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BILLBOARD: Adam Lambert VELVET Review and Interview and Podcast Guest!

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Friday, September 27, 2019

Posted at : Friday, September 27, 2019

Adam Lambert photographed on July 18, 2019 at Vista Studios in Los Angeles by David Needleman

Billboard magazine has always been a terrific supporter of Adam Lambert and his music — and they haven't lost any of that enthusiasm for Adam's latest EP, VELVET: SIDE A!  There are no less than three different pieces they just published featuring Adam.  

The first is a glowing review of VELVET!  The second is an interview (print only), focusing on Adam's inspirations for this EP/album.  And the third: he is one of the guests on this week's episode of First Stream Live, which is the magazine's new podcast which premiered earlier this month on

"Adam Lambert's 'Velvet: Side A' Is the Star's Best Work Yet" (article title)
"... Lambert oozes a kind of confidence that hasn't quite been seen in his past work..."
"Velvet is the right title for a project like this -- the sound is classic, the production is smooth, and the artist is basking in a rich, luxurious new sense of self-confidence.  It ... feels like a collection that could be Lambert's most definitive work to date."



Billboard's Taylor Weatherby interviews Adam about VELVET: SIDE A and other aspects of his career.   This is a print only interview, although there are a few snippets of the original phone interview she did with Adam which are featured on the podcast in the next section below.
"I’ve been in the creative driver’s seat more than I’ve ever been. There’s way less compromises that I’m having to make. I’ve worked with some amazing people in the major label system, and I’ve learned a lot. I just think it was really important to assert my independence on this one, and to prove to myself, more than anybody else, that this is a thing that I could do on my own."
"...the big difference is that I know my voice more now, and I know who I am as a person and as an artist. And I know my fans better now, so I know what I want to write about, and I know what they will connect with. Commercial success is awesome -- everyone loves it, me included -- but to have a sense of personal accomplishment [with a project], it’s a different type of satisfaction. I feel a big sense of pride in it."



First Stream Live is a brand-new podcast from Billboard which, this week, features portions of a phone interview with Adam Lambert by Billboard's Taylor Weatherby (for her article, linked in the section above) which is immediately followed by podcast hosts Chelsea Briggs & Fernando Ventura interviewing Taylor herself about her chat with Adam.  They also ask her for her impressions of VELVET as well as what's her favorite track on the EP.  Taylor

Unfortunately, Billboard and/or acast is not allowing for embedded players, so you can find the podcast at the bottom of the feature story in the first link below, or directly on the website, the second link below.  Adam's segment starts at 11:10 on the player and runs approximately four minutes.  (Note: you will need to first press 'play' in order for the slider and counter to appear.)

UPDATE (9/28/19): Our friend gelly414 has taken the audio from the podcast and put it into a YouTube video, below.


Sunflower said...

What wonderful reviews for Adam and VELVET! I feel the vibe, I mentioned in another thread that my first favorite is Loverboy! I listened to a lot of soul and R&B music in the 70s and Loverboy did it for me. Secondly Stranger You Are reminds me of the 80s British Invasion, loved the 80s too, so I love Stranger You Are! It's hard to say, ALL the songs are outstanding in their own way!