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Sauli's Instagram Story The NY Party at Adam Lambert's House is Ready!

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Monday, January 1, 2018

Posted at : Monday, January 01, 2018

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Lam-My said...

Happy New Year! Sauli! and all the party people at Adam's NYE to ring in 2018. So happy to see you in sync with Adam and Pharaoh. You are a man of your word; you said love is forever...
I like your wavy hairstyle like viking from way up Lapland.

Talking about Lapland...Happy New Year! Kindred! Hope everything is fine with you.

Also,recalling Arizona Desert...Happy New Year Margarita Lady and your terrier Chula! You said you hike the desert 6 miles almost daily Waah! Have you stepped into the White House yet?

And Happy New Year! Anne Marie living downhill LA quite close to Adam uphill on Runyon...supplying 24/7 all the latest juicy news on Adam and Sauli. lwl!

On behalf of 24/7 Happy New Year! Admin! We couldn't have done it without your vision of 24/7 Adam Lambert site.

Lam-My said...

Bert and Saul were on their way to distribute boxes of food to those living on pavements by the roads, in makeshift tents, in cardboard boxes.
They were driving along a secluded road and suddenly a dark figure scampered across the road in the path of their car.
Screeeech...! The tyres came to an abrupt halt. Saul got out immediately to see if the person got hurt. The youth dashed off to the opposite side of the road and disappeared into a cluster of slum houses.
Thank goodness, nothing happened but Bert said they should go there to distribute the boxes of food as the slum looked dilapidated and poor. Saul agreed and Bert drove into a narrow dimly-lit mushy lane.

Suddenly, Saul caught sight of the youth again and told Bert perhaps they should check him out. He seemed to be clutching a bundle tightly to his chest. Bert stopped the car and Saul got out.

Hello! Good evening, you need help? Saul called out from a distance.
The young man turned, without responding and walked off deeper into the slum.

Bert thought perhaps they should continue with what they had set out to do; distribute food to the poor and needy.
Saul and Bert handed out a lot of boxes, about two hundred, containing delicious home-cooked meals prepared by Saul and Bert who are very good cooks. The boxes contained different combinations like pasta, meat burgers, vegetables, banana, tomato, even dessert like jelly, fruit and also styrofoam cups of hot coffee as the weather was extremely cold.
As they were moving around the dilapidated slum, Saul spotted the youth again running frantically with the bundle he was clutching. Bert knew there was something not quite right; decided to accost him; especially wanted to know what was in the bundle.

Hey! Stop! We want to help you! Bert yelled at the top of his lungs; as we know he's got a booming voice.

Something fell out of the bundle and the young man swiftly picked it up but this time he didn't run off; perhaps he could feel Bert and Saul genuinely wanted to help him.

What's in the bundle you are holding? Bert politely inquired.

The guy started sobbing and opened up the bundle.

Noooooo!...gasped Bert and Saul. It was a lifeless puppy!

I'm Reggo, my puppy got run over by a car as it was looking for me. I always took him with me but this evening I was in a rush as I was late for work and so left him at home alone.
Bert and Saul looked petrified at the sight of the bleeding puppy.They were at a loss as to what to do, even though they have a lot of experience with dogs.

Then Saul noticed twitches in the unconscious puppy's struggling closed eyes.

Bert, I think it's still alive!

Bert and Saul immediately took Reggo and his bundled-up puppy into their car and raced down the street like an ambulance ferrying a dying patient to hospital.

At the animal clinic, the vet immediately fixed an oxygen mask to the puppy's mouth and administered CPR to revive its faint heartbeat.
Meanwhile, Bert and Saul waited with tense Reggo outside. After half an hour of expert intensive treatment, the puppy survived...fortunately.

Reggo whispered into its little erect ears.
Rego bundled it up again to keep it warm and radiated a little warm smile.

Bert and Saul drove him back to the slum area, his home, and handed him the last two remaining boxes of food; one for Reggo and one for Bobby.

Happy New Year!
Reggo called out and waved thankfully as Bert and Saul drove off.

Happy New Year! Take care! They reciprocated with a broad smile.


Unknown said...

That's a nice heartwarming story to start the New year with.

Lam-My said...

Thanks! Happy New Year Marielle!

Unknown said...

A Dutch 'Gelukkig Nieuwjaar' to you!