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Adam Lambert Replied To A Fan's Question About His New Album "When?": Adam Said "I Wish I Had An Answer!"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Posted at : Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Adam Lambert Replied To A Fan's Question About His New Album "When?..": 

Adam replied: "I Wish I Had An Answer!"

Bottom line: you never know when Adam might be lurking on Instagram, on Twitter, on Facebook!!! Because this was the fan's own IG.. She "tagged" him with @adamlambert and he noticed..

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Patria said...

Oh man! And It's probably not going to even be a hard copy. Waah!

Desperately hoping for an album and desperately hoping for getting a new administration in the White House. I need find some doable goals. Rats!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Hi! Here's a video throwback from when ADAM went on JoJo's show & they did a spoof commercial for The Original High album!! Hysterical!!


tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Hi! Me again .. back with another hilarious gem when ADAM was in NZ a few years ago!! ADAM lip syncs to his songs .. watch for GOAT TOWN ...

Adam Lambert Funny Appearance on New Zealand TV Show Jono & Ben 2015

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Dee R Gee said...

I am resigned to the fact that new music, even a single, will not be out by the end of the year. Whatever the reasons are for the hold-up, we just have to be patient.

Dee R Gee said...

And I love that TOH promo with John Wright. What a riot! Adam is so good with accents and characters. I hope the show biz world captures his talents and makes good use of them.

Nanbert said...

Lambert Outlaw...thanks for the laughs....he's my kinda nut! I've always said it has to be a lot of fun being with Adam. He especially seems to connect with the crowd "down under".

Dee R're right about Adam's talents. He's certainly not a one-trick pony.

As far as the album is concerned, is it possible that he is/has/will be/wants to change his record company...or management? Is there some technical...or legal...problem? Or is there a particular time that's best to release an album if you're hoping it will be considered for an award?

Maybe he just wants to release it when he is certain of enough free time needed to promote and, hopefully, form a tour for it. Perhaps Queen and other commitments we aren't aware of have to be worked around.

Poor Adam....I bet he gets tired of being asked about the album all the time!

Dee R Gee said...

Maybe the 2019 QAL tour will interfere with his promo and solo touring for now. VERY frustrating! I know he wants to put out his own music ASAP. But his obligations to QAL are paramount at this point. He makes gobs of money doing it, along with the additional exposure. Show biz is complicated.

Nanbert said...

Well....he certainly has received tremendous exposure with Queen...and great credibility! And he'll never find a better "backing band" or a "cushier" touring style....nor better, more loved music to showcase his talents. It has made him wealthy, known/loved worldwide, and taught him a great well as providing him numerous important contacts and gravitas in the entertainment world......and a great deal of confidence!

Adam will never be better "showcased" than he is with Queen. He should make the most of this fleeting opportunity now. His albums and tours will only be better appreciated...and anticipated... when they are released, due to his current QAL exposure.

We just need to be patient. I, for one, never tire of Queen and Adam Lambert, and am filled with pride at Adam's performances with them...... even though I am also eager for new music from him.

Last, but not long as Adam and Queen are an "item", the better the chance that they will release DVD's to memorialize the Adam-era of their music...especially as the Freddie-chapter has been memorialized and "closed" (symbolically) by the movie.

There is still another "chapter" to Queen's story to be told...more legacy to be extolled and preserved.

Just been thinking, if Queen continues to perform and record various songs of Adam's during their performances, eventually they will have enough for a DVD of "Adam Lambert and Queen" performances... ALL Adam's music played by and performed with Queen!

How 'bout that?! Wow!

Sue Smith said...

Something out this year I believe he was referring to the single that may be out this year may not do to timing and the fact Adam still working on the album. He said not to long ago and I quote its finally started to come together the album. He was still working on album and had been in the studio recording that day on his last Twitter party not long ago.

Sue Smith said...

He got much going on right now he did not have time to go to England cant wait for New York premier. I'm just grateful for what going on now. Of anyone remembers when they were doing a two day stent concert at 02 arena in England there was a note on the door of the arena saying cameras shooting for TV and a DVD. After the new movie is out of theaters hopefully the TV show for that will be coming out. Correction that is if anyone remembers.

Mi Re La said...

James Michael explains why Adam is the best male singer in the music industry.

Shelagh said...

I read somewhere that he had just signed with a new record company,? so probably that may have been the 'hitch' for his new album not being released, was hoping it would be before the end of this year, just hope it's next year now, but that too could be put on hold if he tours again with Roger & Brian ? he may well be able to do an album with Queen who knows, I know Paul Rodgers who was the guest frontman for them from 2004-2009/10, made 2 albums with Queen as well as many worldwide tours, however he went back to his original successful group Bad Company, so not as difficult as trying to them reinvent a solo career,

Dee R Gee said...

Mirela, Thank you so much for that link! I LOVE what is said by James Michael. It's so true. It's hard sometimes to get non-fans to "get it" when it comes to Adam amazing voice. It's just a huge cut above, and it's nice to know that that is not just my opinion.

Dee R Gee said...

Shelaugh, I haven't read that he just signed with a new label, but you could be right. And that would make me feel better because it's a actual solid REASON why it's taking so long to get his new music out. If it's true, I hope the new label works hard for him. And if it's true, we should be hearing about it before long.

Sue Smith said...

I heard they did only one album with Paul Rodger ,Rodger Yaylor said they worked hard on it and it just disappeared I heard it did not do well at all. Rodger said that himself. Probably why that are not rushing to make one. Adam said himself does not know how they could do any better than what Queen has already done musically. Correction that was Rodger taylor.

Shelagh said...

Think they did Cosmos Rocks album and also 3 live albums Return of the Giants, Live in Japan and Ukraine

Sue Smith said...

I hope be has signed with a new label if needed. I think there may hVe been a problem with old label that he was taking his time album and not just making just another pop album. I had heard they WB does not like rock don't know of that is true or not,although this album is not all rock but mixed.
However it is a mix of good stuff I'm sure, but not all pop. I believe it is
Going to e really good.
Doing Queen has done great things for his career. The Queen thing has gotten him many more fans that will hopefully buy his new music. There so much I believe coming up for Adam TV ect.other than just the album. Adam far from a one trick pony. However I believe it's way more important now when the time comes soon I hope to release Adam's own album than do one with Queen at this time maybe later on if that's what they want.
Doing these different things all with the great exposure from the fantastic job he done fronting Queen has kept his
Solo career healthy enough besides the album. This way he does not need to
Reinvent his solo career however the
Album release will be a big boost to it
as well. I think Adam is doing really well right now. More Queen to come to help get even more exposure. Now all he needs to do is completely finish the
album and put out the single first.
A couple weeks ago he was still working on the album. Do not believe you can drop an album until you finish recording it. He done a lot of Queen last couple of years and working on the ain between it all, not to mention doing an entire movie character and writting for it among other things he done stuff we don't even know about yet. For one what about the TV show they recorded at 02 arena and DVD that
Was done last trip to London and more he has done. Correction above, that was and working on the album in between it all. This phone is terrible to type on.
So please always excuse all mistakes on all my posts.

Sue Smith said...

The cosmos Rock album did not do well. They said that they had never been to China and Japan before going with
Adam it was not culturally acceptable at the time. Maybe it was just China they had not gone to but I think they said Japan as well, they did say that
But maybe they were talking about when they toured with FM. That was the past so does not really matter. Looking to the future now with Adam.

Sue Smith said...

I accodently spaced that first paragraph wrong, in the middle of a sentence.

Sue Smith said...

Now that I think about it Queen plus Adam put out a DVD of the Japan sonic festival, I believe that is what it was. So I guess that also could be called an album of a concert done in Japan. At the 02 arena in a London this year they shot footage of the concert over a two day period for a DVD and for TV. So then I guess they can count that for a concert footage album as well.

Sue Smith said...

Then there was that DVD of the Aids charity event concert they did around six years ago. They have done concert albums DVD's as well.they are not new music albums however they are DVD concert albums. Maybe in the future
They may do a new music album. He is busy finishing his own music now. I had just forgotten about these DVDs. The 02 arena one is not out yet that I know of.

Allysa Mentor said...

Honestly, Adam doesn’t know when he will be able to release music, I think we should stop asking. He seems to be staying pretty busy
with other things. Pink said recently her label told her it may be difficult to get her music played on the radio because she’s over 35. Luckily it worked out for her. It’s a struggle I believe, BTS and Shawn Mendes are very young and they are constantly on the radio. Hopefully when a time comes when Adam has something to release and a way to promote it, it will occur. In the meanwhile i’m Happy he has so many other things to keep him busy.

blu said...

Thanks Allysa . . We have to realize Adam has had quite the back up band for the last few years . . . and has played in large arenas with Queen. Even tho he has the best vocals around . . Adam alone has a different venue and I love him in whatever he does . . looks like he is very busy . . like you said so glad he is happy!