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Ratatouille, The TikTok Musical Virtual Concert, Featuring Adam Lambert as "Emile," January 2021 (UPDATED)

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Saturday, January 2, 2021

Posted at : Saturday, January 02, 2021

Adam Lambert appeared as the character Emile in the brand-new virtual concert production of Ratatouille, The TikTok Musical (lovingly nicknamed Ratatousical), a musicalized version of Disney/Pixar's animated motion picture Ratatouille that was created by users on the social app TikTok.  The musical started streaming online on January 1, 2021 and served as a benefit event for The Actor's Fund.  The webcast was available "on demand" at through Monday, Jan. 4th and raised over $1 million for the charity.
Background information on the event may be found in our previous post HERE.
UPDATE (1/5/21):  Full musical here (unless it gets removed from YouTube).  In the spirit of the purpose for this event, please consider donating to The Actor's Fund (link below the video).

DONATE:  The Actor's Fund
UPDATE #2 (1/5/21):  Adam fan and YouTube user Hana Fris just posted a new video containing all of Adam's parts in the musical, including his song!

Below is what we posted originally — a tweet by Gelly containing an individual clip of Adam doing his one featured song in the show called "Rat's Way Of Life" (written by Blake Rouse), which he performs accompanied by Broadway star Tituss Burgess as Remy and television & film star Wayne Brady as Django.  Also, the show's producers posted a video with just the audio of the performance, with the show's logo onscreen.  If they decide to officially post Adam's performance with the video as well, we will surely post it.

Virtual Playbill:  RATATOUILLE
Tickets & Stream:

Gelly put together a couple of video compilations of various stills, publicity, tweets, IGs, etc. surrounding the Ratatousical.  The young man featured in one of the clips in the first video is Blake Rouse, the songwriter of "Rat's Way Of Life," expressing his joy at Adam singing his song — and Rouse is also interviewed in the 3rd video below regarding his participation in the project (note: we've yet to watch the entire interview so not sure where and how much he talks about Adam).
UPDATE (1/5/21): We just added the 4th video below containing a video that Rouse posted of himself on his TikTok account where you can see him euphorically dancing to Adam's performance of his song — very cute!

ET Canada did a feature story (print only) on how the event went, including fan reaction:
Inside Edition and GMA did behind-the-scenes looks at the creation of the Ratatousical:

Creative Sharka has done it again!


Dee R Gee said...

First of all, I LOVE Adam's song and his performance of it. Perfect, as usual. BUT my favorite thing is that he actually got to ACT a bit and speak in character for the scene leading up to the song. He is so cute and charming and really embodies Emile's personality in both his voice and his physicality. He did a great job! This show has gotten so much buzz. I hope Adam gets great feedback. Who knows? This could lead to more great gigs. Adam is a great singer, but he is so much more.

broddybounce said...

Guys, if I could ask a favor: there will likely be (and may already be) videos of the full musical posted on YouTube. If you would be so kind to NOT POST links to those here if you find them. I want to encourage everyone to buy a ticket for this event and support my industry, the live entertainment industry, as this is a benefit for The Actor's Fund for actors, singers, dancers, behind-the-scenes folks, people who work in the theatres, etc etc.

You can donate as little as $5.00, or as much as you want. Adam most likely did this for free, so please honor him by purchasing a ticket / making a donation. Link is in the post.

We will post the entire show after the official 72-hour streaming window closes.


Sunflower said...

This is the craziest wonderfullest fun musical! I immedietely went to twitter last night and yes the NINJAS came through and posted these videos. Where do I begin, "Rats Way Of Life" is a great song, I love it. Happy $1,000,000 was raised. Adam was so good, and got great reviews, people raving about Adam, this one man posted, I've fallen in love with Adam. Have'nt we all? Adam was trending on twitter as "Emile"! All in all a huge hit. Congrats to all involved with this musical! People asking for a "cast album" too.

Nanbert said...

I'm THRILLED to see Adam's performance in Ratatouille here today on 24/7! I've been SO depressed since my attempt to purchase a ticket flopped...twice!

As I've often lamented here, I am SO technologically disadvantaged...and it was only proven once again when I went to purchase a ticket for the musical. I actually paid $15.00, and waited patiently for my link(?) to arrive. 7:00 pm came and ticket! I ineffectually hunted around trying to find it, but was forced to realize that I'd "messed up" again!

So I tried again....this time only paying $5.00....and it flopped AGAIN! I never got access to the musicale....and can only assume that my $20.00 has gone to a good cause.

I'm sorry I missed the musical....but thanks to this site, I at least got to hear Adam's performance.....and am delighted to hear from broddybounce that the entire show will be posted here after the streaming window all is not lost! Thanks, broddybounce!

Angeladam said...

Wow he was amazing !!!!

Dee R Gee said...

Just watched the whole show on YouTube. So charming! And Adam has spots here and there beyond his song segment. So glad he was a part of it. There will be dividends for him, I predict!

broddybounce said...

Glad you saw it, Dee — hope you were able to make a contribution to The Actor's Fund, as well.

Dee R Gee said...

Yes I did, Broddy.

And just came across a comment somewhere that the Stars In Their Eyes show Adam will be a judge on in the UK will take place @June.

Looking forward to the Bowie tribute on Friday!

Mi Re La said...

NEWS/ ADAM is going to sing Starman!!! #justforoneday #DavidBowie

Dee R Gee said...

Starman! Great news! Can't wait to see this tribute on Friday.

broddybounce said...

Couple of updates to this post.

1. If you haven't seen already, we added a video of the entire show. It will be up there until Disney or the show's producers take it down -- as they've done with other videos yesterday.

2. An Adam fan posted a new video that is a compilation of all of Adam's parts in the show. Maybe this one won't be deleted -- fingers crossed!

3. Gelly posted a video of a TikTok by the song's writer Blake Rouse of himself dancing to Adam's version of his song. So cute, he is SO excited about Adam having been picked to do the song. It's terrific.

We'll keep posting things as we see them, but this has turned out to be quite the success.

Sunflower said...

Happy for the success! Everyone was great! Of course Adam was the best of them all (just saying) :) Blake is just a cutie pie, still on cloud nine with Adam singing his song. Another video of Blake was him awake at 3:30ish in the morning in the dark listening to Adam singing a Rats Life. He's obsessed especially with the ending of Adams version. Aww how cute. I like this teen. :) I wish him future successes.

Nanbert said...

I agree, Sunflower.... Blake Rouse is such a talented (and charming) young man. Maybe he and Adam should collaborate for some new Adam music one of these days, Certainly the song he wrote in Ratatouille was tailor-made for Adam's why not something new? Just thinking.

Blake appears to be very young. Is he really still only in his teens?

Actually, a song doesn't need to be tailor-made for Adam's voice....his unique gift is to make ANY music SEEM to be tailor-made for his voice...and to OWN it!

Sunflower said...

Nanbert it would be fun if Blake and Adam collaborate on a new song. I read Blake is 17 years old. Incidently Ratalousical is going to be repeated this Sunday night but I don't know if on tic tok again? I don't follow tic tok so I can't say for sure and I think?, at 8:00 pm., again not sure.