an uber-flamboyant pop-rock sensation, belting with aplomb -- explain again how he didn't win his "Idol" season?"
"...the delicately altered states of "Another One Bites The Dust," "Don't Stop Me Now" and a particularly chilling vocal performance on "Who Wants to Live Forever" all saw Lambert emerge from Mercury's encompassing shadow..."
"...such a concert could have easily devolved into a "Rock of Ages" jukebox dummy, but hand-over-heart, this felt like a true rock show..."
"..."Under Pressure," where Lambert was spot-on in Mercury's part, locking eyes with Taylor, who wailed David Bowie's lines.  ...  Two legendary talents gone, two incredible performances keeping their spirits alive -- full disclosure: in this moment, I nearly burst into tears."


Dee R Gee said...

First of all, welcome back broddybounce!! Wish you were around more often. Thanks for posting the review. It was a very good one. Of course, as usual, this reviewers felt the need to "hold back" just a little on Adam's obvious enormous attributes. But he did give Adam major props for his voice and overall performance. This tour is amazing and Adam is gaining new fans every day.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I went to the site of the article & left a comment. There was one naysayer that needed to be enlightened about the NEW QAL & so I felt the need to educate him a little. The article for the most part was very positive with a few innuendos peppered through but I liked that the gave ADAM kudos for stepping in as front man & doing such a great job!! I think we should all give our boys some support .. they really are Brilliant!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Anonymous said...

Excellent review!

broddybounce said...

Thank you, Dee! :) Life has gobbled up a lot of my time, so not able to be here as much as I'd like, but will definitely try to do more. It was certainly fun and like old times putting these recent posts up.

Yes, loving how this tour is going, and how Adam is being perceived by the audiences and the media.