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Adam Lambert snapchat with Pharaoh 2017-08-13

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Sunday, August 13, 2017

Posted at : Sunday, August 13, 2017

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Lam-My said...

Ah, home sweet home...Peekaboo !
Come on your whole self
I want to see you in your full vivacity
Helloo Lam-My! I know you follow wherever I go
I'm back with my Daddy-O
His games are a little different from Grandpa Eber's
Daddy likes mystery as you can see
Sometimes you see, sometimes you don't
Grandpa Eber sets me free at the boys' camp
Well, Daddy too sets me free to roam wherever I please
The hills, the bushes, behind those alien trees Ooooeeeh!

Anonymous said...

Peek-a-boo Pharaoh!! :-D

Lam-My said...

Story time...

Pharaoh where are you? ... Peek-a-boo! behind the table.

Smile...Click...Daddy Adam takes a snap-shot. Pharaoh twitches his ear at the clicking sound and blinks.

Let's see...what shall we do today. How about we trudge up those hills and you can stamp your paw prints on the sand.

Oki dok Daddy. I always love going exploring with you.

Pharaoh was hell-bent on meeting Moses after I told him about the burning bush. Soon, they came to their favourite spot on Runyon hill.

Daddy, I sense something following us.

I don't see anything...where?

Wham Bam ! Pharaoh was snatched away by a dark shadow and a light beamed from behind a tree.

Pharaoh ! Where are you?

Grrrrrrrr...a snarling sound came from behind the tree. Daddy Adam was not afraid...he wouldn't let anyone or anything snatch Pharaoh, his love and companion, away from him.
Grabbing a long pole, he went straight behind the tree where the light beamed.
Noooo... a lone female wolf was snarling and guarding Pharaoh as if it was her child.

Daddy Daddy! Save me!

It's okay Pharaoh, stay calm! Don't move.

Daddy Adam knows the psyche of wild animals, being a hunter in the woods a long time ago. He then rummaged his satchel...Yes! Dried beef which was actually meant for Pharaoh. In slow motion, Daddy Adam stretched out his arm with the dried beef skewed to the pole he was holding. The hungry wolf moved towards the beef bait and soon forgot all about Pharoah. She was soon engrossed tugging in the beef giving some snide glances as she did so. Quick as lightning, Pharaoh darted away, ran for his's do or die...back into Daddy's safe embrace. They left quietly leaving mother-wolf to savour the beef.