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Is Adam Lambert's "Solo Band" Practicing New Music? Soon?? Sounds Like It Could Be Happening! + Pharaoh Photo!

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Saturday, December 8, 2018

Posted at : Saturday, December 08, 2018

Is Adam Lambert's Solo Band Practicing New Music? Soon? Sounds Like It Could Be Happening!

Plus a photo including Adam's pup Pharaoh..

The BIG QUESTION is: Is this for a new, as yet unannounced, event that Adam is doing soon??? 

Either way, EXCITING! 

From @peterkeys88 IG story: "Worked with Adam Lambert's band this week and @tybailie is not only a killer keys man, but also the dog whisperer"

From @lilybop2010 on Twitter: "OMG. Peter Dyer, Adam's #TOHTour keyboard player & music director, worked with "Adam's band" this week! Ty Bailie is keyboard player, and Pharaoh is studio maven!"

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Dee R Gee said...

This is really a total surprise! Either they're practicing new music or "something else." I have to believe that the actual writing and recording for A4 has been completed before this. Right? Anyway it is great to know that Adam is in action with some great musicians. And Pharaoh is there making sure they behave themselves. LOL

Nanbert said...

It reads like Peter Dryer is working with them (as consultant, advisor, ?), but that Ty Bailly (sp) is the actual keyboardist for "Adam's band".

Didn't know Adam had a band... except for the ones he's used for tours....and I assumed those were for the tours only. Maybe he's putting one together in preparation of promoting his album! Or maybe it's for various personal appearances/performances he's been doing lately.

I'm hoping that he will have the same band for his next tour that he had on his last was really terrific!...especially that superb guitarist, Adam Ross!

Nanbert said...

Sorry, mispelled names of both keyboardists. Should be Peter Dyer and Ty Bailie.

Sue Smith said...

Usually a single comes before the album comes out. For the Original High album it came out couple months after the GT single.
He definitely would need a band for promotional appearances of the single.
Maybe some performances at end of year,first of the year New Years eve coming up as well, no telling what's coming up.
Adam is full of surprises. I hope it is the single and a killer performance or performances coming. Peter Dyer may be tied up working with a band right now.
Maybe he is tied up with another band right now but found time to help acclimate the new keyboardist, help Adam out. They have to learn the new music. Obviously he knows Adam pretty well. Guess we will know soon.

Mi Re La said...

friendship Adam Brian Roger

Dee R Gee said...

Mirela, love that friendship vid. They really love our guy. And they don't mind showing it.

Nanbert said...

Mirela....yes, that friendship video is VERY special. Thanks.

I think part of QAL's brilliance is that they enjoy and admire each other and have fun well as having great respect for each other's talents. It's really nice to see it manifested and memorialized in that video.

Haha...just thinking...QAL is like a three-legged stool. Each leg is absolutely essential!

Of course, that's not quite accurate, because Spike, Neil and Tyler are also essential to that mighty "Queen Sound"!

Sunflower said...

Adams band? Hmmmm, he's preparing for his new single debut? This man is full of surprises good ones that is. There is 3 weeks left for December what other surprise is in store for us in this month?!

Sunflower said...

Did Pharaoh become a member of the band? Wonder what is his position? Hahaha. He looks cute in the pic. 🐕💞