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BBC NEWS: Adam Lambert: 'Coming Out Is An Act Of Defiance'

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Posted at : Wednesday, October 02, 2019

BBC News on their website interviews Adam Lambert about a wide range of subjects, October 2, 2019.  This is a print-only interview.
"...there is power in coming out. The act of declaring your sexuality publicly, once you're a public figure, is an act of defiance in some ways, and it's also a form of activism."


Patria said...

I've gotten so I don't read or listen to all the interviews but I did read this one. I totally agree with Adam's politics.

I was talking politics with my son about mayor Pete and he says no one cares about whether or not someone is gay anymore. He's never cared so assumes no one else does. I wish he was right.

"In hindsight I realise there is power in coming out. The act of declaring your sexuality publicly, once you're a public figure, is an act of defiance in some ways, and it's also a form of activism."
This statement, to me is proof of constant inner turmoil and confusion from the moment a person realizes they don't fit the 'norm'. It also makes me feel that I truly know the meaning of 'Out and Proud'. And the need to be 'loud' about it.

I didn't know the story behind Believe and the Kennedy Center. I'm sooo glad Adam won. The results were perfect in every way.

Sunflower said...

Regarding that photo of Adam and his ex, I thought at the time, so what who cares if he's kissing his (ex) boyfriend! It didn't bother me at all, It angered me more that someone wanted to sabotaged Adam's amazing performances on Idol by calling him out! Ooh Adam Lambert is gay!, is what I imagined people said, big deal I thought he's as human as everyone else! I had 2 gay cousins on my mom's side and have 2 2nd cousins on my dad's side and nothing was made of it! My relatives are living normal lives, with one of the cousin couple want to marry but it's illegal in Indiana but we All are family! Obviously there's still opposition! Sigh

Nanbert said...

Patria and Sunflower... like you, and many others, I was rather neutral to the subject. I just knew that some people were "wired" differently, but was at least enlightened to the fact that they were BORN that way. It wasn't until I became a fan of Adam (on American Idol) that I really began to focus on the problems, trials and mistreatments against the LGBTQ community.

Adam really opened my eyes by being unabashedly HIMSELF. I admired him for his courage in the face of such discrimination, and I made it a point to find out more about LBGTQ's.

My first stumbling point was with the phrase "Out and Proud". I wondered, "Why Proud? I'm straight, but I'm not "proud" about it...I just AM! Actually, that expression bugged me for a long time....until I came to realize that in this case "PROUD" is the OPPOSITE OF ASHAMED... in other words, NOT just "being exceptionally pleased with oneself"!

Now, Adam takes us all one step further....with "Superpower" and in his current interviews....encouraging all the "others" to find their self-pride and stand up for themselves... whatever their personal problems and differences. And he also includes the current distressing political climate in our country.

If everyone felt like Adam, we'd be in a lot better place right now!

And, by the way, I just love that absolutely brilliant, level-headed Mayor Pete! Haha....I wonder... if he were elected President, would we call him President Mayor Pete?

Patria said...

Ha ha ha, 'President Mayor Pete'. I don't know about that but I'd be deliriously happy to be able to call him My President.

Nanbert, good explanation of proud=not ashamed. It appears when a person gets the courage to come out, they automatically start feeling a new kind of power and the feeling just grows. I expect Pete and Chasten are influencing the LGBTQ people in a huge positive way.

I'm looking forward to Adam's charitable foundation. If you're reading this Adam, I'll pitch in. Please make contributing easy. I'm a simple person.