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UPDATED With Actual "Haircut" Glimpse! Adam Lambert's Instagram Story Video: "CHANGING IT UP" (Adam At The Hairdresser's)

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Saturday, May 25, 2019

Posted at : Saturday, May 25, 2019

Adam Lambert's Instagram Story Video: "CHANGING IT UP" (Adam At The Hairdresser's)

*UPDATED with a quick view of Adam after his visit to the hairdresser! 

Click on the arrow in the video to see the full screen vid (at least the top of his head!)

*And we may be seeing a VERY quick and blurry glimpse of Adam in Javi's IG story after his "Change Up" i.e. new hair style, which appears to be quite a bit shorter.. (see the screen cap below the vid).. 

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Nanbert said...

Humm....still looks pretty long to me. Hope I'm it shorter than he's been wearing it recently...and straighter. However, I seem to be in the minority. Oh well...we'll see.

Patria said...

Good to see he's not bald.

glitzylady said...

Adam said "CHANGING IT UP" (his caps..) so guessing he's going somewhat shorter but I assume we'll know before too much longer.. I personally like it long, shorter, whatever he wants to do with it.. There have been a couple of styles and/or colors I wasn't 100% in love with (i.e. the bright red for the beginning of one of the QAL tours and the *interesting* cut he had for the EMA's years ago in Dublin with Queen) but he's still outstandingly handsome no matter what.. I WOULD be disappointed if he ever shaved it all off, as I'm not a fan of that on just about anyone.. but his hair, his choice..

I personally am guessing this is more of a moderate trim but we'll know soon I'm sure.. Anything is possible with Adam!

Patria said...

I really thought he would keep it long at least until the GMA summer concert. Makes me wonder what's on his calendar we haven't heard about yet. That's usually his incentive for a change.

Patria said...

o my gosh, could it be the "What's Going On" Point Foundation Benefit? haircut?

Mi Re La said...

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! NOT CUT YOUR HAIR.
With long hair you look like a real rock star.I hoped it would be long hair at the Queen tour.
OMG please, please, please do not be too short.

Adam had at all concerts with Queen short hair. My opinion is that a change in the sense of a very long hair appearance would have been very good.
I was hoping he will have patience and let her hair grow more than was now

Patria said...

Freddie Mercury was a Rock Star.

Sunflower said...

Well his hair did look short when he was looking for a new car. Doesn't bother me, short, long! I wish he would shave, sorry but I miss his clean face! BUT he looks sexy tho with a moustache and beard but I still miss his clean face.

Sunflower said...

What I meant Adams hair looked short when you see him drive on the street!

Mi Re La said...

Patria, In the 70's Freddie, Brian, Roger, John had long hair.Specific to this period is long hair. If Adam wants to evoke in his new album the 70s, I think long hair was a lot better.

The only change that Adam can do if he does not like how he was clipped now is to cut even shorter.
When you wait for a period of time to grow your hair, you do not adjust it so quickly.
Long hair can be arranged in many ways.

Patria said...

Sunflower, I also miss the clean face. I want to see his gorgeous face. The shorter the facial hair, the younger he looks.

In my humble opinion, Adam is a Rock Star because of his vocals. Changing up his look is who Adam is. He keeps it interesting and keeps us guessing.
I'm anxious to see how he dresses for the QAL tour because he says he has a stylist to help him with his clothes this time around. He's got to find a way to keep cool on the beastly hot stage. He can modify his hair, clothes and activity. His vocals have to maintain a powerhouse status.

Rosepetal said...

As always I’ll take him how ever I can get him.

Sue Smith said...

He still Adam, he still a rock star. I did love it long but still looks pretty long on top ect. Shorter in back.
Cant really tell here. Hope better picture coming.

Nanbert said...

Why are we getting clear photos of Javi....with only brief glimpses of Adam in them?

Rosemary White said...

Nanbert, you are not alone.
Sunflower and Patria, you're not alone either.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Well you all know me ... ANY way ADAM is happy is OK with me!! I'm with glitzylady about one or two that I wasn't particularly "fond" of ... the fire-engine RED he had on tour & when he was on tour with GlamNation & "shaved" his gorgeous hair on one side!! Those two made me GASP at first sight but I didn't really care because I knew ADAM would get tired of it before I even got used to it!! Oh!! that ADAM keeps my pace maker doing double time every time he says .. "Changin' it up"!! What now my LOVE?? Hey!! Just had a thought ... why not just use "extensions" when he wants his hair longer & put them away when he wants shorter hair"!?! Wonder if ADAM has "thunk" about that option yet!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Lambert Outlaw.....better yet, why not just use wigs? He certainly was wearing a wig in one of his recent photo shoots....long hair, because his own was too short for the look he and the photographer were going for. Female entertainers do it all the time.

However, THAT would really drive us all crazy, wouldn't it? Oh my! LOL