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Adam Lambert on IG: 2008/2018 #tenyearchallenge

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Monday, January 14, 2019

Posted at : Monday, January 14, 2019

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Dee R Gee said...

Get a load of that freckly shoulder! After about ten years of following Adam I am still awed by his beauty and his talent and his just plain natural nice-ness.

Elaevans said...

2008 picture seems natural, 2018 - photoshopped

Lam-My said...

Ten years I've kept close track of Adam who ignited my imagination into writing poems/stories.
First picture : Adam shows intrigue, wanting to break out big time, but without an influential background, quite difficult and so he forges on his own equipped with his theatre/singing expertise.
Second picture : Very confident, has come a long way but he's aware the convoluted winding road ahead is far from done; but now he's got millions of fans and two ole Maestros by his side...holding his hand along the way, vice versa.
Ten years water under the ten ? 🛣🏞⛺

Angeladam said...

Like a fine wine, aged beautifully !

Sunflower said...

Ooh this ten year challenge is all over Facebook, I don't qualify because I've been on Facebook for only three years. Lol

Adam since 2008-2018, you are still a "Babe", yummy. 😋😍

Lam-My said...

My journey with Adam fluctuates
Tough at the beginning
People were hurling stones and sticks
To vent their hate cuz he intimidates
Now a little more smooth sailing
With two Maestro weights flanking
But Adam has always stood on his own two feet
That's what makes him hard to defeat
Always in your face
By that, I don't mean by force
That's a pendulum
Left right left right...don't know what's next
Try this, try that, see what clicks
Pseudos clump to break someone who intimidates
Alas, if one can't defeat another on a fair basis
No amount of clumping/bullying makes the difference
You either got it or not...
And if you don't, well, face it
Humility is what got Adam this far, not pretentious

Lam-My 🙍🏻

Lam-My said...

@BillboardPride on Instagram: #2009 vs 2019*, @AdamLambert
-*late 2018 🙃💜 @AdamL_Daily 1h

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

First picture, I think it's the AMA a bit too much of a beating; fire in his eyes...he was more cautious since that episode.
Second picture, a lot more awareness as in what is best for him as a Rockstar, can't offend too much, detrimental to his career path. Looks grim in both pictures.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

HANDSOME then .. GORGEOUS now ... it's been 10 wonderful years since I became a Glambert & had the pleasure of watching ADAM evolve from youth to manhood!! It's been a thrilling ride on the LAMBERT Crazy Train and I wouldn't have missed one minute & I'd willingly do it all over again!!

Thank you ADAM for this wonderous experience!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Lam-My said...

Hello hello CNN Fan!
I just heard Will Ripley reporting plausible next T-K Summit.
Word *detrimental...15 Jan 2019.

Mine: *detrimental to his career path...(above) Bingo!👌🏻 Same date 15 Jan 2019.

🌘🐇...don't steal my thunder 🐖 2019 Year of the Pig.

Lam-My said...

Above date : Bingo 3 3 3 ... 3 6 9

Lam-My said...

This is good for a laugh!

Dee R Gee said...

Love Adam's reply! Thanks. Guess we need a little more patience.

Sue Smith said...

Adam looks just great in both pictures.
So natural and handsome in both.

creamtangerine said...

Loved Adam right from the start on American Idol, with his look, and look at him now. Still so handsome. Only getting better with age.

Anonymous said...

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