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Queen + Adam Lambert in Brisbane: Lots Of Tweets!

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Friday, February 14, 2020

Posted at : Friday, February 14, 2020

A whole lotta love for Queen + Adam Lambert after their concert in Brisbane on February 13, 2020 — and a handful of other tweets from the past two weeks or so thrown in for good measure.  The first one is from TEG Dainty — that's the Australian promoter who is presenting the tour in Australia and NZ.  There are also several from our good friend Gelly (thank you!).


Dee R Gee said...

A fabulous Adam overload this morning! That Dunedin show was an historic even. I've seen other artist perform in the rain, even QAL, but this downpour just gave the guys strength beyond all measure. Each one gave 1,000% and more. And Adam's vocals in this situation were a miracle of vocal prowess!

PLEASE tell me! In which song was Adam on his knees? I seem to have missed that moment for some reason. Help! I want to show someone a few vids and I didn't see that part.

Angeladam said...

Fantastic comments and so well deserved !!, it must have been hard to put on such an amazing show in that deluge, lesser groups would have cancelled, but these guys would never let their fans down.Hope they all had a soak in a hot bath afterwards, to stop them getting colds !

Dee R Gee said...

Never mind. I found those moments in WWL where Adam was on his knees. Don't know how I missed it before. Shades of Fantasy Springs.

A little musing about ROSES. I love the song! That one line "you left your hat on the windowsill" reminded me of one of my favorite blues songs, "You Can Leave Your Hat On" by Joe Cocker. Very sexy, bluesy song. I would love to hear Adam perform it sometime. I kind of fits in with his current sound.

Nanbert said...

Oh My....The world has just witnessed another ICONIC "Singing in the Rain"!!!!!

In my case, it's especially poignant, since in my teens I was an avid fan of Gene Kelly....whose fantastic dance "Singing in the Rain" is burned into my brain, and is still definitely iconic in the entertainment world.

Now, we have another one! We could call it...."Great talent overcomes the elements"!.....or...."Soggy Iconic Entertainers I have known and loved!" hehe.

Whatever!.... Adam's "Singing in the Rain" is epic! is Queen's playing! So was Gene's dancing! I've been fortunate to witness all of it!!!!!

P.S. Adam's hair looks really cute...all wet and hanging down in his face. Also, why doesn't his makeup run?

Dee R Gee said...

I agree, Nanbert, his hair looks so cute all wet and floppy. There's nothing that can happen to that hair that can make it not cute.

As for his make-up, Adam once referred to his make-up as "spackle" so I think his stage make-up is pretty rain-proof.

broddybounce said...

Nanbert — did you particularly like the tweet above from "Jessica"....? :)

Sunflower said...

It's unanimous Whole Lotta Love is a hit! Now to guess if it'll be sung throughout the rest of the tour? Yes his wet hair wasn't only cute it was HOT! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Many Twitter comments including mine agreeing Adam looked Hot and Sexy all wet! ❤ QAL were amazing singing out in this torrential rain, yes they used protection but still. There was a "clown" on Twitter comparing QAL with Prince on how Prince once sang out in a mansoon in Miami with his band getting wet, I rather QAL be safe than sorry in getting electrocuted, stupid clown. All the reviews are just fantastic!

Rosemary White said...

Last night, I posted 4 Brisbane reviews on the "Adam Lambert on Australia's "Random 30 Countdown" Radio Show" thread if anyone is interested in reading them ....

Nanbert said...

Broddybounce....I looked again, and I see that Jessica is also of the mind that Adam doesn't need to point out (apologize?) that he isn't Freddie. My God! he's proven himself over hundreds of concerts.
I know I'll ruffle some people's feathers, but I believe Adam is a better frontman for Queen....his voice IMO far surpasses Freddie's...his stage presence is more in keeping with the music....he is certainly delightfully flamboyant (without being downright weird), and he has a marvelous sense of humor. He has extraordinary charisma, on or off stage, for audiences and has enhanced the warmth and interplay among the band. I don't remember seeing much interplay between Freddie and the rest of the band during their performances....or the joy!

Last, but not least, from all accounts Freddie, and/or his voice did not have the stamina, or discipline, to sing consistently Queen's voice-shredding music on a regular concert tour, and they occasionally had to cancel concerts. Adam is much more professional, and cares properly for his voice to maintain its stamina and superb quality for Queen.

Just my opinion, of course, but where else to give it but on Adam Lambert 24/7!

Nanbert said...

An aside....I guffawed at one of the reviewer's description of the rain at the concert....."the type of rain where you buy three beers but end up drinking twelve!"

It took me a couple of seconds to envision that...before I erupted!

Rosemary White said...

With respect, Nanbert, you've never been to a Queen concert where Freddie was the lead singer so you're not in a position to judge his stamina, nor the joy or otherwise the concert-goers felt. You've only seen clips on YouTube which don't give a true indication of what a concert is like of any artist/s. Furthermore, you don't know if nor how he cared for his voice. Diehard Freddie/Queen fans would refute your opinion vigorously but, like everyone else, you're entitled to your opinion.

About Adam's "elephant in the room" speech, following the huge success of the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody", there are more and more attendees at Queen's concerts who may never have heard of Adam but have knowledge of Freddie and Queen, and I imagine that's the reason he continues to do it. I've read tweets where people have said they really appreciate it and think highly of him for doing it, and hopefully they'll be inclined to check out Adam's own music.

Dee R Gee said...

There is nothing objective about the Freddie/Adam comparison. It's 99% emotion and loyalty to the one you are most committed to. We can pick apart little details about vocal quality and stamina, etc. Brian and Roger have both spoke about those things before. Charisma and stage presence are a matter of opinion and, again, a matter of loyalty.

Adam's got the gig, period. Apparently, millions of people love him doing it. Even most Freddie die-hards. Nobody can replace Freddie as Freddie. And Adam certainly has never tried. Adam is himself and thank God for that.

Dee R Gee said...

And I am thrilled at how Adam's calendar is filling up with performances and appearances and interviews for his SOLO music. That's the best news of all!

Nanbert said...

Rosemary, sorry if I offended you. And yes, I never saw Queen with Freddie live. Have you? My comparison's have been made by comparing Freddie/Adam video by video and song by song, thanks to Youtube...and recordings.

I have become an avid Queen fan BECAUSE of Adam, and LOVE their music. Because of him, I purchased Queen albums "The Greatest Hits" I, II and III, but find I greatly prefer hearing Adam's voice in those iconic songs.

Adam's voice just strikes MY PERSONAL "TUNING FORK". His agile, pitch-perfect, versatile, soaring, many-colored, LIVE, gorgeous voice just ovewhelms ALL others, dead or alive, matter WHAT he sings!

As Dee R Gee commented above..."There's nothing objective about the Freddie/Adam comparison". So true. Peace!

Mi Re La said...

Nanbert I agree with you.
I consider Adam's voice much better than Freddie's.I was a Freddie fan but now I adore Adam.
The audience seemed to enjoy Freddie's concerts better because there were no cell phones and people were more involved in the show.
I think Freddie was never fantastic on stage. He appeared quite naked on stage without having an impressive body and he had a few moves he kept repeating.Freddie could not sing live many songs in the original key (Adam can all) and there were long periods when he could not sing at all.Due to the fact that Freddie is dead people tend to overestimate him.
My husband who has music training and who listened to many vocalists in his life considers Adam the best he has ever heard

Nanbert said...

Mi Re's true, everyone becomes a "Saint" AFTER they die. But in all fairness, Freddie WAS an extraordinary talent.

I just happen to think Adam is better in.... voice, performance, costumes, personality and looks! Certainly a lot of that is a question of personal taste. But besides you and I,...and your husband.... fortunately there are MANY others who also feel the same.

Unfortunately, Adam has had a long hill to climb, with so many die-hard Freddie fans who will never accept him. But he has finally even been making inroads into the Freddie fans little by little. There's simply no denying his stupendous talent! And there's no denying that Brian and Roger are thrilled to have him performing their brilliant music with them.

In the meantime, we can just sit back and enjoy!

Sue Smith said...

I'm 71 I've never been so taken with any talent like I am with Adam. He is simply the most charismatic singer I've ever seen. He never struggles on any high notes. He has crazy stamina singing at times several concerts with very little rest. I've heard a few say the songs sound different. They sound different because they are all sung in the correct key. I've also heard other people say that about him singing in the right key.
Adam is Adam and Freddie was Freddie. They were 2 different musicians both very talented. I do much prefer Adam and no I have not gone to a FM concert but I have heard records and saw videos. I am also going by things Brian and Rodger have remarked about FM and Adam.
Adam does a spectacular job and he extremely humble about the entire thing.
Adam is a lovely person but Adam's going to do what Adam wants to. That goes for clothes, hair, shoes and speeches. I love him dearly and if making that speech make him feel better then I think he will continue to do it.Some agree with it some do not. There are alot of new ones coming to see the shows. In actuality all the people at these concerts have to do is listen to a few songs. After just a few different types of songs it is quite apparent Adam is fantastic.

Rosemary White said...

Whatever Freddie did or didn’t do on stage, millions of people loved him and continue to love him. He’s regarded as the greatest rock singer/frontman of all time. Not my words – it seems to be a general consensus, even though he’s no longer alive.

I was talking with a young lass recently who mentioned she has tickets to a QAL concert. I said I wondered how she knows about Queen at her age. Her reply was “Freddie Mercury”. I was going to ask her about Adam but her ‘phone rang and unfortunately, that was the end of the conversation.

Queen & Adam - the “Fight Fire Australia Concert” - just happened ....... WHOA!!!!!!!!! :-D

Angeladam said...

Rosemary White, I totally agree with you, I'm not going to restart a disagreement I had a while back with others on here,(you know who you are !!)not you Rosemary btw, you were very supportive !

There was and only EVER will be one Freddie Mercury, even Adam admits it !! and that's why he still says his "Freddie speech" and IMO should do at every QAL concert. ! had he not died when he did, I'm certain Queen would still be performing around the World, as are the Rolling Stones, Whitesnake, etc etc all in the same age group. both of whom I've seen in recent couple of years and will again see this year and still deliver !

I once had my admiration for Adam questioned quite nastily on here for not totally hero worshipping Adam in everything he does,I don't totally hero worship any one apart from my family, he IS unquestionably the best singer around right now and has been since American Idol and certainly could ( as I've said before) front any of the legendary rock bands around.

I speak from experience of Freddie's incredible presence on stage (lucky enough to be there at Live Aid July 1985, and Knebworth, but I continue to support QAL on tour as I do love their performances and love seeing Adam in action ! Queen's Live Aid performance cannot ever be 'upped' by anyone ever (IMO)

Adam with Queen now are the best rock band of today, others are of course entitled to their opinions of who is better Freddie or Adam, myself I don't think anyone can compare two similar but at the same time totally different personalities. I certainly won't !

Angeladam said...

Rosemary White just watched their performance at the "Fire Fight Australia" concert, absolutely incredible !QAL were without a doubt The best act performing !! the crowd all wanted much more that the 26 minutes allocated, (was near to tears when they included that iconic Freddie moment was lovely they included him) Adam was outstanding and loved his speech to the crowd !! What an amazing man he is !

Sue Smith said...

Adam is an amaizing man. When you shower praise on some artist in most cases it does not mean its Idol worship. It just means you are so in awe of him, his talent and the human being he is. In my case and most people coming to the site I believe that is the case.
Like I said above Adam is Adam and Freddie was Freddie two different artists and great talents. Adam is fronting Queen and doing a remarkable job because Freddie no longer with us. None of us really know what would have happened if Freddie M had not passed.
Yes he very well may have still been with the band.
Unfortunately he passed away. It has not been an easy road for Adam. However most all people are coming out of these
Concerts in awe of him. It's not easy to follow a legend.
I'm not on this site to argue that's my feelings I am a Adam fan for life. You all have the right to your opinions and I respect that. I have opinions if it differs from some it's not the end of the world is it. It's just a difference of opinion.

Sue Smith said...

I messed up the spacing of a couple sentences above.

Sue Smith said...

Just watched the fire fight Australia
Set it was simply wonderful. The band was fantastic Adam was out of this world amaizing. His speech was very, very good QAL what a remarkable performance they wanted much more of them. Do not blame them!

Nanbert said...

Of course there was one, and only one, Freddie Mercury......Just as there is one, and only one Adam Lambert! The only reason they are being compared at all is because they were/are singing the same songs with the same band.

Just as I preferred Pavarotti over Placido Domingo, did not diminish Domingo's value. It only was my own personal preference....something in the voices effected me differently.

It is the same with taste, vision....all the physical sensations....interpreted differently by each doesn't usually become insensed because you like beer and don't care for wine....or prefer steak to porkchops....or hate chartreuse but love violet, etc. etc..

Rosemary White said...

Nanbert … off topic … Pavarotti is my absolute fave male classical singer and I love Placido Domingo too.

Nanbert said...

Rosemary....Yeah, what's NOT to love about Pavarotti....I miss him! But Domingo's a close second.