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Adam Lambert IG/Twitter Frenzy! (Sept. 27, 2019): Includes Adam in Times Square with VELVET in huge!

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Friday, September 27, 2019

Posted at : Friday, September 27, 2019


Nanbert said...

I love all these mini-videos of JUST Adam along with the excerpts of each song! Along with many others who have also preferred that the official videos simply show Adam most, if not all, the time....I find Adam to be "eye candy", as well as "ear candy"...the complete package!

Dee R Gee said...

Been listening to the songs and loving them more and more! Learning the lyrics makes a big difference. Can't believe Adam got up on that Times Square sign! That's the big-time! Keep up the streaming and viewing, everyone! This is a winner!

Angeladam said...

Favourite for me anyway is "Closer to you" wasn't sure at first but hey ho love this song !
Side A is very upbeat and quite commercial/pop sounding ( not quite what I was expecting TBH) as Adam said( in his numerous interviews,) that he wanted to strip his music right back and not really conform to what is in the charts and commercially sells ?, however very clever to continue from the 'dark videos' and the two already released tracks from side B( most likely ?) where he's handed his "Super power" from that 'lady 'in that sleazy nightclub LOL hope Superpower reaches high heights in music charts !

Sunflower said...

VELVET is filled with incredible songs! Each song has that thing that appeals to each one of us in a different way! I love ALL the songs however, if I was forced to choose I would pick LOVERBOY, because not only POP, ROCK those DISCO years, I listened to a lot of R&B music, still do to this day! I so could see Loverboy on the R&B Charts easliy, with all that soul he put in. Think Robin Thicke, his "Blurred Lines" made it on the R&B chart, so can Loverboy, in a snap! Stranger You Are is my second forced favorite! I say forced because all the other songs are sooooo good! Can't choose really only one song.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

All the songs have these mini videos of ADAM plus the lyrics of each song on Ytube!! GENIUS!! Still can't pick a favorite .. they all hit my sweet spot & I love them all in a different way!! Been chair dancing since they were released at midnight the 27th .. I cat nap in between RL & VELVET!! A thought came to me while I was sitting here listening to these GEMS ... wonder what the songs that didn't make the album sound like & is ADAM perhaps considering releasing another album Era 4 .. VELVET II?? Like I said .. I'm never satisfied .. I hope we get a taste of the rejects .. I'm sure they're too good to ignore!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw