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Adam Lambert's IG story + IG video : Great memories 2018-11-29

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Thursday, November 29, 2018

Posted at : Thursday, November 29, 2018

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Nanbert said...

Oh my! Oh my! Great memories indeed! I can never get enough of our superlative glameleon!

Lam-My said...

Closeup...Live - Seoul Korea 2016...There I Said It

I didn't take to the song earlier on but now the snippet caught my attention. Basically, I wouldn't keep it inside...will continue saying what I have to say. Putting that aside, it's poignant, 1st class vocal delivery and means a lot to Adam. I might have called it *Shadow...lwl! πŸŒ†πŸŒ‰

Sue Smith said...


Linda said...

What a wonderful compilation of Adam's performances! Thanks Adam for the memories! And he continues to inspire us with his amazing performances and voice!

V Camilleri said...

never tire of watching, listening and loving Adam perform :)

Elaevans said...

He should come back to blond hair. So sexy

Lam-My said...

An impromptu story There I Said It...

Bert and his beloved dog were out on a jog. Trip trip trip across the bridge overlooking a chasm. Pharaohdoggo trotted briskly keeping close to his Daddy on the narrow winding paths.

Daddy, someone is following us...
Really? I don't see anything.
A long shadow was noticeable; that could be cast by a tree as evening shadows are long.

Daddy, the shadow is dancing...
What? Phara, are you okay?
Ooooeeeh... Pharaoh continued whimpering.
All right, I'll check it out.

Wham! Something dropped from atop a precipice...A net! They were trapped! By who?
Whiioo! Whiioo ! The chieftain blew his whistle...a group of natives emerged from the chasm labyrinth. They formed a circle around Bert and Pharaoh who was trembling, clutching to his Daddy.

Whoa! Where did they come from, this day and age. About ten of them dragged the net and it was barbaric like a scene from the movies. Pharaoh was shivering head to toe; Bert tried to keep calm while being prodded into the dark chasm; the only light source was through rock fissures where water was also seeping down. Ooooeeeh...Pharaoh gave out a whimper of fear.

All of a sudden...Pooom Pooom...a large well-camouflaged reptilian lifted its head which was earlier thought to be a rock by Bert. It started spewing sparks and smoke from its mouth, irritated by the commotion...A Dragon! Bert too was feeling jittery now.

Aarrrh Pooooh! The natives' pet Dragon threw a tantrum, spewed more smoke. To appease it, they threw chunks of meat at it. The narrow chasm was shrouded in smoke and darkness, almost zero visibility except for the twilight seeping through. Bert thought this would be his only hope to freedom...Took out a sharp penknife he always carried with him on a hike...cut the net open and crawled out.

Phara Run! Pharaohdoggo understood the command Run!

Both made a dash for the ravine entrance, groping and feeling their way with the little light they got. The natives were so busy attending to their Dragon that they hardly noticed their escape in the dark.

Daddy! We better get back to the main road before they realise we are gone.
Too late...Bong Bong Bong ! The natives were hitting their gongs to alert their victims' escape. The natives caught up with them, threw another net from atop the precipice and recaptured them! They were the colony's guards.

Dragon came ambling out of the chasm: Pooooh Pooooh...Puff their magic Dragon wanted more servings of meat. What followed was abominable! The natives carried Bert and Pharaoh to serve as fodder for their pet Dragon! Whoa!

Sure reminds me of Daniel in the the lions' den...if you recall, Daniel played his harp and the lions left him alone. There was nothing else Bert could do but to distract the singing for his life...his most well-delivered vocals...

So there I said it
And I won't apologize to you anymore
Cause I'm a grown-a** man
And I won't live again
And I'm sick and tired of living in your shadow
So there I said it

It reverberated in the chasm's natural acoustics. Dragon got up close to Bert, Pharaoh peeping from behind him...tilted its Dragon head responding to Bert's voice. The natives loved their Dragon and saw this as a good omen. Dragon saved their lives...Bert and Pharaoh were set free...πŸ›€πŸ™πŸ²


Shelagh said...

Love seeing these memories of some of his best songs ! Lam-My you've smashed it again, love it !!

Lam-My said...

Well well, Thank you Shelagh my Fan!

I am beginning to like this song a lot...There I Said It. In my day to day conversation, I have never used this sentence, because I don't believe in holding back so I'll just state it, what I think is right. When I heard the short clip, I could not recognise the song and thought what is this, so beautifully sung. Got the title on Youtube. lol!

Mi Re La said...

Mirror: "This will rock you! Queen double their earnings to £48MILLION a year
Rock legends pulled in £132,000 per DAY in 2014 after raking in £22m in 2013 thanks to sell-out tour and West end musical."

Dee R Gee said...

That Mirror article is interesting. Adam is so lucky to be a part of a classic band that is going through the most incredible resurgence. It's almost unheard of, especially at the level that Queen is doing it. I have to believe that Adam has a lot to do with the new strength of the band and its ability to tour with such top-notch shows. A strong frontman is the key, and Queen has the best in the world. Adam's stint with Queen will be a real legacy for him. His name will never just fade away. He'll always be associated with one of the best rock bands in history. Money alone can't buy that kind of respect. But a bit of luck and lots of hard work can!

And the Adam vids are stupendous! Thanks!

Dee R Gee said...

I wish TOH had been a single. Love that song!

Sunflower said...

I never get tired of seeing his old and newer performances! It has been an honor to support Adam from his American Idol days to now, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. He has given us the same quality of performances all these 9 years with his gifted vocals, stayed true to himself in what he wanted to accomplish career wise and at the same time has maintained his "hotness"!!! πŸ”₯❤️😍

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I too agree that throughout the years ADAM has grown better-er with each performance!! He is GORGEOUS but it's not for me to think of him in that way .. I'm old enough to be his grand mother so I hold him in my heart & wish him everything good & beautiful that life holds for the ones that fortune smiles down on ... the hard working caring loving .. generous .. like our ADAM!!

GOD Bless you, dear!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Lambert Outlaw....of course you can think of Adam as can I....even though I could be his grandmother as well....and so can Glamberts of ANY age!

Nothing "unseemly" about that....because that's just what he IS! We have eyes, don't we? We're Glamily, aren't we?

Sue Smith said...

No matter anyone's age Adam is a sweet beautifully handsome man. Yes he is very gorgeous. I think luck can only carry you so far it was luck Adam and Queen collided on idol. So many people were telling Brian and Rodger how good Adam was that is talent. The real deal is Adam spectacular talent mixed with the men of Queen spectacular talent truly a match made in heaven. Queen as it exists today has had a fantastic resurgence they have a very strong frontman in Adam he certainly has been a strong part of that.
I think he was the shot in the back side the men of Queen needed to put them back on top.
Good things are coming for Adam and Queen. Heck they already have but more to come. Think lots to come with Adam Solo career next year as well.
I'm proud to be an Adam Lambert fan.

Shelagh said...

So Adam's on Strictly Come Dancing tonight, rumours are he'll sing "We will rock you ", the theme for tonight's show is musicals, so it could well be he's singing this from the musical of the same name, or if rumours aren't true possibly something from "Wicked" ?have to wait and see

Nanbert said...

Well, now that "Bohemium Rhapsody" is turning out to be an enormous success....I can't help but wonder if that won't bring out the very vocal die-hard Freddie fans in full force again....and turn back the ones who have "made the transition" and decided that Adam is more than qualified to front Queen.

And for the "new" audiences....i.e. those who have never seen Freddie or Adam with Queen'll be interesting to see what they think when the've finally seen/heard both for the first time.

Personally, I prefer Adam's just seems to cause the most satisfying vibrations in the "tuning fork" in MY head...and fills the void that requires "fine music" for MY happiness.

I think Adam should sing Queen's "The Show Must Go On" on "Strictly Come Dancing"... it seems to be especially appropriate if the theme is musicals/shows. However, it might not be the best piece to dance to. LOL

Lam-My said...

@kinkykiedis 4h

Good luck performing We are the Champions on Strictly tonight/tomorrow. We all know you will smash it like you always do. Can't wait to watch tomorrow night. It'll be the highlight of the whole series.

Nanbert said...

Haha...well, that's that! I think that might be hard to choreograph, too....but modern dancing is very lenient.

Lam-My said...

@adamlambert 1h

I’m performing “We Are the Champions” on @bbcstrictly tomorrow night!! Sunday) If you’re in the UK, tune into @bbcone.

Lam-My said...

Adam Lambert singing Queen's We Are The Champions SCD 2018 12 02

@ScorpioBert Dec 2, 2018
I've edited this file from @kinkykiedis to just Adam's part Strictly Performance 2018-12-02

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wah handsome Adam extra handsome, A* We Are The Champions performance; love the world...note; nice solid platinum chain, some swirly hairs; clean-cut no-nonsense Brit style, Very good! Super versatile Dancers! Grand stage backdrop.

Lam-My said...

@adamlambert has just appeared on @bbcstrictly It Takes Two. #AdamLambert #WeAreTheChampions @shellstar79 5h
Click on video.

Lam-My said...

@AdamL_Daily 1h

@AdamLambert replied to a lot of fans on his latest Instagram posts, these are about his new album:"Baby there's six months before July. Get ready! Solo stuff is coming!!!!" and added that "Tedious business shit is slowing me down a bit..."

He also replied to some haters that apparently still don't get that he's not trying to be Freddie.."oh honey I'm a big ole queen. Lol"

Lam-My said...

Pharaohboy 'Mood"

Click on video scroll down for 2nd one.

Lam-My said...

πŸͺ 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ Nov 10

This poem starts from the first word and goes on to the next, an endless round-robin...flows from the last word 🦜

Superpower Velvet Overglow New Eyes Loverboy
Adam feels radiantly in love
Exudes a deep contentment
With Javi by his side after searching for 10 years

Velvet Overglow New Eyes Loverboy Superpower
His time to blossom
Churning out song after song
Wails like a shepherd from the wilderness
Leading LGBTQ fearless

Overglow New Eyes Loverboy Superpower Velvet
Revolves like a planet
Everywhere I go…I’m looking for the sun
Nowhere to grow old…I’m always on the run
Charismatic…never wavers

New Eyes Loverboy Superpower Velvet Overglow
Surrounds our soul…touch it…embrace it
It’s not a show…only you know…your zenith
Feel it in your bone

Loverboy Superpower Velvet Overglow New Eyes
The third eye makes us see differently
Helloo Pharaoh how are you doing?
Yutu rabbit is calling :
Pharaohdoggo…come play hop step jump kungfu
Wheeee plop! Where am I ?
Come by the backdoor…I’m waiting πŸ‡πŸ•πŸ€πŸ–
Mousy is here at the Moon party to ring in year of the Rat 2020
Bye Porky! good job ! See you in 12 years whio wheet !


Lam-My said...


Wah! Pharaoh Rockstar ! You look groovy
Haw haw black belt kung-fu coat eeeee-aak!
Even got a bow on your doughnut tail
Yea, Lam-My, this outfit is my Christmas present
Your Daddy looks hamsom ho ho ho from the N Pole
Who is that ? Don’t mess with me, can you see
I’m wearing a kung-fu black-belt suit
Come on, give this constrictor a chance…
So you slither here…Serpentine
What do you want ?
Nothing, just want to see how you are doing
Now don’t be pseudo…I think you want to entice my Daddy
Who owns the Garden of Eden because his name is Adam
Hello there hamsom Adam…you look cool as a cucumber
You want a forbidden juicy apple…
Serpentine ! On guard !…Pheeeew…飞踒 fei ti !
Be careful…I can swallow you whole, you know?
But I won’t, cuz you’re wearing black-belt Versace
Hey, how about we be friends…it’s Christmas !


Lam-My said...

πŸš‚πŸšSuperpower toot-toot train 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ Jan 23 ♒ Dawn of Aquarius
We made it together under one apocalyptic solar eclipse 😊

ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert 15h ago
@adamlambert announced the launch of the Feel Something Foundation to support #LGBTQ organizations…

FEEL SOMETHING FOUNDATION! Mission: to support LGBTQ+ organizations that are moving the needle for communities of all ages and backgrounds.

@AdamLambert: “I’ve worked w amazing LGBTQ+ organisations & charities over the years.” via

To do this, the singer will be working alongside charities which impact, education, homelessness, suicide prevention and mental health.

And he wants to abolish the term ‘coming out’ as a phrase defining ‘someone simply being themselves’.

“The Feel Something Foundation will shine a light & support existing charities whose work is pivotal in empowering the community.” πŸ’™

Good evening Adam ! very upbeat logo and yes you are really good at making people and yourself Feel Something.
I’ve said a couple of times, that terms : *coming out or *closeted, sound strange to me cuz I don’t hear it at all in Singapore. If someone wants to let others know he/she is gay, that is okay, by all means, but to cudgel a gay person into admission / submission is a definite no! for me.
I wrote this little verse when I heard you sing :

Adam, it’s heart-wrenching to hear you sing
I don’t need to feel love…just want to feel something
Adam’s fans are his main source of aspiration
Cuz they always make him feel something
To mitigate the emptiness
Your special someone will appear when you least expect it
You touch so many people’s hearts
To make us feel something…better than nothing
Your gift from God is in itself an extraordinary something
That you use to reach us with everything πŸ•πŸ‘

December 17, 2019 at 12:37 am


Lam-My said...

3️⃣ July 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ ~ Survived 6 months of Covid ~

By the way, the date that I left off (above) was the start of Covid, hadn't an inkling a formidable pandemic was about to engulf the globe.

Wah ! Is this what you call a lock-down…so busy, signing his Velvet Vinyls for shipment worldwide.

Hello there Pharaoh! I see you are also busy snooping around, well at least you don’t disturb Daddy signing his boxes of vinyls.

δ½ ε₯½ ni hao Lam-My …I don’t want to mess up his painstaking work but I’m always close-by in case he needs me Owooooh…

Meanwhile also highlighting his face artistry…

Adam's Garden of Eden in Superpower efflorescence


My poem : a splurge to purge surged
Now *surge has overtaken *purge, courtesy of coronavirus
As the number of cases spurts…I need to find another word
δ½ ε₯½ ni hao brain, can you find a substitute for *surge
That is now flooding the tv

Brain serves me a curve ball…Covid swells in waves of hell
Knows no bounds, recoils up and down
Nowhere to hide, in the air, on the ground, nooks and corners
The lungs asphyxiate in one’s own fluid
How are we going to subjugate mighty Covid
Our immune system is fast asleep zzzzzzzz…wakie wakie…half a million dead
Health systems, freedoms, economies in schizophrenic dichotomy πŸ₯€πŸ›Œ

A strange plight so uptight but Covid spurs me to write 🀨✍️πŸ’»
Young, strong people simply ignore, they want a fight
Because their immune system will rise to the occasion
Have you considered damage to your lung condition…
Older folk better take utmost precaution as our immunity weakens

Time for me to get groceries…ε›žε€΄θ§ huay toh jian .. see you on return
Girl at the supermarket entrance scans my pioneer card, Beeep !
My face shows up on a small computer screen, records 36.7 C 🌑️
A voice says : your temperature is normal…welcome ! πŸ₯¬πŸŒΆ️

Wheeling the voluminous amount of foodstuffs in my trolley bag
Across the long and winding overhead bridge, heading home
I’m still averse to taking a taxi; only 8 passengers on a big sanitised bus, less risky
No doubt, paranoia has set in even though only 10 new community cases; migrant workers infection in quarantine dormitories too decreases

We are now in phase 2 opening; wear mask and adhere to 1.5-metre distancing
Our Government leaves no stone unturned, ensuring zero chance of a pervasive Covid re-emergence
3rd phase soon to resume, life back to normal as much as permissible
Badly battered economy requires immediate rejuvenation
A convoluted uphill struggle back to the top, where we were dealt a free-fall down down down

Singapore was born out of a crisis…says PM Lee HL
So here we are all geared up to fight a highly-contagious deadly nemesis
Manufacturing antibodies discovered from recovered patients by Singapore scientists
To block the Covid protein spikes from fusing into cell membrane of the lungs and vital organs
A worldwide scientific marathon feverishly working on a vaccine…shall lift us from the ashes of the killing blight of Covid 19…πŸ¦ πŸ”¬πŸ‘¨‍πŸ”¬πŸ’‰

Lam-My ~ 3 July 2020

Lam-My said...

Oooh-la-la Adam Lambert, Terrance Spencer and Johnnie Rice are back together; I saw this magnifique Trio live when they came to Singapore, Trespassing…still very gooood ! Yes, once you got it, you got it for life. Wah! Adam zi singing, moving, fashionista, always 1st class ! smooth and sexy Adam, Johnnie, Terrance. Adam is using his home turf as concert hall ! Superb ! Reinvent yes!

And Prince Pharaoh stroked by his Rock King down by the poolside haw haw!

Before Covid...Running the Runyon...Rockstar! Yeah!

Lam-My said...

Spread your wings and fly away…

My Halloween story on … Spread your wings…

Howling wind, flapping curtains undulating up and down the tall stained-glass windows in Glampire’s mansion. A lot of booom booom from the sound system…right in the midst of Halloween 2017 ! Ooooh-la-la! Glampire’s close-knit Halloween camaraderi…there’s a child too!

A hissing sound from the basement cellar…someone or something was woken from its slumber; slithered, poked its head through an ajar oaken door to sneak up on the commotion. Not happy when others were enjoying in revelry, decided to put an end to the party.

All of a sudden, all the lights went out…the child started shouting; but was picked up and calmed. Glampire made a dash for the main switchboard and turned the lights back on.

Awwwww… a sigh of relief was heard from the party. Then, Glampire’s first concern :

Where is my son!

Everyone started yelling: Adani !… Come out ! Not time for hide-and-seek…they looked every nook and corner. All too familiar to Glampire, these disappearing acts lately, instantly aroused his suspicion. He made a dash for the fortified mansion front door, jumped onto his black stallion waiting outside and sped away. Wearing full black leather, only his vampire fangs gleamed in the full moonlight. He was out with a vengeance; no, not for blood. Actually, he didn’t care so much for that; he was an ethical vampire and siphoned blood with his fangs only as a last resort.

Owooooh!…Werewolves howled from the hilltop, his target destination. He knew to his bone who had abducted his precious son! It had all the hallmarks of Dracul’s demonic doing; their eternal feud and his suspicions were always right.

When Glampire got to the hilltop, he yelled at the top f his lungs, half singing half wailing:
Adani…where are yooouu ? His powerful ooooo vibrato resounded from the hills to the valley.
Alas! no response from his son. Glampire was really scared now, he knew Dracul was ruthless and merciless.

Kraacck ! A giant winged blood-sucker bat perched on the drooping willow tree. Lo and behold! Adani was having the ride of his life on the bat’s back!

Daddy Daddy! Come get me! The little boy called out to his Daddy.

Hold on tightly Baby!

Glampire aimed his laser weaponry at the bat’s wing. He was a sharp-shooter and made sure it would not touch even a hair of Adani’s, his top priority.
Dracul gave out a cry of fury… whenever he was shot by Glampire’s infrared laser.

Arrrrggh ! And instantly shapeshifted back to his human form still clutching Adani lovingly in his arms.
You see, Dracul though a vampire, adored kids and would never harm them because he had always longed for a child of his own but never succeeded in bearing one.
Finally, for fear of getting another dose of that laser at his most vulnerable anatomy, his head…he left Baby Adani on the hill-slope.
A wind-blown long flowing black silk cloak whizzed past, disappeared into the abyss of the dense demonic forest.

Glampire got down, rushed to get his son, carried him up and patted him all over, head to toe to make sure he wasn’t harmed.

Daddy, it was so fun riding on the bat’s back, I had a bird’s eye-view…like you always sing : Spread your wings and fly away…fly away… far away…

Glampire Daddy was so relieved his cute son actually enjoyed the ordeal ! and came off unscathed, so brave. Soon they were back in their vampire mansion to continue their Halloween party ! πŸΉπŸ¦‡

Lam-My ~ 5 July 2020 (Updated)