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CONCERT REVIEW: Queen + Adam Lambert, Sunrise, FL (Miami - Ft. Lauderdale Area), August 17, 2019

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Posted at : Sunday, August 18, 2019

A combination of praise and skepticism from two different writers in the Miami New Times, the city's free independent newspaper, for the Queen + Adam Lambert concert which took place last night, August 17, 2019 at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida, located just outside Fort Lauderdale.

The first item below is the actual review from last night; the one below it was actually published about two weeks ago and was used as an advanced promo piece for the impending concert.

With the latter write-up, the writer presumably looked through YouTube videos of the 2014 concert, given that he mentions that Adam addresses the audience 'from a plush purple chaise lounge,' which was only used in that very first world tour.  He provides a sort of overview of the Q+AL concept combined with a mini-review of what he saw of it on video.

We almost hate to post these Miami New Times pieces as its editors appear to require its writers to include marked cynicism in all its reviews.  However, we are doing so for posterity and because, true, both do contain some praise for Adam and, to be fair, some of it really quite good.

The third item below is a separate photo gallery of last night's show from the same newspaper.

No review as yet from the city's main paper, the Miami Herald, but if and when one gets posted, we'll add to this post.

Miami New Times:
Queen + Adam Lambert's BB&T Center Concert
Celebrated Queen's Legacy

credit: Michele Eve Sandberg
"Lambert ... the perfect candidate for the job ... his vocal endurance was remarkable. His renditions of Queen's well-loved songs were impeccable throughout the show and constituted a marathon vocal performance that spoke to his truly rare talent as a singer."
"The three focal performers seemed to relish their collaboration and were backed by a solid group of musicians, all of whom shared amiable chemistry on stage."


Miami New Times:
Adam Lambert Is Not Freddie Mercury,
But He's Not Trying to Be

credit: Bojan Hohnjec
"Lambert, who is on his third world tour with Queen...does a damn fine job, all things considered.  Since forming Queen + Adam Lambert in 2011, he's proven himself a technically flawless singer with crystal-clear intonation and the ability to hit all the absurdly high notes. In fact, guitarist Brian May told Yahoo that Lambert has an even better range than Mercury: 'It’s a voice in a billion. Nobody has that range, nobody that I’ve ever worked with, not just the range but the quality throughout the range.'"

"Lambert also plays the role with plenty of flair, often appearing onstage wearing a crown or sassily addressing the audience from a plush purple chaise lounge. He's both campy and flamboyant — necessary qualities for the frontman of Queen."


Miami New Times:
Queen + Adam Lambert Rock the BB&T Center

credit: Michele Eve Sandberg


Nanbert said...

broddybounce....agree with your review of those reviews....except instead of them being a "combination of praise and scepticism", I'd describe it more as a combination of praise and IGNORANCE. The reviewers don't seem to understand WHAT QAL is...And seem to lean to "tribute" band out of lack of knowledge.

One of the reviewers pointed out Adam's speech, the "Opera" midsection of BoRhap with Freddie....not realizing that the "opera" section was ALWAYS played via video, even when Freddie was alive...and the Freddie Aay--Ooh in the finale...all tend to emphasize the tribute band concept to him evidentally.

The reviewer describes "Bohemian Rhapsody" as a ...."perfect distillation of what Queen and Adam Lambert could offer fans: A sing-along." !!!!!

At this point, I'll try to convey a thought that has been perculating in my mind for a very long time...and has turned up again due to that "sing-along" remark by the reviewer.

The famous "Live-Aid" performance of Freddie with Queen is often considered the best concert performance of all time. But the part that is actually considered most notable is the "call and response" section between Freddie and that huge audience. Moving, yes, but not actually about the music so much as about the "cheerleading" and crowd enthusiasm and participation....that's what's always emphasized about its uniqueness....certainly in the movie and videos.

Truthfully, QAL has experienced equally enthused and inter-active crowds in many of its I'm sure we have all seen....especially at the large festivals. Huge, packed crowds seem to greatly lend themselves to that...especially when augmented with a bit of "wine and weed".

Perhaps the reviewer felt that, based on the highly publicized Live-Aid performance, Queen was all about "sing-alongs"....when, actually, the MUSIC and MUSICIANSHIP is why Queen and Adam Lambert is so enormously successful.

broddybounce said...

Very well put, Nanbert! And, yes, probably more ignorance than skepticism indeed.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Well .. I tried to get through the article & had to remember that we were warned about the "left-handed" compliments they gave out not only to ADAM but the rest of the band!! I have a very difficult time with snide & snarky comments so I just decided to leave before the end .. like a bad movie!!

I'm quite satisfied with how I feel about QAL & no snot nosed reviewer half my age is going to change my mind so why should I give him the satisfaction of me wasting my time with FAKE NEWS & REVIEWS!!


tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Rosemary White said...

Nanbert, I don't agree that Queen's Live-Aid performance with Freddie was so hugely successful because of the Ay-Oh calls. With respect to whomever said it, that's pie in the sky stuff. It's Queen's MUSIC that continues their incredible legacy, not about "call and response". That really is clutching at straws and demeaning to Queen.

Nanbert said...

Rosemary White....that's just what I said.... "the MUSIC and MUSICIANSHIP is why Queen and Adam Lambert is so enormously successful."

Rosemary White said...

As an aside, at a recent Fleetwood Mac concert, they had a drum solo and an Ay-Oh call and response which they didn't have at the previous concert of theirs I attended. Wondering if that's just a coincidence. Maybe other bands do it too. In any event, Freddie started the Ay-Oh call and response at Queen's concerts way back when.