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Brian May IG: A roar-off moment with @adamlambert. Ah ! It already seems so long ago ! Thanks @triniqueenie3d - Bri

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Posted at : Saturday, August 12, 2017

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Dee R Gee said...

Roar-off is right! What a great picture! The memorable moments from that tour are so numerous. Love the pink bicycle, Get Down Make Love, the STL re-do, which I didn't like at first. The new staging, Adam's larger role in BR. And of course, TwoFux which I have loved every time. Hope they keep it in the set list. Adam and Brian have such a natural connection onstage. Can't wait for the UK/Europe leg to start. Wonder if they'll change thinks up?

Allysa Mentor said...

Loved their new show, all the special effects in the arena were amazing, couldn't really appreciate them on the streams. So thrilled I got to see the show again. Also loved that Adam got to sing more of BR.......

Nanbert said...

Loved how comfortable they all were with each other...their warmth and friendship contributed to the "ambiance" of QAL... their professionalism and trust in each other was inspiring... their talents undeniable... EVERYTHING was "on beyond" top-of-the-line!

But, perhaps best of all, the joy...

Adam has so perfected his "role"...he's so firmly entwined with Queen... that it's almost impossible to imagine that there was ever anything/anyone different, IMO. I sense that is now mostly true for the rest of QAL....after all, a quarter of a century has passed since Queen 1! Their tours are even better/more popular/more successful than ever.

Keep roaring QAL!

Nanbert said...

After looking at the "roar" photo above again.... I just realized that it was taken during the FIRST NA QAL tour...Note the riveted black leather suit Adam was wearing then!

Of course, everything we just said still applies... just not to THAT photo! Haha!

Anonymous said...

Nanbert, I think you'll find Queen with Freddie is as popular as ever, despite his death 25 years ago. For Queen with Freddie fans, no one will ever replace Freddie, just as no one will ever replace Adam for Glamberts.

Nanbert said...

fluttsp...I'm sure he is. And if the situation were reversed, I would undoubtedly also be finding it difficult to accept a replacement for Adam...but I hope I would be fair. I completely understand where they are coming from.

What I DO find fault with are those die-hard Freddie fans who say very nasty, hurtful and derogatory things about Adam....and about Brian and Roger for wanting to entertain and play their music....THEIR MUSIC!

Many have learned to enjoy QAL, even though they miss Freddie, because they love the music and love and admire Brian and Roger. They still may prefer Freddie, but they are fair enough to recognize Adam's talent and be happy for Brian and Roger that he can enable them to perform Queen's music again.

And, in all fairness, QAL has gone out of its way to accord Freddie the honor he deserves during their concerts.

The balance is changing, however, because the older die-hard Freddie fans who actually saw Freddie live are dying off.... and most younger fans have only seen Queen with Adam...and now HE'S who they want. Surprisingly, I've even read comments from a few past Freddie fans who now say they prefer Adam!

In an interview Brian mentioned that their current concerts rival, and often exceed, the ones in their heyday. I actually believe their recent 2017 tour even exceeded the response and popularity of the previous one here in the U.S. and Canada. I believe that will hold even more true for the rest of their tour overseas.

Anonymous said...

Well, hopefully this Queen fan isn't dying off any time soon, nor are many of Queen's original fans & believe it or not, there are younger fans embracing Queen with Freddie, in part because their parents, grandparents & other relatives are fans i.e. passing down through the generations.

As I've said before Nanbert, it's not a competition - who is the better singer/frontman - although it seems to be for you. There's ample room in this world for more than one great singer & there's certainly a good number of great singers in the world.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

@fluttsp .. There are a lot of fans like me who never followed Queen when Freddie was with them so we have no real knowledge about Freddie! My only recollection of Queen in those days were from the one song that you heard everywhere no matter what station you were listening to or even jukebox for that matter .. Bohemian Rhapsody ... both my husband & I were both rock & country fans so we didn't follow anyone in particular .. just enjoyed the music .. no matter what the genre!!

It wasn't until ADAM appeared on American Idol that I was introduced to the real Rock bands of that era & I found that Yes!! they were good & I became interested in them but ONLY because ADAM made them sound so good to me!! I had no one to compare these great songs to since I felt no allegiance to anyone from that era!! So with no disrespect intended toward any other artists .. ADAM is my go-to guy for all my new music & I only listen to ADAM singing all these great songs from all these great artists & doing a heck of a Great Job!! ADAM has broadened my musical taste with his rendition of the "oldies" plus his new music & covers of same!!

Like I said .. ADAM is my "go-to" guy for music!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tess.

Nanbert, there's one of your comments that I didn't respond to in reply i.e.

"What I DO find fault with are those die-hard Freddie fans who say very nasty, hurtful and derogatory things about Adam". I too am horrified ... at the absolutely disgusting remarks made about Freddie.

Two wrongs don't make a right.

Nanbert said...

fluttsp... You are quite right... it is not a competition. But I never made it least not until Freddie fans made it so, at the expense of Adam, Brian and Roger.

But perhaps I am too strident in my support of Adam. However, in so being, I NEVER have denigrated Freddie. But it seems many of his fans are determined to undermine Adam at every turn I do have a tendency to go into PROTECT MODE!

Actually, I think Freddie was great and extraordinarily talented....but I much prefer Adam's voice, Adam's showmanship, Adam's appearance and Adam's delightful personality. Purely my personal choice....and it takes nothing away from Freddie.

And Brian and Roger do not deserve to be castigated for not jumping into Freddie's grave with him!

Dee R Gee said...

I agree, Nanbert. Nobody should expect Brian and Roger to just sit around and grow old when they still have so much to give and so much talent to share. Freddie doesn't need them. The WORLD needs them.

Nanbert said...

Also... it is grossly unfair for Adam to be compared unfavorably with someone who died 26 years ago. It's ADAM'S TIME now! And it's STILL Brian's and Roger's time.

It's like watching Pavarotti in "Aida" and saying ..."terrible!, he's NOT Caruso".... or some wonderfully talented new tenor, and saying..."terrible!, he's NOT Pavarotti".

Great music deserves to be performed and kept alive.... hopefully by the finest talent currently available to do it justice. Living only in the past is unproductive and divisive. Both Freddie and Adam have been superb Queen frontman....but Adam is alive..NOW!

I say....let those recalcitrant die-hard Freddie fans retire into and enjoy their Queen albums and videos and stop their mean-spirited "trolling" of Adam, Brian and Roger.

Dee R Gee said...

I love your Caruso/Pavarotti comparison. It's a perfect example of how silly it is to suggest that Queen should not perform in any way simply because Freddie has died. The music transcends everything, and when you find the perfect vocalist, there's no good reason to waste him.

Anonymous said...

Nanbert, the same applies to the Glamberts who viciously attack Freddie whenever & wherever they feel like it. For me, it's never been acceptable to speak ill of the deceased and, by the way, Pavarotti is no less popular since he died & as much as it dismays you, nor obviously, is Freddie.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Add to them .. ELVIS .. Michael Jackson .. Roy Orbison .. Maria Callas .. Hank Williams .. Patsy Cline ... so very many GREATS are gone but definitely not forgotten & never will be as long as the music lives on .. but how can the music sustain if it is put on a shelf somewhere & only remembered by those who lived at that time? That's why these new young artists should be encouraged to go back & find this great music & reawaken it in the hearts & minds plus introduce it to those such as myself who had never heard it before by the original artist but some new talent ... it may not be the same as the original but who's to say it wont be as good?? I say let this greatness survive & continue as long as there is someone who wants to keep the Music Alive!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

fluttsp...I feel that you are, for some reason I don't understand, putting me into the catagory of ..."Glamberts who viciously attack Freddie whenever and wherever they feel like it"...and "speak ill of the deceased". That is grossly wrong!!!!

And to say that Pavarotti and Freddie are no less popular since they died..."as much as it dismays you" is really uncalled for. IMO.

If I "stepped on your toes" because I said I preferred Adam to Freddie, so be it. But don't try to turn it into a "vicious attack" on Freddie and "speaking ill of the dead" (Freddie)! That has NEVER happened....and you know it.

It's obvious you prefer Freddie over Adam...and that's your perogative. But you have to afford me the same perogative...I prefer Adam. Nothing "vicious"...not "speaking ill of the dead"....just MY personal choice.

Where better to speak of my feelings than an Adam Lambert fansite?

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee and Lambert Outlaw...thank you for understanding my Caruso/Pavarotti analogy. You both realize that people may die, but their art lives on. Great music should be cherished and kept alive for the generations.

Nanbert said...
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Anonymous said...

Nanbert, I call it as I see it & your "Adam v Freddie" negative comments on this site are, from my point of view, unkind & uncalled for. So what that Freddie's been dead for many years - it hasn't lessened his popularity - just as many years have passed since Caruso & Pavarotti died & their popularity hasn't decreased.

I'm sure you wouldn't like if people made unkind & uncalled remarks about Adam on this website.

I didn't accuse you of being in the category of "Glamberts who viciously attack Freddie whenever and wherever they feel like it". Fortunately, I don't know who the Glamberts are who write such comments.

I love QAL but, as I've said previously, I prefer Adam singing his own songs & Freddie singing Queen's songs, many of which he wrote, & that's my prerogative.

Nanbert said...

As I said...your perogative....and mine.

Also, I don't recall reading "vicious" attacks on Freddie by Glamberts, but I'll take your word that they happen. However, FYI, I NEVER comment anywhere about anything...except on this website.... so it's NOT ME!

And.... "unkind and uncalled for" is a long way from a "vicious attack" and "speaking ill of the deceased" in your previous stance...above.

THAT was unkind and uncalled for!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to Adam's new music which, he's said, will be coming out "soon". :-D

MiReLa said...

Nanbert totally agree with you. I was a Freddie fan but now I like Adam more.

Nanbert said...

Fluttsp....O.K....peace! I believe we understand each other now.

I hope Adam's new music is the best yet! Can't wait.

Nanbert said...

Mihai...thanks for your comment. I know some Freddie fans have made that switch. I think voices just resonate differently...from person to person... in people's heads....hence, we vary in preferences.

However, fluttsp is quite right about it NOT being a competition. And certainly, without Freddie, there might possibly not even be a "Queen" around today for Adam to sing with....

But, oh my, Adam carries that "baton" brilliantly! "Thanks to Adam...without whom....", as Brian said.