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Filed Under () by broddybounce on Friday, September 27, 2019

Posted at : Friday, September 27, 2019

The day we have been waiting for for four years has finally arrived: Adam Lambert's latest EP/album, VELVET: SIDE A, is here!

Here are 30-second preview clips of all six tracks, courtesy Spotify:

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We would love to hear your thoughts & comments on the album!


broddybounce said...

I absolutely LOVE these tracks, I love this sound for Adam so much ... definitely going to be some of my favorite recorded tracks of his career! I just love the choices he made for the overall sound, for the lyrics, for his interpretation of those lyrics, the way he phrases each line -- it's genius.

He so effectively fuses together various sounds of the '70s with the sound of TODAY.

I would say the track that most immediately (and literally) stopped me in my tracks (I listened to them all while walking my dog this morning!) was "Stranger You Are." The style, the beat ... and oh but Adam's VOICE! Pure, rich, soulful. It was all a beautiful surprise that I had not expected.

I think this is going to be one of his most successful albums and I have no doubt that this one is going to yield some terrific singles that will get airplay on the radio!

Nanbert said...

Yes, yes, yes,'s everything you say, and more. I didn't think it was possible, but Adam has shown us still MORE voices than we've heard before from him....each pristine! That gorgeous, agile, amazingly controlled voice of his has no boundaries...NONE!

I hope "Velvet" has the success it deserves....I think it will open a lot of eyes to Adam's amazing versatility and virtuosity.....fingers crossed that it gets lots of airtime! Oh my!

Patria said...

woah!, "Stranger You Are" has got the edge for me too. Probably alternate as time goes on because all are awesome.

Dee R Gee said...

Just listened to each song. Love each one, and here are my thoughts. Stranger You Are is another hit in the making, IMO. Yes, that pure, rich voice is everything. Also loved Closer To You. Kind of a story there. Overglow is beautiful, too. And Loverboy is sexy and uptempo.

But I absolutely ADORE "READY TO RUN" because it is so bluesy and sensual. That one is a real standout to me.

Of course, the lyrics to the songs are not yet clear, but that will come after many listens. And I know we'll get printed lyrics before long. Adam has a winner on his hands! There was a good review yesterday and I hope there will be more very soon. This is a VERY good album.

PLEASE purchase it if you haven't already! Spin and stream all you can. This is a winner that deserves to climb the charts!

Sue Smith said...

Brilliant is not even a strong enough word for it. I love every single track cannot say one negative thing about any one of these songs absolute genius. Buy stream do everything you can. He so deserves the world for this music.
The vocals are unbelievable. Only can imagine how they will sound live because the vocals are flat out crazy amaizing on this side A album of Adam's.
To me every single song is so good I cannot even pick a favorite. Just Wow.

Sue Smith said...

Purchased on google play. Also have Amazon music. Cant believe it. That radio getting in the station I used to hear in clear. Have no idea what stations that going to be on the radio the Citizen festival. I do have MSNBC it is a 6 hr program.

Jean Renard said...

OK, I will start with just a few comments. "CLOSER TO YOU" is so AMAZING that I actually teared up. I can already imagine it being sung at beautiful weddings. The passion with which he sings it is devastating to the heartstrings. Adam, darling, you can do those romantic ballads like no other. Please, some movie producer out there, put this masterpiece in a movie to forever capture its haunting essence.........Next! "OVERGLOW"! I can just picture James Bond, after one of his passionate nights of love, perched in a snazzy convertible, driving along the ocean, with the wind in his hair, the typical mysterious beauty snuggled close to him, AND, this song playing on the radio! May I reiterate, please, some movie producer out there, put this masterpiece in a movie!.........OK, you get my drift? These tracks on Velvet: Side A are all movie material - they just cannot go unnoticed. To this day, I play SLEEPWALKER because it was ethereal, it stirred the soul! OMG, I wish Adam the best with the release of these tracks. No wonder QUEEN fell in love with our boy. Adam will always belong to his Glamberts and QUEEN. I know we have to share him but, he knows he belongs to us (OK, I guess the Universe). Jean Renard

Nanbert said...

FYI....Adam was supposed to be on MNSBC's ":The Beat" with Ari Melber between 6:00 - 7:00. He was on very briefly....but Ari said that due to so much big news in Washington, their more detailed interview would be at the beginning of the Global Citizens festival on MSNBC at 4:00 in Central Park.

Sue Smith said...

Yes I saw that. I was scared he wouldn't be due to what's happening in Washington. I will catch it tomorrow. But thank you Nanbert kind of you to tell is. I did see that bit he was on.

Sue Smith said...

That was tell us not is.

Sunflower said...

Had to wait for a few hours to post, there's a severe rainstorm and my Wi-Fi wasn't working. Now to VELVET! Oh my freaking God! Every song is incredible! Adam has captured the sounds of the 70s my era! All the songs deserve to be singles played on the radio. Love all but if I had to choose, Loverboy has that R&B sound and I say it's the sexiest track! Stranger You Are is my second choice! Closer to You made me cry! I see GRAMMY AWARD for VELVET! Still waiting for my pre order to come in.

Nanbert said...

I preordered, too, Sunflower....but was told that it wouldn't be shipped until October 11th. My guess is that it doesn't matter where you ordered it from, Oct. 11th is when they'll start being shipped. Can't wait! "Velvet A" is fantastic! Haven't got a favorite yet....I keep changing my mind!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I Love them ALL too!! Can't pick a favorite ... each one just grabs me from the first note .. I haven't heard anything so brilliant like this since the days of Bee Gees & those bands back then but I have to say as good as they were .. our ADAM is better than all of them ... all of them!! Can't wait for Side B!! And next week is Kelly & Ryan TV Show & then The Talk on the 10th ... too bad I won't be able to watch QUEEN & ADAM on MSNBC tomorrow ... had my cable disconnected .. costs too much for the amount of time I spend in front of it so I'm depending on someone to post it here or on Ytube!! It's a big event so I'm pretty sure someone will sooner or later!! Just kept my internet & phone .. may even drop the phone later .. no one calls me that much .. only robo calls & phishing .. pain in the butt!! Well ... I've bitched enough for now .. back to Ytube & Spotify for more ADAM Brilliance!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Sunflower said...

Nanbert...Oct. 11? Ugh sounds too long for me to wait. I haven't received a notice but if it's Oct. 11 ok then as long as I get it. Sigh Lambert Outlaw sorry to hear you won't be able to watch the Global Citizens Festival, I'm sure there'll be plenty of videos afterwards. I read on Twitter a few days ago Lambert Outlaw that the The Talk Oct. 10 show will be taped to be viewed at a later date. Adam will be there, but we won't see this particular show until later.