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NEW VIDEO! Adam Lambert, Brian May & Roger Taylor, "You Are The Champions" — New 'Lockdown' Version Benefitting WHO

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Thursday, April 30, 2020

Posted at : Thursday, April 30, 2020

Turns out there is no new full recording of "You Are The Champions" with all six members of Queen + Adam Lambert as we were guessing (hoping for) in another post.  However, this is still absolutely wonderful — the recording that Adam Lambert, Brian May and Roger Taylor did last week but now professionally mixed & mastered and set to images from around the world of first responders and people on the front lines of the pandemic.  The below-mentioned Simon Lupton is the Head of Video for the Q+AL tours and he does a magnificent job here putting all the elements together.

This is part of donation efforts to the World Health Organization.  After you watch the video, please go to the actual Queen Online YouTube page for this video where will you find a DONATE button to contribute to the fine work of this exemplary organization that is helping to fight the pandemic worldwide:

Here is the description from Queen Official YouTube page of the video:
Innovatively collaborating via Instagram between London, Cornwall and Los Angeles,  Brian May, Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert in their respective homes recorded a spontaneous new version of Queen’s classic anthem with some subtle changes.  The result, now finished off, mixed and mastered, is being released under a new title - all proceeds going towards Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund for The World Health Organisation.

#YouAreTheChampions #DontStopUsNow #StayAtHome #YATC #Covid19Fund

Shutterstock and its global community of videographers donated high-quality footage clips to use in this video. We are thankful to them for this contribution and support in producing it. Find the filmmakers' content here:

Directed By: Drew Gleason & Tyler Macey

Edited By: Tyler Macey

Produced on behalf of Miracle Productions by Simon Lupton

Special Thanks To °1824 Content Creator Team


Nanbert said...

Wonderful! I'm so glad they did this.

Linda said...

I've watched this more times than I can count and cried each and every time. I've also sent it on to my family. With Adam's incredible voice and those images, it was so emotional and moving. Things like this give us hope during this terrible time in our country...

broddybounce said...

Just chills upon chills upon chills down my spine when he hits those LAYERS of glory notes at the end! Magical and magnificent. And more than happy to have contributed a little something to WHO. It looks like this is helping! <3

Angeladam said...

Amazing video, shed more than a few tears watching it, have shared with lots of family and friendsasking them to contribute , ( means so much personally to me with my daughter being a nurse on frontline) , I'm sure it will raise thousands Worldwide from Adam, Brian and Roger's fans for the WHO bless them for doing this .

Sunflower said...

So beautiful, the video is incredible to watch and yes every comnent I've heard and read praises Adams last high notes! Makes me cry "of the world"! Angeladam I want to thank your daughter for her services! I heard Rogers daughter Rory is a doctor in a London hospital and is the one holding the signs in the video! I thank her too for her services. 👏👏

Angeladam said...

Sunflower thank you xx

Sunflower said...

Angeladam with much gratitude. :)