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Adam Lambert Will Appear On 'Sunday Brunch' Channel 4 (UK) On Jan. 17, 2021 (Note: It's a "virtual" appearance)

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Posted at : Sunday, January 10, 2021


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Dee R Gee said...

Shosh is being coy about this Sunday Brunch interview. But my guess is that it IS about Adam being a judge of Starstruck. Hope that's is and more!

Dee R Gee said...

I assume Starstruck will be a good paying gig for Adam. He has been lucky to do lots of charity gigs and other things during the COVID year. He has kept him self out there in the media. The best thing is that these gigs have put him in front of audiences beyond his fanbase. He did the Disney Christmas show and Ratatouille which had wide audiences. Love it when someone tweets, "I never knew who Adam Lambert was but now I'm a fan and I'm going to check out his music." Every appearance counts.

Nanbert said...

Agreed Dee R Gee ...more fans for Adam. But do you think he's being paid for those charity events? For some reason, I just assumed that the performers were doing it pro bono. At least Starstruck will be commercial, well paying, and in front of the public for him. He shines at that because he's so charming, articulate and photogenic! I think the UK is trying to steal Adam away from the U.S.

BTW....I had been (evidently prematurely) relieved that Adam has seemed to be over the distressed (holes in) pants style....until I saw this photo (above) of him with exceptionally "drafty" britches.

Oh my! He is dressed like a "poor, out of work, performer" again. Actually, it seems more like a teenage style, and I cringe at the possibility of him next wearing the "pants falling down style"... very low on his bottom with underwear sticking out above....which seems to be a sadly enduring style of the same era, too...IMO.

I know, I probably sound like an Old Fuddy-Duddy! If so...SO BE IT! I'll NEVER be convinced that's "stylish", attractive, and/or even appropriate for anyone over 18! It just looks silly/trashy.

Adam's a fabulous "clothes-horse"....and just too "classy" for that style, IMO. I usually love his flamboyant, over the top, touches now and then....but THOSE pants are just plain UGLY/TACKY! JMHO! I pray that's the LAST of them on him.

Sorry for my "soapbox" rant, everyone. I know, it's not the first time I've made my opinion known on this "distressed pants" style...boring and long-winded! Unfortunately, I had hoped Adam had gotten that style out of his system....darn!

glitzylady said...

Just to reassure you a tiny bit, that photo of Adam on Sunday Brunch in this thread was from June, 2018.. Not that it matters.. We'll see what he'll be wearing on the upcoming Sunday Brunch show :))

Dee R Gee said...

I saw the question asked elsewhere about performers getting paid for charity gigs. Sounds like it runs the gamut depending on the event and whose cause it is. Sometimes performers get paid some kind of "normal" rate. Sometimes it's a token amount. And sometimes the performers work for free. So there is no one answer. Adam has kept himself as busy as he can under the circumstances. I assume he has made some money. The judging gig on the UK show should be very lucrative.

Mi Re La said...

BILLBOARD - Which Musician Should Guest Star on the 'Sex and the City' Reboot? Vote ADAM!

Nanbert said...

glitzylady...thanks for the info. Maybe Adam has abandoned that "distressed" (and distressful) style after all....much relieved (I hope)!
Sorry for my rant, but I hate seeing Adam dressed like that! I REALLY appreciate your reassuring comment.

MiReLa...thanks for the Billboard poll. Looks like our work is cut out for us, Glamberts! Harry Styles is way ahead of Adam....most likely because Billboard "tipped the scales" by showing a big photo of him in the article leading into the poll...bad form! Adam is a distant 2nd now...i.e. UNTIL Glamberts start voting!

Nanbert said...

MiReLa..It appears only one vote per person is allowed in that Billboard poll.

On second look, I see not only is Harry Styles shown in a photo at the top of the article, but he is also at the TOP of the poll list...whereas Adam is three names from the bottom of the poll list....even though he is second behind Styles in the vote results.

I think Glamberts can overcome that discrepancy. Just VOTE! time per person. Link in MiReLa's comment at 2:13 above.

Dee R Gee said...

Just voted on the Billboard poll. Sex in the City would be a perfect show for him to do a guest shot!

Just bought my ticket for Adam's show on the 29th. I'm going for the first show.
My new laptop loaded up just fine and I am good to go! No more freezing up and shutting down on me unexpectedly. That thing was ancient.

glitzylady said...

@Dee R Gee
I know what you mean about your new versus old computer. My 10 year old Mac laptop was just not doing what it needed to be doing any more, so I bought a new one a few months ago. SOOO much better!