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UPDATED!! With VIDEO STREAM - INFO Queen + Adam Lambert "Crown Jewels" Las Vegas @ Park Theater Show #10 (9-22-18) Poster, WC, Streams

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Posted at : Saturday, September 22, 2018

INFO Queen + Adam Lambert "Crown Jewels" Las Vegas @ Park Theater Show #10 

UPDATED with multiple video stream opportunities! Click on one of the many links in the tweets below...

The last show of the Queen + Adam Lambert  Residency in Las Vegas!

Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018

Unofficial Poster by @FoxVegas
World Clock 

Show starts at 8 PM PDT: check the World Clock Link in @mmadamimadamm's tweet below for other time zones

UNOFFICIAL POSTER 👑🥂💖 .@QueenWillRock + .@adamlambert
 'The Crown Jewels 10' .@ParkTheaterLV Las Vegas NV 22.09.18 
 PHOTO CREDIT: .@FoxVegas; Queen; Lonely Planet 
@DrBrianMay .@OfficialRMT .@SpikesSASBand .@tylerwarrenrock #nelimfairclough

And the show is SOLD OUT! (again!)

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Mi Re La said...

Adam was great in Las Vegas. I liked everything to him (the outfits, the hair, the makeup) and in terms of performance he competed on him from one show to another.The only thing I did not like was the audience.Were very, very absent.They did not look like an audience from a rock show

Rosemary White said...

LOVE this poster .... EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!

Dee R Gee said...

Mirela, I think the Vegas audiences were great! Remember, this venue is only a little over 5,000 capacity. Way smaller than the big arenas on the actual QAL tours. For their size, I think the Vegas audiences were VERY enthusiastic!

glitzylady said...

Re the Vegas audiences: Many of the fans there are long time Queen (and Adam Lambert) fans.. And a certain percentage of the audience are people who are visiting Vegas and decided to go to the show to see what it's all about.. So a mixed bag of long term and new, and probably somewhat curious about the show... fans...

I have a good friend who has been to more than a few of these QAL Vegas shows this month (she lives in LA so can get to Vegas with some other friends quite easily..).. She has said that the audiences are VERY appreciative, VERY vocal and she has spoken with people who were Queen fans, weren't sure about Adam until they experienced the magnificence of Adam Lambert first hand at these shows.. She said everyone she has talked to has been simply and absolutely blown away with the show, with Queen and with Adam.

These shows have almost all been sold out or nearly so.. I've seen many tweets from people who went in to the show as a bit skeptical of Adam, especially if they weren't familiar with him, and his talent...of Queen without Freddie, and who afterwards stated with great enthusiasm on Twitter "this is the best concert I've ever seen..." "Adam Lambert is incredible..." etc.. etc..

So from what I can see and what I've observed in the past 3 weeks (sadly, I wasn't able to go personally due to conflicts with other events I was scheduled to do this month) Queen + Adam in Vegas has been wildly successful and audiences have been more than appreciative and enthusiastic.. and very very grateful for the opportunity to hear the music of Queen in a relatively intimate venue with wonderful sound and production values.. Wishing I was there tonight for the last show...

Nanbert said...

Well, the last concert just was fantastic! Only thing left is to check out the videos from tonight as they appear, watch all the ones I still haven't seen yet, and return to some of my favorites. I imagine that's what the rest of you will be doing, too. There are some really wonderful videos this time around.

And then.....WAIT. Wait to see what that wonderfully talented man has in store next...after a bit of time off to rest, nap with his dog, recharge, and redecorate his new home!

I hope that: 1. Adam's album comes out soon, followed by 2. an Adam Lambert tour, followed by 3. another QAL tour, followed by 4. another QAL Vegas residency, before or after 5. an Adam Lambert Vegas residency....all, of course, with a bit of time off for rest in between, and some TV appearances/performances here and there!

How's that for planning? Also, we have that mysterious mobile movie (?) that Adam was involved in coming up in December(?).....and that "Judge" thing with Simon Cowell, too.

Shelagh said...

what a fabulous end to three weeks of an incredible music from them, hope they all have a good rest, Adam has got to bring his new album out as soon as soon as possible in order to stay in people's minds ( those who aren't already fans I mean), hopefully this residency will give him a huge boost for his solo career, I have a sad feeling QAL, won't tour again for the forseable future,as Brian and Roger are getting on in years and will possible wind down now, but never say never LOL.

Mi Re La said...

Here's what Brian recently posted on instagram:
"Farewell Frank - for now. It’s been good. Thanks Las Vegas folks for welcoming us all so warmly. Til soon " That makes me hope that they will follow some Q + AL concerts

Mi Re La said...

The last show but...... THE SHOW MOST GO ON

Dee R Gee said...

One more think about the Vegas audiences: Since they were filled with a mixed bag of devoted QAL fans, there were people who probably didn't know the songs that well, didn't anticipate the audience participation, weren't totally "in" on the jokes and asides that we have all grown to know and love. It's great that so many of those casual fans and drop-ins ended up being very impressed with the show, and esp. with Adam.

The whole residency was a resounding success IMO and certainly gave Adam a lot of exposure and media time. All to the good!

Dee R Gee said...

And when someone tweeted Shosh yesterday about Adam taking a rest after this Vegas stint, she replied, "What rest?" That COULD mean that we'll be hearing more about A4 or something. She made it sound like will not be doing a whole lot of resting. Excited!

Sunflower said...

What an amazing ride!!! I'm so happy I was able to listen or watch all these shows, with the exception for 2 shows I missed the first hour, but saw or heard the second. Hopefully QAL will be asked to return to Las Vegas for another residency, and why not Adam on his own?! So next on the agenda is Adams appearance on XFactor, then the Bohemium Rhapsody movie and looking forward to see pics of Adam on the red carpet for that! Doesn't Adam make a cameo in the movie? We still have new music coming soon, then plans for Adams solo tour! I better go to Adams solo show because I only saw him at the GNT one. Lots of goodies for us Glamberts in the near future!

Nanbert said...

Sunflower....did you hear/read something about Adam having a Cameo in the movie? Or was that just wishful thinking? I remember him saying once that he would like to be cast as Freddie's lover...or should I say, ONE of Freddie's lovers.

It would be nice if he had some part in it...but I've heard nothing about it. THAT would kinda be one of those full-circle moments, wouldn't it?

Sunflower said...

Nanbert...Yes I read somewhere in an article on the making of the Bo Rhap movie, kind of like the beginning of talks on who would play Freddie and if Adam would like the role of Freddie, but he said no, I'd rather play like his lover. In the article, Adam said I might make a cameo where I'm wearing a long wig and I'll be among a crowd, something to that effect! I have NOT heard anything else since then. I read this on the internet but can't remember what site. Maybe or maybe not he'll make an appearance. Guess when the release of the movie is near we'll hear something.