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Adam Lambert Tweeted: What George Michael Taught Me

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Posted at : Tuesday, December 26, 2017

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Allysa Mentor said...

Good article. Too bad he had to stay in the closet so long.

Lam-My said...

From my standpoint, I don't see the big hoo-hah about so-called coming out or so-called closeted. If a gay person prefers not to reveal his/her true gender identity due to peer pressure or worse, should remain as the gay person's prerogative/privacy; rather than insinuated as dishonesty or trying to hide/cheat. So-called straight people don't go round proclaiming they're straight so why should gay people be subjected to this clause?
But like Adam, some gays/lesbians do not want to bear the burden of having to be second-guessed on their gender, willingly want it to be known, that's okay because it's their own free will.
My preferential treatment of people has always been by their character, thoughts accompanied by actions, fair-play without double-standards or top-down force to comply; not by gender nor appearance.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Lam-my.

Lam-My said...

Thanks Fluttsp!

Allysa Mentor said...

Please don’t misinterpret my comment. Of course, I don’t feel anyone should feel pressured to come out or not come out. I would always support anyone’s choice. I was just saying that for George, he apparently had a bit of a struggle, and I am sympathetic towards that. Nowadays it’s not a big deal, and I applaud that, we should all feel free to be who we are.✌️✌️🌈

Nanbert said...

It's important to remember attitudes about homosexuality were very different during George Michael's youth than they are today....which made "coming out" much more daunting. It's possible that he would never have become such a big star if he had publicly come out at the beginning of his career.

And even though Adam has been out from his earliest career, there can be no doubt that his perceived homosexuality played a large part in his not winning American Idol.

Finally, Adam's family was open-minded and nuturing, but from what I've read (and what I know from personal acquaintances) many people remain in the closet because of their family's attitude toward homosexuality..... or their career/employment could be lost or damaged. For many, it's still a "big deal".

Even today, I doubt Rock Hudson could have such a huge career as a romantic lead if it were known that he was homosexual.

So, there are still hurdles... just not as high or as many. There's still a long way to go, and many people remain who will NEVER be open-minded and accepting.

Allysa Mentor said...

Nicely said, Nanbert. You make a lot of good points.

Nanbert said...

Thanks Allysa....I find that being a fan of Adam since American Idol has forced me to focus on aspects of our society that I simply never addressed before...homosexuality being in the forefront. While I can honestly say that I always believed homosexuality was just part of a person, like hair or eye color, athletic ability, helght, etc....and consequently had no bias against it....I nevertheless was somewhat uncomfortable with it at the same time...mainly because then I did not personally know any gays or lesbians.

Once I found myself in "Adam's world", I began thinking more seriously about the subject, and came to realize the problems and pitfalls they face simply because of their sexuality....and the widely varied attitudes of society in relation to it.

For example, I recently had the real-life opportunity to discuss the subject with the lesbian partner of a friend's daughter, who had "come out"a while ago. That poor partner would like nothing better than to be able to "come out" also, but is unable to because her family is so stridently anti-homosexual, especially from a religious standpoint, that she knew she would be disowned by them if they discovered she was lesbian.

That relegates their lifestyle to sneaking around and hiding their relationship....when all they want to do was to move in together and live a happy, open, and normal lifestyle, and perhaps marry some day. My friend's daughter's sexuality is completely accepted by her family....but she still finds her life terribly constrained by concern for the family of her partner. So sad!

Problems like that are probably all too common...and the strain on relationships can become unbearable.

Lam-My said...

As usual three steps the same duo! Again, and it didn't surprise me that the whole point I made is completely side-stepped by them.

I am not saying at all, how or when or not, gay people should come out, nor about being "pressured" nor about the time period when homosexuality was much less accepted. We all know that; no necessity to expound the rigmarole.

My contention is why in the first place, there is such a thing called 'coming out'? as expressed in my opening remarks: "I don't see the big hoo-hah about so-called coming out or so-called closeted."...almost like a kind of baptism or revelation. Coming out of what? Their God-given life? The very existence they were born into?

The first comment:"Too bad he had to stay in the closet so long." affirms this intrusion of privacy/right of a gay/lesbian person. Leading me to question this strange terminology/procedure called "coming out" or else risk being termed "closeted". Do they need to throw a coming-out party to round it off with a bang? lwl!
So the excessive expounding / explanation by the above duo is irrelevant, unnecessary as they have missed my whole point of argument completely. Moreover, what they try so hard to illuminate...everyone already knows; redundant.

Allysa Mentor said...

Nanbert, I have a nephew my daughter’s age, and honestly when he was quite young, we all knew he was gay. It was so apparent to everyone, it just took him awhile to realize it. Our entire family is very excepting of he and his partner. Additionally I work in the middle of DC and have a ton of gay patients, so to it’s something i’ve always been around. However, this area is unique, once you get away from the city, especially in Virginia, it’s a different story. Adam and others are an inspiration to many troubled kids, so i’m happy that those that feel lost are starting to have some support system. There are still places in the US they are extremely homophobic and it makes me sick.

Nanbert said...

Exactly, Allysa....that's a very good point you've brought up. The fact is that where you live is important in whether you'll be accepted when you "come out"...or whether you'll be reviled. And it often relates to the relative level of education and/or religion of that area....and how much of a "melting pot" an area is, i.e. a more diverse city.

Like your nephew, Adam evidently also gave all indications of being gay from a very early age. And, like your family, his family was open and accepting, which gave him the support and security to finally declare himself and live openly as a gay man. But notice, he entered a world very heavily occupied by gays...entertainment, art, music, theatre, movies....and even now, spends most of his free and private time in its folds...with mostly gay friends.

But Adam's public openness and pointed references to being gay is a step in the right direction to helping "troubled gay kids" find their way, and learn to understand themselves better. At least they have an example of a comfortably gay man to relate to...and more information available now, too, via the internet.

Now, an may or may not have noticed Lam-my (above) insulting us (read her comment above... beginning with "As usual three steps the same duo") because we evidentally did not adequately address her confusion about the use of "coming out" and reference to "a closet". Evidently, she does not realize that "coming out of the closet, or simply coming out, is a metaphor for LGBT people's self-disclosure of their sexual orientation or of their gender identity"..(Wikipedia). If she cares to read more, she can google "coming out"or "coming out of the closet" It is not a phrase coined by any of us...but has existed as long as I can least here in the States.... Evidentally it has never turned up in Singapore English... and it certainly doesn't refer to a party or celebration.

Nor did we two do or say anything to deserve her slams about us...i.e. "So the excessive expounding/explanation by the above duo is irrelevant. uneccessary...." "Moreover, what they try so hard to illuminate....everyone already knows: redundant".

And just imagine, we weren't even talking to her...but to each other! Quite rude of her, don't you agree?

Lam-My said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lam-My said...

I do not need to depend on Singapore English alone for my vocabulary though Singapore English is rather excellent. I have followed Adam closely for 8 long years and to say I don't know the references/meanings of "coming out" and "closet" ? Come to think of it, you may be more than 3 steps behind in your cognition! Ooooh-la-la!

With regard started it all ! some time ago and from there it snowballed. For instance you rudely stipulated I can't talk about President Trump because I'm not a citizen of your country! What the hell, does one need to be a citizen to comment on that country on internet. In any case I was talking in general about health care, infrastructure, which apply to all countries.
Also, when I used Chinese in some of my comments, you rudely implied this was not the right place for language lessons when in actuality I enjoy languages and not trying to teach anything. I use to treat you very nicely like explain things that you said were confusing to you but one fine day, you turned around to say I made things up! when you yourself had no clue on the topic and couldn't understand what was being explained. You are rudeness personified!
I'm not a rude person; curt, yes, and only when I need to put people like you in proper perspective.

Lam-My said...

Typo: ...used to (above).

Lam-My said...

Also: meant to say... 'a country' not 'that country', general not specific referencing.

Unknown said...

Still inspired by the spirit of Christmas, ladies?

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Just reading .. not commenting ... and what I'm reading here saddens me!! There should be no name calling or rudeness on anyone's part on this subject!! It's sad enough that the LGBT community has had to fight tooth & nail to have made the progress that they have!! We shouldn't be arguing ... we should be coming together to support them ... especially now that this administration is hell-bent on destroying everything that it took years for America to accomplish!! Trump & his cronies are trying to do away with all the good that has been done for not only the LGBT community but the seniors ... those who can't afford health insurance & GOD knows what else they've got their eye on!! Pence said he wanted to do away with ALL the gays in this country ... why are we surprised that they have such a difficult time acknowledging their sexuality!! If it were I ... I'd "closet" myself too ... rather than have to suffer the indignities that they have endured from this society for far too long!! JMO

Sorry ... didn't mean to vent .. please forgive me everyone!! Light & Love to All

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Marielle Linthorst and Lambert are both quite right. That's what I thought, too!

Rosemary White said...

I agree with Lam-my's first post.

Lam-My said...

Thank you Rosemary.

Nanbert said...

Quite right, Rosemary.... The last sentence in Lam-my's first post is laudable. OF COURSE one should be accepted because of their character and actions....not judged by their sexuality.

However, on re-reading it, I see she finds fault with the expression "coming out/coming out of the closet"... saying "why should gay people be SUBJECTED to this clause?" Then it becomes clear that she believes that is a clause IMPOSED upon the gays by straight people.
An honest mistake.... I suspect most of us considered that a common societal(straight) phrase... I certainly did.

In fact, as it turns out, that is actually the phrase adopted by the gays for themselves! A bit of research surprised me by noting that as far back as the 1960's the "Gay Liberation Front" in the U.S. used the slogan "OUT OF THE CLOSET" (to reveal one's homosexuality after having kept it hidden)!

So, the use of "coming out" or "coming out of the closet" is in no way derogatory or a "put-down" to the LBGT community... IT IS THEIR PHRASE OF CHOICE!

I learn something new every day. Perhaps if I had been able to convey this earlier, I would not have been attacked for not addressing it. Actually, I did not feel a response to Lam-my's remarks was even expected of anyone. Therefore, imagine my surprise when Allysa and I were put-down by her for "side-stepping" her "point", as she put it.

One last point... since Lam-my feels the need to elaborate on all my "supposed transgressions" (above) back to our very first unpleasant contact, approaching 2 years ago....I feel the need to request of all open and fair minded people that they take what she says "with a grain of salt" and be aware that it has been "adjusted" to suit her point of view. Those of you who have been witness to those instances know the actual situations... others I request to consider the possibility of "re-adjusted" news.!

Some people seem to feel it necessary to hold dear EVERY slight, real or imagined, for their entire revisit them often... and to periodically re-adjust them to put themselves in the best light. Then they delight in parading them out at every opportunity.
Living in the past...especially a "readjusted" one... robs us of the future!

So-o-o.....Pax Lam-my! No more past! Jan. 1, 2018 will be the FIRST day of the rest of our lives! Try'll like it! It's liberating!


P.S. Lam-my, next time you expect a response to a comment, just request it! I promise an adult, civil and thoughtful response....

Lam-My said...

Please stop imposing your version of my thoughts ! I do not purposely dwell in the past as I do not believe in bearing grudges, waste of brain energy! Might as well use the energy to write some unusual stories or poetry or dog dialogue.

I brought those examples of your rudeness up because you started pointing your finger at me in the first place ! for being rude; which I don't think it is as you did misread the crux of my comment and went on to expound your rigmarole from a totally different angle. Very irritating to say the least. So it was solely for the purpose of substantiation/reminder of your own rudeness personified; and not that I spent my life dwelling on the past. See, always assume you know another person's thoughts; yet always fall short, 3 steps behind!

Regarding the use of the terms "coming out" and "closet" say the gay community themselves accepted their use a long time ago; they might have been under coercion; we do not know the actual circumstances, but we do know they have always been bullied till today! And that drove me to question the terms, "coming out", "closet" which I feel is an encroachment of their privacy and human right. By the very act that they are taunted or second-guessed, some would rather "come out" just to free themselves of being hounded on their gender or even made to think they are dishonest / hiding something.

I have the right to question these usages "coming out", "closet" which do not go down well with me regardless who started it first and how long ago.
I've followed Adam for 8 years and you have the audacity or sheer close-minded mentality to say I don't know their meanings?
Sometimes they even use phrases like..."outed" singer Adam Lambert or "closeted" so and so finally admitted he is gay; stigmatising! By the way, I like gay people, I call them ying yang, no stigma ! as it should be.

(阴阳 ying yarng .. 阴 ying / female .. 阳 yarng / male) Many other interpretations.

阴阳 ying yarng .. totally opposite yet interdependent

Unknown said...

I apologize for not being as tactful as Lambert Outlaw but I don't want to hear another word about this apparently two year old feud (really?) preferably for always but at least till after new year. From anyone.

Lam-My said...

I have never thought of making a point of interest or rebutting an argument as a "feud". Goodness gracious! I just state what I have on my mind regarding any topic. Learn to argue properly and also keep to the line of argument. Branching off and argue from a different angle is irritating. The idea of "feud" never crossed my mind at all!

Nanbert said...

Oiy! Whatever! A waste of my never LISTEN/HEAR...only attack and insult.. No wonder you love Trump so much!

Zai Jian, Lam-my!

Lam-My said...

Aha! At least a wee bit of humour and use of Mandarin, got inspired by Dr Brain's Mandarin. lol!
Mmm, "I love Trump so much"...sounds quite open-minded for you to notice that. Well, I don't know if I actually love Trump, perhaps, like, would be closer. By the way, recently, he used the word "tainted" to describe the FBI. Whoa! That really woke me up!
I don't think he read my Dracula story though, his Writer maybe; where I described his "tainted fangs" er Dracula's I mean. lol!

Here it is:

'Crreeek! a lid opened.
Hellooo my favourite beautiful vampire! You are finally awake; you like sleeping in my coffin? That's a prestige you know, to be able to share my coffin. Well, like you always sing: Find me somebody tooooo loove...

What do you want from me?

Well, I have an experiment I want to test on you, to demonstrate my hypnotic power. Dracula looked down at Glampire salaciously with his blood-shot eyes and exposed * tainted fangs. He then showed Glampire a hologram of a young handsome man.

(Lam-My October 29, 2017 at 11:31 PM)

再见 ! jai jian

Lam-My said...

Typo: Dr Brian. lwl!

Nanbert said...

Marielle... and anybody else suffering through SINCERE apologies!!!

I try to keep quiet and avoid conflict, but sometimes the insults,cutting remarks, and put-downs (like above) get my back up, and force me to my defense... obviously her goal ... as she LOVES conflict...cut, slash, demean, denigrate, put down! Most uncivil and ill-mannered!

I guess she was bored when she decided to jump into the conversation between Allysa and me with insults to both of us...characterising our conversation as..."three steps behind" "excessive expounding", "irrelevant", "unneccessary" and "redundant"....quite out of the blue! How would you react if she said that to you?

In any case, I will endeavor to "bite my lip"...or in this case, my keyboard. But since nobody comes to my defense except me, I cannot promise to avoid all conflict. Would YOU "turn the other cheek" when addressed as above?

That's it...I'm done...I've said my piece...and my honor is still intact.

Again...Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Glamberts. I hate this even more than you.

Lam-My said...

I meant what I said in good faith not trying to "cut down" anyone, not being cynical! I responded to your earlier comments because you used the words "coming out" that I started; I just continued from there and wasn't responding to you personally. I didn't mention your name even once; on the other hand, you addressed me by name 5 times.