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Adam Lambert: Odds & Ends (compiled May 11, 2020)

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Posted at : Tuesday, May 12, 2020

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Nanbert said...

I like the photo of Adam and his can certainly see that they are related.

And the other photo with that hysterical "cheshire cat" smirk on Adam's face... is SO Adam!
His sense of humor and the ridiculous is on full display. I've always loved that photo.

Nanbert said...

Also, Adam's jewelry in the top photo is eye-poppingly gorgeous. He's got a real "statement" going on there. Nicely combined.

But does anyone know what the letters on his fingerless "rock-star" gloves are....starting off with that visible "V"?

Sunflower said...

Yes Nanbert love all these pics and Leila is a beautiful woman. I too love to wear jewelry and like you I have no clue what the letters on the gloves say.