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Adam Lambert on IG: @samsmithworld @iamparsonjames

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Nanbert said...

Kinda somber faces...I hope they're having a nice time! Hard to tell.

Shelagh said...

Nice to see him spending time with Sam while Sam’s on tour over there

Sunflower said...

Hanging with his buddies! Enjoy your time off, you have one month, lol

Shelagh said...

Nice to see Sam, however sorry still think Adam looks like some stoned 70’s star so sorry, perhaps it’s supposed to be a sultry look , but not quite pulling it off

Nanbert said...

Haha..Shelagh...Maybe he just lost a couple of buttons while dancing!...whatever!....that "plunging neckline" is the only "sultry" thing about him....whether purposeful or accidental....most female celebrities show a LOT more skin...on purpose... on a daily basis without being likened to porn stars...or accused of "trying" to be sultry.

But I'm glad you dropped the "porn" from your earlier "stoned 70's porn star" description on a previous thread....but what about "stoned"? That's interpreting a lot of "information" from a random snapshot! IMO.

Shelagh said...

Hi Nanbert tbh I forgot to put the 'porn' bit in lol !! but whatever, let's leave it there ! I won't even go into what I think he and his' friends ' look like on his more recent pics on his latest threads from the festival he was at ,apart from the fact that I thought they looked hilarious and taking the 'P' out of themselves ( which I'm sure they were ) but then no doubt I would get more criticism from yourself for saying something which you would read as a negative comment, just think as this is a " blog" seems to me there are people on here who are always over reacting to comments made about Adam like he can do no wrong whatever ! Don't get me wrong, I adore him as an incredibly talented artist, but sometimes, I think he just lets himself down, I've followed him with QAL around Europe, UK and US, and also on his solo tour a good few times, so you couldn't call me an Adam hater quite the opposite, however, I'm rapidly getting fed up being beaten on every time I put an opinion on here, the only person who on here is totally lovely is Lam_My who might not agree with every comment, but doesn't go for the jugular, so I'll leave things there, kind regards anyway

Nanbert said...

Shalagh...I am the last person to say Adam can do no wrong. My criticizm of your remarks was because they were SO extreme and negative in their description...i.e."stoned/porn star"?... that's pretty much "going for the jugular", as you say.

Yours was not just a criticism of his appearance, but an attack on his character/morals....can you understand the difference, and why I was upset?

Imagine yourself being so a complete stranger... from a snapshot! Have a heart!

Shelagh said...

Nambert I apologise to you then, still think the same about Adam at the moment but yes I was probably a bit too personal about him in my comments, however I doubt he sees this blog site, and sometimes I think he brings things on himself putting some pics on, he’s certainly not my favourite celeb right now, it’s his choice what he does of course, but not liking him hanging around with all these kids, not my idea of a role model for his up and coming QAL residence in Vegas, anyway sorry �� again xx

Nanbert said...

Shelagh...Thanks, but no apologies required for me....but just hope Adam didn't happen to drop in and see it...or some new Glambert who might be "turned off".

Keep in mind that Adam is queer, and an activist for the LGBT community. In a sense, he is trusting us to show us his lifestyle, his community, so that we will know more about him/them and be more understanding and open minded. He doesn't need to, but seems to want to include us in his life....which is quite different in many ways than what most of us are used to.

I appreciate that wish of his....have learned a lot... become much more open minded, knowledgeable and understanding....and feel a strong need to defend him and his community....they've had a hard go of it, through no fault of their own.

As far as all the "kids" hanging around him...that happens with all celebrities, straight or queer...all wanting photos with them....all hoping for "more".

Shelagh said...

Totally agree Nanbert , hate the word 'Queer' though, in my day this wasn't a nice word at all, but I appreciate these days it's acceptable , yes, kids hang around all celebrities , however he seems to enjoy more than their 'company', yes he is a voice of LGBT, but in my opinion, why does he have to go totally OTT showing these 'fetish' ways of his? To me it sounds like if you're gay this is the way !! Not all gay kids are into this ? , to me I just feel he's trying to be the guy he was in his 20's , ( For you're Entertainment ) springs to mind, when in reality he's nearer 40, than 20 ! accept your take on it, but hope you accept mine too it's not just 'one ideal' is it ? regards xx

Nanbert said...

Shelagh...I feel the same way about the word "queer" used to be a derogatory word years ago. However, the LGBT community has designated it to be the proper word to use...and since Adam uses it himself, I feel the need to "go with the flow"...gulp! Takes getting used to!

I haven't a clue what you mean by "those fetish ways of his" you are referring to as "totally OTT". You'll have to clarify that for me. It sounds as though you are having trouble accepting that Adam is homosexual. He was born that way!

FYI, Adam is 36. If you are uncomfortable with his lifestyle..or the lifestyle you ASSUME he has.... I suggest you avoid all reading/writing gossip and information about his private life.. only conjecture anyway....and just stick to enjoying his magnificent voice and performances.... as I do.

It's just unfair to judge him on idle gossip, unfounded assumptions and random snapshots.

Sorry, I can't accept your "take" on's just too judgemental and critical...based on nothing but gossip, innunendo and imagination. You don't ACTUALLY know him.......nor do I.

Shelagh said...

Hi Nanbert, ok you don't accept my apology fine by me, your suggestion that I avoid all information,about him ,I find very condescending of you to be honest, like you , I'm airing my views on a blog site that he's publicly sharing on NOT his private life as you suggest ! you call me judgemental, isn't that what you've been doing ? e.g. not liking his beard, etc, and hypocritical by throwing personal comments at me too, so again, I apologise if you're upset with me, but it seems, that anyone that 'doesn't put positive comments on here are bullied to the point of leaving, so you'll be happy that I am and all because of your attitude. Bye the way, I do know Adam is homosexual, I'm not homophobic as you're definitely implying, and have many friends and relatives from the LGBT sector,
He is 36 so in my eyes that IS nearer to 40 than 20 !
I know he's an ambassador for the LGBT but not all LGBT's think they should go around flaunting themselves like this in a S& M manner, some on other sites have felt he was mocking their serious S&M identity, by putting these pics up with the smirk
Anyway that's me finished, I still love Adam the artist not the Pied Pier of young guys sorry

Nanbert said...

O.K.'ve made your point...and made up your mind, it seems. If you are determined to malign complaining about his "S & M manner" with "smirk"... implying he is a "cradle robber" or pedophile... has "OTT Fetish Ways"...looks like a "stoned 70's porn star", etc.

If you think that poorly of Adam, I find it difficult to understand why you are a fan. Framkly, you sound much more like a troll.

Shelagh said...

Hi Nanbert, for a start Pedophile, cradle robber , etc are YOUR words not mine( so perhaps that's what you feel ?)I don't think that poorly of Adam, as I've said before I love him as an incredibly talented artist, but when I don't agree or like pics he puts up on public posts for comments to be made , then I'm not going to be a hypocrite like yourself and probably think it ,but wouldn't say it, even though this is a blog ( which I'm sure Adam doesn't look at) you need to look at yourself to see what a condescending person you are, and to call me a troll, you're disgusting, I would have thought your latest comments directed towards me might been disallowed to be posted , buy hey ho, I'm guessing you're in the little bubble of bloggers who can do no wrong,I take back the two apologies that I offered to you on the previous occasions, and I'm done here, I hope I don't bump into you in Vegas ( yes I'm still very much a fan of Adam's and have spent thousand of pounds on travelling to see him yeah I'm really a troll ? not a fan, ? ) you lady are just a nasty hypocrite with probably not much else to do except bully people on here well I'm gone so that's one less you have to deal with kind regards

Nanbert said...

There's a big difference between "kids" and young men...."Kids" implies "pedophilia, and is illegal"....young men implies "consenting adults", and is none of our business! Some 21 year olds look like 15....others look like 30. One should not make judgements based on snapshots!

Most Gossip is also Libel.

Shelagh said...

You are the one who wrote Pedophilia , NOT me so don’t try to pass the buck! Most gossip is libel then you should watch out ! you’re the most evil,hypocritical and condescending person I’ve ever had the misfortune to ‘talk’ to. Please get a life bitch

Shelagh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shelagh said...

Actually a barrister so watch your mouth lady !!

Nanbert said...

Certainly you are!...LOL...Then you DO know what libel is.

Trashing Adam on his own fan-site is atrociously bad manners. I have never heard him so badly insulted and maligned in all the time I've spent on 24/7!

I can't even imagine your motive.....nor do I care to pursue this subject any further.

Have a good life....try some tolerance and kindness for the best result.

Shelagh said...

Nanbert ‘atrocious bad manners’ don’t make me laugh ! I actually am a retired lawyer, however, you lady are an evil half wit , who’s disgusting attitude makes me wonder are you mentally impaired I think so lol, I have already a fantastic life , try following what you ‘mouth off’ about ,you might one day find happiness but I doubt it , your only happiness is trolling people on social media how sad lol evil bitch xx

Nanbert said...

Shelagh....Tsk, Tsk!

Humm... Why did you delete your comment at 3:40?.... which said:

"Nanbert by the way I am a lawyer and you're talking bollocks!!!!"

Shelagh said...

Lol yeah sure you are !! I can show you my certificates if you need me to. get back to La La land where you belong you’re the most hypocritic bad mannered rude person I’ve eever encountered, I’m sure Adam would be very proud of you lol kind regards x

Shelagh said...

Nanbert only reason I deleted my comment was I actually thought I was being a bit rude to you but erm ......anyway don’t bother replying again, because I won’t be x

Nanbert said... were "being a BIT rude"???? NO!... that was quite vulgar! You probably were afraid of being booted off the website for it... that's actually WHY you deleted it.

Luckily for you, most Americans aren't familiar with that're British, I see.

Shelagh said...

Nanbert so you're stalking me now ? British American actually ,how sad you are not as rude as you have been please get a life, think you're more likely to get 'booted off ' lol you're such a hypocrite, you should be booted off for using such language as ' pedophile' 'cradle snatcher etc etc ' you're absolutely disgusting !!!!!!!!

Nanbert said...

Shelagh...Not stalking...responding to a comment addressed to me by you. Don't try to make it into something it isn't.

When one criticizes and accuses Adam of spending too much time with "kids"...and "enjoying more than their company" (your words), you are implying under-age and illegal activities... I only applied the correct terminology to what you are accusing him of.

If that offends you, don't say "kids"...say "young men"....and get off Adam's case! You're just spreading ugly unfounded gossip and doubt to poison Adam's fan site.

I've watched you all through this website making snarky, catty, critical, slanderous, hurtful, and possibly damaging, remarks about Adam....and at a loss to know why....unless you are the type of person who enjoys sowing discord, doubt, innuendos, criticisms and tarnishing everything you touch....which is the most likely answer.

You've had your "fun" lay-off of Adam. If you can't say anything pleasant...don't say anything at all. You've already used up your quotient of insults and criticisms.

I WILL STAND UP FOR ADAM (or anyone else) subjected to cruel unfounded bullying Gossip, criticism and ugly innuendos! A highschool classmate of one of my grandkids committed suicide because of untruthful, bullying gossip and criticism which she could no longer bear.

It poisons everything...everyone! It can never be unsaid!

Shelagh said...

FFS get a life you’re obviously “off your head” think you need help LOL !!!!!!don’t twist things, untruthful bullying ....erm look at your comments to me that’s bullying !!!! Anyway I’ll leave it there , you’re obviously tryin to blame me for your shortfalls in life , I truly pity you,

Nanbert said...

Shelagh...FYI... Definition of Libel....

"Libel is a method of defamation expressed by print, writing, pictures, signs, effigies, or any communication embodied in physical form that is injurious to a person's reputation, exposes a person to public hatred, contempt or ridicule, or injures a person in his/her business or profession."......... Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute.

A communication may be considered defamatory "if it tends to harm the reputation of another as to lower him in the estimation of the community"

Re: Statements of Opinion...."If a statement implies defamatory facts as the basis of the opinion, then the statement may be considered libel or slander."

Anonymity brings a lot of online defamatory "opinions" out of the woodwork....generally attributed to "trolls", for lack of a true identity.

Shelagh said...

OMG Nanbert you really are troubled aren't you !, have you looked up deformation of character on Google (As I suspect you looked up libel) as I think this is what you're doing to me, (remember I'm a retired lawyer)
why you're still allowed to mouth off on here is quite frankly appalling, you are obviously not in the best frame of mind to judge anyone, all the 'libel' comments are your words not mine, unbelievable you're allowed to get away with posting your comments, you just won't let it go will you, you are the most obnoxious person I've ever come across, any one who DARES to have anything but a gushing opinion of hero worship you are on them , dear God have you got no life at all except being bitter an twisted about any comment you don't agree with ? Seriously if Adam ever happened to read this blog, he'd be mortified that you are supposedly a fan of his, more like an over obsessive stalker ! Please get a life, leave me alone, and don't criticise anyone for having different opinions than you, it's just ignorant, pathetic and sad !!!

of his, you sound more like an obsessive stalker

Nanbert said...

Shelagh...OF COURSE I looked up libel and defamation (not deformation, as you write ) reliable quoted sources are credited right there...Cornell Law School and as you should have easily been able to read...I kept it as simple and accurate as possible. The quotes are absolutely correct. Look them up yourself.

You need to be aware that I married a legal student..and worked as a legal secretary for two years after I graduated from college in order to support my husband and me while he completed his Juris Doctorate degree and passed the bar. So you see, I am not as impressed with "lawyers" as you seem to want me to be...or as you are, since you keep repeating that you are one...4th time now! However, your writing disproves that claim...."res ipsa loquitur"..."it speaks for itself".

I am finished with this subject now, and hope it will not crop up again...and that we can share this website without further conflict. However, I WILL defend Adam from D-E-F-A-M-A-T-I-O-N of character!

I will not return here again. Feel free to rant and rave here to your heart's content... or call it quits and return to enjoy 24/7 with the rest of us. Peace!

Shelagh said...

Wow !!! You certainly are a bit sarcastic aren't you, I don't need your life story just makes you more laughable, (you obviously read up about being s lawyer LOL !!) so don't believe a word of what you say ! ! believe me or not up to you, but even on your recent comments, do you actually have to dissect every word anyone says ? That's what I mean by bullying on here , by the way legal secretary, YOU started all this, and I find you, very condescending , incredibly bad mannered ,spiteful, etc, so leave me and anyone else who dares to have a different opinion than yours on here alone, just makes you look even more pathetic as (I'm assuming) an elderly lady, chasing a fantasy of loving a celebrity LOL how very sad I feel for you kind regards.