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From Gay Times: GORGEOUS PHOTO!! "Adam Lambert’s new single New Eyes is unlike anything we’ve heard from him before.."

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Posted at : Tuesday, May 14, 2019

From Gay Times: "Adam Lambert’s new single New Eyes is unlike anything we’ve heard from him before.."

A bit of lyric from the song: 
“Nah I wasn’t really seeing all the things I should see,” Adam croons in one part, before admitting on the chorus “I’ve been so good without your new eyes”.

LINK --> Adam Lambert’s new single New Eyes is unlike anything we’ve heard from him before – first listen review

And THIS PHOTO from the article (perhaps cover art??!!) of Adam Lambert  by @itstylerrowell!!!!!! OMG!! WOW!!! 

Photo by @itstylerrowell (misidentified in the article as @FranzSzony)

Some QUOTES from the article LINKED above: Read the entire review as it gives many more insights into the new official single "New Eyes"
Adam’s new single New Eyes is the first proper single from his upcoming album Velvet, indicating a new era for the American Idol’s pop journey. What’s immediately noticeable is the slower pace of the track, hearing Adam move away from the high energy of his previous material to a more dusty and dreamy pop landscape. There are the kind of swaying rawk-ish guitars you’d have expected to hear filling the air at Woodstock, along with a striding beat that gives it an almost Wild West quality

...we get to hear the soulful depth of his vocal ability, brining out a raspy texture in parts that complements the dusky composition of the track there’s a dreamy, psychedelic edge to Adam’s brand of pop that we haven’t heard from him before

Remember that "New Eyes" will release at midnight tonight 12 midnight Eastern Time, 9 PM Pacific
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LINK below
Adam Lambert "New Eyes" Official Single Release Worldwide

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Dee R Gee said...

Adamgasm alert!

The article says that Adam keeps his voice somewhat "contained" on this song. That is all well and good. I'm sure it's great. BUT, I don't want Adam to think that he shouldn't wow us with some killer full-range vocals. I want to hear some of those, too. I hope he has a few songs that really show off that voice full-tilt. Overall, I think this album will be full of surprises in the best way. A new rock feel, rich and full, with a little bit soul mixed in.

Dee R Gee said...

And looking at his outfit in this photo, I must say, when he named the album "Velvet," he wasn't kidding.

Mi Re La said...

Adam Lambert launches a new era with classic-rock inspired single New Eyes: First listen preview

glitzylady said...

We have already posted that Official Charts review here on Adam Lambert 24/7 News earlier today: check back on the blog post here:

From "": Adam Lambert's "Classic-Rock Inspired Single "New Eyes", an "Effortlessly Sleek Number"
Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mi Re La said...

Sorry Glitzylady!

glitzylady said...

We're all so exited!! Me too!

Mi Re La said...

Adam looks fabulous in this photo

Sunflower said...

I think I'm nervous! Having anxiety of waiting for Wednesday to come. I loved all that guitar sounds from the 70s, so I know I will love his new song/music! He looks sooo good in the 70s style.