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New Official Queen + Adam Lambert Photo For 2020 Australia (and more) BoRap Concert Tour via iHeartRadio.AU

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Sunday, April 7, 2019

Posted at : Sunday, April 07, 2019

New Official Queen + Adam Lambert Photo For 2020 Australia (and more) BoRap Concert Tour via iHeartRadio.AU

As we now know, with the newly announced Queen + Adam Lambert Australia tour in February 2020, here's the newest photo associated with that announcement & tour!

Article from iHeartRadio Australia: 

Adam Lambert (from the photo below)

Queen + Adam Lambert, official photo
Adam Lambert, Roger Taylor, Dr. Brian May
Photo from the article

Quotes from the article (link to the article embedded above)
HEADING TO AUSTRALIAN STADIUMS IN FEBRUARY 2020 We are excited to welcome Queen plus Adam Lambert back to Australian shores for The Rhapsody Tour in February 2020! The soaring success of the film Bohemian Rhapsody has proven that the love for Queen remains as strong as ever. Lifelong Australian fans and new converts will be thrilled with the news that Queen original band members Brian May and Roger Taylor are teaming up once more with longtime frontman Adam Lambert on lead vocals and returning to Australia in February 2020.

And for more info regarding the Australian Tour.. LINK
The Full Tour Announcement from Queen Online 

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Sunflower said...

Whoa, the tour now is extended into 2020! I can imagine the Australian fans jumping up and down with ecstatic joy! If by then these shows can be streamed for the rest of us to listen/watch then it's great news for us! Ummm one thing tho, Adam is'nt going to have his own tour for his newest album? I don't know if Adam can tour for his music between September and January! Sigh, guess have to wait and see how Adam will do it.

Sunflower said...

Me again, I absolutely love this picture of the guys! It's beautiful! Adams pic is also!

Dee R Gee said...

These venues will be MASSIVE! Love the pic of the guys, too. Adam wasn't going to solo tour before this time anyway. It will work itself out. I'm not worried. Adam has the huge privilege and responsibility to perform with this amazing band. It is the priority at this point and I'm ok with that. Adam will definitely learn a lot from performing before tens of thousands of people. That first huge outdoor show in Russia was just a taste of that experience.

Nanbert said...

!'m so happy that Queen and Adam Lambert are still an ongoing engagement. I dread the moment that Brian and Roger decide to "close shop". Queen and Adam Lambert is such a magnificent combination, and Adam has the very best "exposure" for his talents that he could hope for-- and I know he loves performing with them. Queen's music is perfect for him...and vice-versa.

glitzylady said...

Re the feasibility of Adam touring his new solo album, (as discussed in comments above): my assumptions (and guesses being that at this point we know very little about his new music i.e. release date of the first official single, last we heard: April i.e. this month and then the release date of the full album is still a question mark at this point..).

But from thinking about what we know so far, including what Adam's publicist, Shoshanna Stone, has said about what Adam will be doing for album promo: She said that Adam will be promoting his music in November and December 2019, (and perhaps earlier in the fall as well..) which makes sense as that's when a lot of the radio station music promo shows are, and very similar to his last album (The Original High), released in May 2015. His solo tour, The Original High Tour, which happened world wide between December 31, 2015 (in Singapore) and concluded on May 6, 2016, with a total of 57 shows.

So, it would seem that perhaps Adam will be fitting in some solo concerts of his own (we hope...) perhaps Spring & Summer 2020, perhaps into Fall as well.. depending upon future QAL shows.....

With no doubt some other QAL tours mixed in there in Winter (with the already announced shows in Australia in February 2020, and the unofficially announced "Far East" shows beginning at some point later on, perhaps immediately after the Australian shows conclude in late Feb.), and perhaps into the Spring... and ??

It has been said that Brian May and Roger Taylor are also very supportive of Adam's own solo music & career so I have complete faith that Adam WILL tour his own music next year as well. He's going to be a VERY VERY busy man for sure in both 2019 and 2020, and no doubt beyond.. With Queen and himself..

Angeladam said...

I really hope he manages to get his album out and a solo tour, while everyone is still fresh from QAL, because Brian and Toger can't continually tour for ever ?

Nanbert said...

It would definitely be great if Adam could get his album out before the Rhapsody tour starts, so that it can be offered in the merchandise sold at the QAL concerts....along with his earlier albums.

Dee R Gee, I agree wholeheartedly with you that it's good that Adam is keeping QAL a priority at the moment. His exposure (and future fans) will be enormous...especially since QAL seems to be moving into the largest venues available.

Besides, I LOVE his singing and performing with Queen....a blend of TWO PERFECTIONS!

Just think....Brian and Roger have had the great luck to perform with the TWO BEST FRONTMEN of their generations....Freddie and Adam! Just as Freddie and Adam have been just as fortunate to perform with such enormous talents as Brian and Roger. Also, I think that Spike and Neil make a huge contribution, too....unsung heroes!

It looks unlikely that Queen and Adam will ever write new music together, but I hope their union will be memorialized in something permanent...that we can BUY and KEEP....hopefully that upcoming TV documentary scheduled at the end of the month.

Sue Smith said...

Adam has come a billion miles since AI.
He was so very good on idol only reason I watched it. But holy cow all the experiance with Queen songs and his own songs have made Adam a top notch master class phenomenal vocalist.
I am so,so proud of him.

Sunflower said...

Ok then Adam with his solo tour for next year does make sense from the reasons I read above.