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Adam Lambert's IG story photo : Benedict Cork / Fan art 2019-05-29

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Posted at : Thursday, May 30, 2019

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Mi Re La said...
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Mi Re La said...

Adam Lambert talks touring with Queen, his new album and finding love

Lam-My said...

So Benedict Cork can sing! Not bad too. I recall he made a short video with Pharaoh, scratching on the sofa in Adam's old home:

Benedict Cork IG video 2018:

Good morning Pharaoh Boy! Scratching so hard; Mmm maybe dust mites or an allergy but that's okay, your Daddy pays such minute details to your welfare.

Good morning Lam-My! Today a new Uncle is staying in my house. He is recording me on his IG. He's a nice guy, well, as a matter of fact, all my Uncles are such loving people and they love me, treat me like a real friend not just a doggie. 

What's the difference?

Well, they talk to me as if I were human, like what you do, although half the time, I don't know what you are saying Ooooeeh! But I can feel the love and concern you are communicating to me.

Yes, Pharaoh, even though I'm on the other side of the globe, I can feel your presence very close...strange.
So what's up?

Nothing much except running around my huge compound, Daddy's beautiful home; I know every nook and corner now.
We'll probably be going down to Runyon and do some running, my poetry in motion.
Uncle Benedict and Daddy are very happy together, maybe they can make music.

Phara Phara ! ...Awwwwww...

Yes, Uncle Benedict, what do you want from me...


(March 26, 2018 at 5:18 pm)

Sunflower said...

Lam-My I agree this guy can sing and just the bit we hear, sounds to me like a nice song even if it's about heartbreak.

Lam-My said...

Adam talks about Velvet, New Eyes and his full circle in making music, like the first time; not about what is trendy but his own spirit, heart...

Click on video.

Lam-My said...

Sunflower, yes, quite a unique voice, great tone and power to hit the difficult notes.

Lam-My said...

Lino DiSalvo @LinoD 13h ago

Got it !! Just received the official toy from @playmobil ✨✨All hail, Emperor Maximus !! ✨✨ @adamlambert #PlaymobilTheMovie #AnimationVilians #Animation #MovieToys

Lam-My said...

When Adam first brought Pharaoh home around Dec 2016...the look / Pharaoh's countenance and now:

Lam-My said...

According to someone who attended a taping, Adam is set to appear in the RuPaul Show, premiering on June 10th! πŸ‘€ @AdamL_Daily 1h ago

@RuPaul @adamlambert THANK YOU FOR THE BEST DAY EVER!! πŸ’•πŸ’•

Lam-My said...

Wah, Pharaoh! Looking regal sitting on your King's lap on the throne.

So natural surrounded by foliage

Interview @AdamLambert covers everything from the first time he got drunk to what it's like being a gay icon:... Via @BritishGQ ... @AdamL_Daily 1h ago

@AdamLambert on Instagram Stories from tonight: Congrats on the art show Tony Devoney

@AdamL_Daily 2h ago

Lam-My said...

Helloo Pharaoh, your highness, you are looking so calm and wise, with all the movement going on and cameras shining on you. I think you feel your Daddy's looove...

Ni hao Lam-My, yes when Daddy holds me close to him, I feel so protected; the above photo you posted when Daddy first brought me home, you can see I looked lost like not even sure if the man looking down at me would scold me or beat me; but right from the get-go, I liked him already, like when he says Hi-i!

Wah! now you are actually a Rockstar on GQ magazine; so handsome and stoic, you give your immaculate Daddy a run for the money literally haw haw!

δ½ ζœ‰εΎˆε€šε…³εΏƒε’Œηˆ± ni yeo hern duo guan seen her ai

(δ½ ζœ‰ ni yeo / you have .. 很倚 hern duo / a lot .. ε…³εΏƒ guan seen / care .. ε’Œ her / and .. 爱 i / love)