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Lets Shout About It: We Will, We Will, Rock You: Queen + Adam Lambert in Nottingham

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Thursday, December 7, 2017

Posted at : Thursday, December 07, 2017

Nottingham has been very busy already this month, with Prince Harry paying a visit to celebrate his recent engagement to Meghan Markle followed by a visit from Queen on 5th December 2017… But this Queen packs quite a different punch, featuring pink fluffy bikes and guitar solos. This Queen comes with the addition of Adam Lambert.
Brian May and Roger Taylor visited Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham along with fresh faced American Adam Lambert, and the show wasn’t anything short of mind blowing! The venue fast filled up with both young and old fans wanting to experience the Queen + Adam Lambert experience. 


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Nanbert said...

Nice Review...compliments Adam for being extraordinary without copying Freddie in any way....does not invite comparison.....Total concert considered outstanding.

Dee R Gee said...

The reviews for this tour are consistently positive! Very little Adam/Freddie comparison or criticisms. Just a total celebration of how great QAL is and how lucky they are to have Adam front the show. Regardless of what happens after QAL, this whole era with them will be a real shining star in Adam's career.

Nanbert said...

Agree completely, Dee R Gee.... Adam has been winning nay-sayers over little by little by sheer force of his brilliant talent and personality. I'm sure Brian and Roger are pleased to see their decision vindicated by their fans. Of course, THEY never had any doubt! And certainly now NOBODY can stand up against what is now a groundswell of QAL support!

I'm desperately hoping that once the balance is tipped from Freddie-diehards to Adam supporters... that Brian and Roger will realize the importance of continuing THEIR legacy by making DVDs of their concerts for all the QAL fans to enjoy and collect.

Some say QAL should make new music....I'm not so sure... for two reasons. 1. If a new album flops, that would do more harm than good. 2. New songs, however good, do not always take off right away. The current Queen songs have the advantage of being known and loved for years by their audience....already a headstart!

Dee R Gee said...

I have my qualms about new QAL music, too. Queen should ultimately go out with a BANG! On top of the world, respect-wise. Performing Queen's own music right up to the end might be the best idea. As you say, even if new music they write with Adam is very good, it might not be accepted by their fans. It could backfire and turn into a negative. Nobody wants them to be remembered for doing something unpopular in their last years. Maybe a new song or two would work, but I'm not so sure about a whole album.

Anonymous said...

Good review. However, the disco ball drops when Adam sings "Who Wants To Live Forever", not when he sings "I Want To Break Free", unless that has been changed.

Lam-My said...

Wah! Outlaw electrifies Nottingham. You see Robin Hood? Ya, the one in flaming red...shooting arrows at bull's-eye...pheeeeeew...! Someone still loves yooouu...hand in hand with his band of Queen outlaws maybe in-laws lwl!

Queen & Adam Lambert Radio Ga Ga Nottingham 5 Dec 2017 VIP seats and standing (2 camera angles)

Jo Adams
Published Dec 7, 2017