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Adam Lambert's IG story photo : Selfie / The countdown has started. 2019-05-06

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Posted at : Tuesday, May 07, 2019

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glitzylady said...

The countdown is over actually.... but anyway....

Dee R Gee said...

So, let's see.

We have the single release on May 15.
The Idol finale on May 19 (performing single, we presume).
GMA appearance on June 28 (performing single, we presume).
QAL US tour beginning July 10 and ending August 23. Maybe more shows to be added?
Playmobil US debut August 30 (with maybe some Adam promo?)

QAL in Asia and OZ Jan 25-Feb 29, 2020. Maybe more shows to be added.

So, September 2019 through the holidays is a gap. What do we expect will happen during this time? A solo tour? Likely or unlikely? We'd like to assume that a solo tour will happen.

Sunflower said...

Haha Adam and that tongue of his!

glitzylady said...

@Dee R Gee
Adam's publicist Shoshanna Stone said that he'll being using the time after the QAL North America Tour (November & December were specifically mentioned by her but perhaps more too, earlier on...) for promotion of his own music. If it loosely follows the pattern of the last album i.e. "The Original High", he'll be doing some one offs and a certain amount of radio station promo shows with other artists.. For instance like the ones he did in San Diego and Las Vegas in Dec. 2015 (both of which I thankfully attended!), plus others. And perhaps making the rounds of some TV talk shows, etc. etc.. here and perhaps in other parts of the world. With the QAL tour beginning again in at the end of January, ending in Feb., hoping that gives Adam more time to do an actual solo tour, perhaps beginning in April 2020. But who knows for sure as there will undoubtedly be more QAL in Europe and perhaps Asia & South America sometime that year (or the next). I'm hoping there is a gap between starting up the QAL tours again which will give Adam time for his music (and selfishly speaking, for us to hear it perhaps even live..).. Hard to say... Definitely want him to have time for that and I know that Brian & Roger have said they want Adam to be able to do his own music & tours too.. So now, we wait.. patiently.. Hahahaha!

Dee R Gee said...

glitzy, You're right, of course. We had already heard that he would use the Sept.-Dec. window to do some promo. As you say, hope it's some network TV and some radio promo, and more. I think his profile is pretty high right now. Kennedy Honors, Oscars, AI, have all helped. I agree that the most logical time for a solo tour would be April-ish, 2020 after all the QAL shows are over and after he has a bit of time to catch his breath and put a tour together. Tours have to be scheduled and arranged well ahead of time, so the plans for his own tour may have to be in progress while he's on tour with Queen.

Adam is in that enviable but peculiar position that forces him to keep his own music on the back burner for much longer than normal. And he is doing that because his major fame and income has come from being the front man for what has turned out to be the biggest major classic rock band comeback in history. It's been a high-value, well-deserved and well-compensated priority in his life. Solo tours will come when they come. I am enjoying Adam's whole career in all its facets no matter what order they come in.

Rosepetal said...

I love Adam with Queen and I love Adam doing his own music. Basically as long as I can hear me sing I’m good.