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Adam Lambert's IG story photo : Tony DeVoney's Art from Adam's new house 4-7-19

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Monday, April 8, 2019

Posted at : Monday, April 08, 2019

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Sunflower said...

I forgot about this painting, good to hear Adam is at his new house.

Nanbert said...

Looks like the painting's lying on its least in relation to how it was hung before. But with many abstracts, top is where ever you decide it is! LOL

Sue Smith said...

I hope Adam got back some of things that were stolen. I remember before this picture at old house he had a different painting. Of course he can change a painting or could hang it in another place. I know on TV they said the robber stole some expensive art.
Adam probably has insurance on that. However I dont know that . Just hope the two men are happy in the house and just happy.

Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...

Pharaohboy! I see Daddy is decorating his new house.

Hi Lam-My! Yeah, so exciting, the house is sooo big, marking my new territorial dog-run all to myself Ooooeeeh!

You lucky son of a mama.

很忙 hern marng / very busy...在我们的新家 jai wor mern der seen jia 💒🐕🌳

(在 jai / at .. 我们的 wor mern der / our .. 新家 seen jia / new home)

小心 seow seeng / take care...Adam, Javi and Pharaohboy!

Adam relegates centre position to Roger
After graduating as centre-forward
Striker curves in his stylish banana goal
Dr Brian rolls across the Pacific Atlantic
Sends rockets into farthest Space
Whiiooo whoooii...
What will the 3 Maestros bring
Sexy Frontman sings to Great Barrier Reef
To replenish their luxuriance
With his unmistakable tooooo loove er ove...!
Chaanng! Roger crashes his cymbals
Tessellates their tete-a-tete 🎤🥁🎸


Lam-My said...

These two ole Maestros have won my respect; their grit live in Singapore to 70,000 local/regional. Maybe the historic tie between them and us makes me feel deeper; I call them our long-lost cousins of yore; performing on the Padang in front of City Hall where Singapore was literally thrown into the lions' den; first generation Singaporeans were defenceless, unarmed. The British gave us up lock stock barrel to the Japanese WW2; 50,000 paid with their lives for their impulsive Surrender of Singapore, which could have been prevented if not for their massive blunder after blunder.

Brian and Roger performed with all they got, their tour de force, very beautiful; Rufus Taylor too, swan song.

A kind of magic Live in Singapore GP 2016/09/17 Queen+Adam Lambert

Nagao Ri
Sep 21, 2016

So I heard they will be back with Rhapsody Tour; just as I predicted. Lam-My

Lam-My said...

Okay, more upbeat:

Pull my chain...pull my chain ⛓
Like a whooping crane
Hop step jump whoops...
Down down the cesspool drain
Sagging brain in a runaway train 🚂
Bamm! toooooot...collides
Cesspool brain can't feel the rain on the window pane 💦


Angeladam said...

Looks very classy love the colours

Sue Smith said...

That house is so huge Adam looks tiny standing there. The picture looks great the way he has it.