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Adam Lambert on IG: Behind the scenes with @schonmagazine. A pink boa is a must-have at all shoots.

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Lam-My said...


Who is there?

You look so beautiful.

Who are you?

Be not afraid.

I'm not afraid! I have the whole Garden of Eden at my fingertips! Why are you whispering surreptitiously?

That's a mighty good question.

Okay, look behind you...what do you see?

Well, the usual vibrant flora and fauna, green all over.

Psssssss...up here!

Oh it's you...what do you want from me?

That song should have gotten a Grammy you know...but it's okay God gave you a gift that is so rare, few have.
Now, what if I tell you that if you eat this juicy Forbidden fruit dangling on this tree, you will be as powerful as your Creator who owns the entire Universe.

Wow! Not so sure I want to be that powerful, I'm happy just as I am in my Garden of Eden.

Hubby dear, maybe you should give a go; nothing to lose, everything to gain, don't you think?

Serpentine slips away into the undergrowth with a reptilian smirk of Evil In the Night.

Lam-My 🌳🐍🍎🛣🏞

Click on video.

Adam Lambert Ghost Town just hit 99 million views...

Lam-My said...

Now that calls for a celebration with a Ghost tale of love forever...

Ding Dong ! The front doorbell rang. Bert looked a little bewildered as he wasn’t expecting anyone. He opened the door and lo and behold…a heartwarming smile greeted him.
Sawyer had not forgotten their annual Halloween rendezvous. He had just flown in from Paradise island resort where they often went midnight diving together. That was where they discovered the underwater hollow cavern last Halloween. As Bert had nothing much planned for this Halloween, a footloose vacation would be just the right thing. The long-time buddies decided to fly to Sawyer's chalet on the island resort and take another midnight dip.
They arrived quite late in the evening and the first thing Bert did was look intently at the pier.

Hey, Sawyer, do you still see our diver friend, Benson, staring out into the sea sitting at the edge of the pier every night?

Er no, not anymore. Poor man, suddenly lost his soulmate wife in a ship disaster. I used to see them strolling hand in hand along the pier before the mishap. Then after his wife died tragically, he would sit at the edge of the pier to hear his wife's ethereal voice singing to him. He told me. The ship overturned before it sank; there was turmoil and he let go of her, struggling to stay afloat. He had a lot of remorse over that.

You think he has gone off his rockers?

At midnight, they decided to take a dive as a follow-up to their previous meeting with Benson in the undersea cavern. It was Benson’s refuge to be close to his deceased wife.
Geared in their diving suits and propeller equipment, they soon got down to the seabed. Sawyer, the more seasoned diver shone the spotlight around. Yes, the sunken vessel came into view…this was the watery tomb of Benson’s wife who perished as the ship sank. A lot more barnacles and corals had made it their home. They found the same entrance that led them into the underwater cavern.
As they propelled further in, the labyrinth entrance widened; they climbed onto the boulders that were above water and stepped onto the cave floor. Silent…apart from the lapping of waves against the boulders. Bert was inspired by its tranquil yet somewhat ghostly ambiance; he burst out in his operatic voice just to hear it echo back by the mysterious cavern wall of jagged rocks.

'Another day, another lonely night
I would do anything to have you by my side
Another day, another lonely night
Don’t wanna throw away another lonely life…'

The reverberation echoed back, natural acoustics and a heavenly voice. Then unexpectedly, a figure in a diving suit appeared from within the labyrinth. It was Benson!
He was definitely attracted by Bert’s powerful singing. Bert and Sawyer were elated to find him still in good health and high spirit, smiling peacefully. Benson was visibly touched by his only two friends who had not forgotten him. Benson had aged quite a bit but had a serene countenance. When asked if his wife still connected with him by her wailing, his face lit up and gave a definite nod. They realised Benson was still in grief of his wife’s sudden departure and found it difficult to let go of her. After an hour or so, before leaving, Sawyer took several photos of the three of them; Sawyer an expert undersea photographer loved the rocky semi-submerged undersea cave backdrop.

An hour later, back on the chalet verandah… Bert and Sawyer were sipping tequila after their enriching dive to the sea floor.
Suddenly, Sawyer jumped up from his chair holding the photographs he took of them with Benson.

Hey Bert ! Take a look at these photos!

Bert looked and his heart skipped a beat, even his tequila spilled as he stammered: Wh..Where is Benson?
They stared at each, mouth opened, disbelievingly. Benson was in the middle between them when Sawyer took the an empty space! on the photo.

Lam-My ... Continue below

Lam-My said...

Where is Benson? They gasped, and checked the other photographs…lo and behold, there was no image of Benson at all. Shivers raced down their spines, goosebumps popped up too.
They put the photographs gently back on the table as if they were haunted. Haunted photos?
As they examined a couple more photos...Bert spotted another peculiarity...two persons standing behind some rocks in the background… Who are they?

The two Halloween pals decided to take a stroll along the moonlit beach to ease off some tension but they didn't feel scared or fear; being so touched by such a real-life tragic love story. On recollection, they now realised Benson didn't say a word in the cavern just a nod and a smile of serenity. As they strolled back to the chalet, Bert's sharp sense of hearing seemed to pick up a high-pitch wail drifting in the twilight wind, ooooooh...entwined with the lapping waves along the moonlit tranquil seashore...he said a soft farewell prayer to Benson and his wife...💑🏞🌃


Shelagh said...

Ha Ha Lam-My love reading your stories, what an incredible imagination you have LOL

Lam-My said...

Thank you Shelagh!
Looks like I got a new Fan. I have quite a little string of very nice Fans. Like I said before, I never thought I could write stories, dialogues and poems because I spent my life writing documents in my work. Keeps my brain functioning now. ✍🏻
Strangely, it was Adam and Sauli that started me on a longer poem. I only wrote 3-lines haiku then. Lo and behold, I wasn't even aware I wrote my first love gay poem; until much later when the gay issue erupted. I think Adam might have caught people's attention and the media's focus on LGBT. Maybe a little bit by me, lwl! writing about it, fighting tooth and nail whenever it surfaces, 9 years to date.
Condolences to Sauli and Family...his Grandma and Dad passed away. RIP.

Lam-My said...

Adam's Garden of Eden...

Schon magazine photoshoot.

The second photo reminds me of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane

“My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.”

Judas leads the soldiers and exclaims: “The one I will kiss is the man..."


Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...

@AdamLambert on Instagram Stories - Behind the scenes of his photoshoot for

Click on video.

Could this be bits of his new album...theatrics/power voice if the background music is anything to go by.

Lam-My said...

The Schon photoshoot is done at Adam's first house...I felt that from the start. Good idea, when he moves out, the videos/pictures will be his memorabilia.
The pool edge tiles, the torso sculpture, the orange hanging it is Adam's real Garden of Eden which I once remarked as wild and weedy. lwl! 🌴🏡🐕

Lam-My said...

Come to think of it, the second photo may also be an attractive album cover, the lights and floral shirt arrest attention.