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VARIETY: Concert Review: On Holiday From Queen, Adam Lambert Is Still a Killer

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Monday, December 23, 2019

Posted at : Monday, December 23, 2019

credit: Erik Simander/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock
From Hollywood trade newspaper, Variety: review of Adam Lambert's concert at Los Angeles' El Rey Theatre, December 21, 2019.

"...he sounded like a dream — no surprise to the faithful who continue to wonder, with good reason, why he still isn’t one of the biggest superstars in pop."


Dee R Gee said...

Really good review! All the well-deserved accolades. And the perennial question of why he isn't one of the biggest names in pop, venue-wise, is still the million-dollar question.

BTW, "underplay" means that the artist chooses a smaller venue on purpose, not necessarily because they can't fil a larger one. I hope Adam's real solo tour fills his usual mid-size venues with packed houses and crowds who love his every move. Can't happen soon enough!

creamtangerine said...

Adam Lambert and Queen need to play at the super bowl. Or Adam alone. That would be real good exposure. It always seems like the same old people are at these rewards shows, and the super bowl. Move over here comes Adam Lambert.

Arthas said...

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well and i wish you happy holiday.

I've been meaning to say this here for a long time now. I've been introduced to the concept of "reaction videos" for over a year now and I'm really enjoying it. Especially the ones on Adam's performances.

Now i know some of you may already know about this, but i just wanted to emphasize how important and influential these youtube videos are right now. Because many subscribers tend to watch every reaction video a certain channel puts out just for the sake of entertainment and through these, based on the comments, many of them get introduced to the artists' works that the admin is reacting to.

There are a bunch of 'Adam Lambert Reaction' videos on youtube right now which i think not only they are immensely entertaining to watch, but also a very good way to garner attention towards Adam and his work through liking, commenting, sharing and also very importantly by requesting!

Please notice that apart from the musical and professional aspect of this many of the channels love to have a high number on their views and their likes, so they will do it more often if a certain artist is garnering these views for them and i think that would be a superb platform for Adam.

So if you were interested there are many out there (all you have to do is search 'Adam Lambert Reaction' but here are some of the most viewed channels and some of my own favorites:

P.S. Make sure to check out some of Kennedy Centre's Believe reaction... people go nuts over it, some of them even choke up! However, this is one of the funnier ones that came out the day after the performance and is just HILARIOUS!!! :))

Arthas said...

OH MY GOD... we are both crying! :(((
Watch this one

He is reacting to Closer To You Live Sessions!

Guys if you agree, let's push Closer To You out there as much as possible. I think it's great timing with the CBS Special airing right now.

wow... i'm literally in tears over seeing this dude's reaction and rediscovering for myself how beeeeautiful and soulful Adam sang this!

Mi Re La said...


Dee R Gee said...

I hope CTY becomes the next single, although we have Side B coming out and he may choose something from that. CTY is quickly becoming an Adam Classic, along with SP.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

Sunflower said...

Can't wait for Adam to tour for VELVET Side A! Yes I find it a " mystery " as to why Adam isn't where he deserves to be! One day it'll happen just as long we don't have to wait another 10 years. I also watch those Reaction videos and add my comments on them too! Happy Holidays to you Mi Re La and all my other glam sisters/brothers! Where I live the weather is absolutely gorgeous, if only my Winters were always this beautiful and not cold, so no White Christmas for me. Please Come Home For Christmas" has already reached 3 million streams on Spotify! ❤

Sue Smith said...

Merry Christmas to all my Glamsisters.
Have a very peaceful and happy holiday season. Thanks to Mi Re La and all who post, so many things about Adam.

Mi Re La said...

Merry Christmas Sue!
This Christmas I wore the "Velvet" T-shirt with Adam picture

Sue Smith said...

So glad you finally received that shirt
Mi Re La. I bet you looked great in it.
Going to have our Christmas Saturday.